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Best Pregnancy Moments

I personally have a top ten list myself. These are the things that have made pregnancy itself tolerable.

#10 - Shopping for everything. I love buying new things for the baby. And decorating a nursery. Star Wars theme for my little Padawan, Luke.

#9 - The "pregnancy brain" excuse. "Did I sign up for that? Yeah, I totally spaced. I'm so sorry." And I get away with it with a smile and a comment back, "You have a lot on your mind, sweetie." When truthfully, I 70% forgot about it and 30% of me didn't want to do whatever I signed up for...

#8 - My hair grows so fast! My hair takes centuries to grow out but with prenatal vitamins and pregnancy, it looks so nice!

#7 - The built-in dinner tray. Movie nights with my husband at night are always accompanied by popcorn. And the popcorn bowl is right on my tummy. A perfect placement. I don't have to reach uncomfortably anywhere because it's literally right in my face.

#6 - Leaving a restaurant with an actual pregnant belly and not just a "food baby." This has made my eating habits slightly heavier but hey, momma has cravings, sacrificed her body already and knows how to get the weight off when the pregnancy is over. I will eat my food without worrying about calories and carbs!

#5 - When your baby moves slightly away from your ribs for once so breathing is easier. It's the little things.

#4 - (TMI) That morning dump. Feels so good. Not going to lie. It feels damn good.

#3 - Going to the pool. Feeling weightless is pretty much the best. Not a fan of getting out of the pool where I can feel that weightlessness leave instantly. But floating in water is very nice indeed. Not to mention, my boobs look great in a swimsuit. The rest of my body has much to be desired but let's focus on the positives!

#2 - Nesting. Not only is my house super clean but it's also more organized than it has ever been before. All thanks to nesting.

#1 - Fetal Movements. The kicks that just let you know that there is an end to the thing that is ruining your body.

Has anyone else made a list of the positives? Trust me, for every positive I have two negatives but this list helps me realize that I won't be pregnant forever and I can have a little bit of enjoyment while I still am. I want to hear your lists if you got them! Too much negative on here lately.

Re: Best Pregnancy Moments

  • I love this idea!! 

    Although I haven't kept an ongoing list of 'positives' I can think of a few good things :)

    1. Shopping! Since finding out I'm having a girl, I've had fun splurging once a month on something darling for our little lady. Consignment has actually proven to be my new best friend and I've found tons of adorable things at a great price! 

    2. Eating. Whatever. I. Want. 

    3. Getting compliments! Although I feel like a small beached whale, people saying I look great or DH telling me he loves my body has been a godsend for my deteriorating self-confidence. 

    4. Being awoken by LO's kicks (although sometimes I'm like c'monnn), I love that I can just lay there in the silence and darkness of night and it's just me and her together. 

    5. Nesting...been a blessing in disguise! The house is now always clean and DH has gotten his butt in gear to finish projects. We went on a shopping spree at IKEA and Home Depot and it's been fun making our house a home for our new little family. 

    6. God's endless blessings! My DH and I have a photography and styling business that we launched last summer after I quit my FT job and in the beginning it was a little scary, especially after learning I was pregnant. Since then, it seems like everything has started to fall into place for our lives. I was let go from a PT nanny job I had after the family moved but DH found a FT job editing and because of that, I'm able to be a SAHM once baby is here! Yipee. 

    I'm so thankful to have had a very easy pregnancy and hope the last few weeks fly by cause we're ready to meet her! 
  • Love these all so far!!!!
  • 1. Feeling my baby move! Blows my mind
    2. When my husband kisses my belly and talks to our baby
    3. Having an excuse to go to bed whenever I want!
    4. Eating all the carbs all the time
  • The little thing that makes my day every time is when someone lets me cut in line in the bathroom. It's happened a few times now and I'm just like, "you're the sweetest person ever!!"
  • steebysteeby
    25 Love Its 10 Comments First Answer Name Dropper

    thank you for this! a much needed post.

    1. thinking of holding a napping new born helps soothe my racing thoughts, before pregnancy I had a very hard time getting over a bout of anxiety.

    2. compliments, never knew how much a pregnant woman appreciated compliments until I was pregnant. I will always compliment a pregnant woman, from now on!!

    3. popsicles

    4. no periods!

    5. I have to copy the OP with her #6- I was just commenting on this with my husband after overindulging in a dinner last night: No food babies! AND when you over indulge your pants are already stretchy and comfy.

  • Great post, @babydoll1008 !

    FTM...31+6 today

    1. My little boy's movements are so precious to me. After this many weeks, I still giggle a little.
    2. How DH is just as thrilled and excited about everything just like me. He talks to and kisses my belly multiple times a day, treats me like a queen even more so now (he's always had), is the chef and has been more creative with dishes AND desserts! I'm amazed!
    3. The compliments: I've been told that I'm one of the happiest pregnant women, I don't even look pregnant when I'm sitting (and that was just last weekend), I've got the glow.
    4. Nesting: we've gotten so much done to our house and have kicked it into high gear since finding out we're pregnant. NOW, we are definitely company-ready.
    5. Pics- we just took maternity pics and pretty much all of them are keepers. My DH is even more thrilled because he usually doesn't like how professional pics turn out but we are soooo happy and natural in these.... Even the doggy ones came out great!
    6. Health: Even though I was health conscious prior to becoming pregnant, I've had a bigger and better reason to now.
    7. Coworkers are super supportive and don't let me do too much!

    I'm sure there are more ... But I gotta go pee! ;)

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

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