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Weekend Symptoms Check In MAY 30-31--all symptoms posts here!


Re: Weekend Symptoms Check In MAY 30-31--all symptoms posts here!

  • I've been noticing that too. Wondering when to take it off, but really don't want to. I was contemplating getting a cheap larger one.

    I moved from Idaho about 9 months ago and knew ladies who did that, just so they wouldn't get dirty looks from other people, being pregnant and "un-married". If my ring continues to get tighter I think I might do the same.
  • dc072175 said:

    @ah1013 - I typically run on the cooler side anyway, but these days I'm even more cold if that possible! The only time I get hot is at night, which is super annoying because getting comfortable at night is hard enough as it is without sweating pools!!

    I'm so glad to hear someone else is experiencing this and I'm not alone on this one! :) I'm absolutely freezing all the time. For instance today I'm wearing pants with a big, heavy jacket and still cold (and I should mention I live in Southern California where it's 75 degrees and sunny today).
    But at night, I get so warm. Like waking up in the middle of the night totally sweating warm. So strange :)
    I'm not really experiencing too many other symptoms except very irritable at times, especially in the morning.
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  • Hi I'm 6 +1 and the nausea only kicks in at night. Daytime I feel like crap (so exhausted) and the bloating and full crappy feeling develops as the day progresses - great. This us no4 for me so no time to rest. Yes the end of the first trimester seems so far off :( Anyone else have a full feeling in their tummy. Currently drinking lemon in hot water to see if it helps ;) xxxx
  • I have nausea all day but can't vomit I try in efforts to feel better but I can't. Sometimes I think I am causing the nausea just becAuse I know I should feel something.
  • Today, I'm 8w2d. I had a few good days, but the nausea & exhaustion are back in full swing! Looking forward to the second trimester. I know how badly my husband misses his wife! (I sleep 24/7) 
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