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Weekend Symptoms Check In MAY 30-31--all symptoms posts here!


Re: Weekend Symptoms Check In MAY 30-31--all symptoms posts here!

  • - erratic hormonal mood swings
    - nausea
    - headaches
    - cramping
    - peeing all the time
    - sore/huge boobs
    - tired all the time

    Baby, you know I love your little appleseedness, but could we not? At least for a day?
  • Heron422Heron422 member
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    Happy Sunday all! 8w today: My nausea didn't wake me up this morning for the first time, it let me sleep in! Got some WEIRD dreams about camping at the beach with some mean girls. Sore BBs, RLP, no more spotting! For now anyway.

    I hope everyone has had a great weekend :)

    Edit: Oh, and I lost 3lbs, making it only a 2lb weight gain! Gotta love bloating.

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  • Good morning ladies! This weekend has been my usual on and off queasiness, constipation, and a new one... Random tears? I start crying for no reason so then I laugh as I cry! My husband recorded this chaos yesterday! It actually had us both laughing pretty hard!
  • 6 weeks tomorrow, honestly I had more going on in week 4 which makes me think I was just being hyper sensitive to everything my body was feeling. My nipples just began to be sensitive, and I'm slightly bloated but super constipated. The last one is the only one I think about frequently.
  • loriincarloriincar member
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    Hi all! First post. 5w1d cramps aren't as bad... Mostly last night. Boobs are sore but more the left one and when I add pressure. Naps around 1 or 2pm but that's it... Will symptoms progress in the upcoming weeks? Hope everyone powers thru!! ;;)… Oh and lets not forget the mood swings… Or I am just milking my normally craziness! 
  • MissMheMheMissMheMhe member
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    Total exhaustion is my main symptom. I cannot sleep in in the mornings, which leads to a nap around noon. Then I can barely keep my eyes open by around 6pm. I've been hungry as well, but nothing really sounds good to eat. So I force something down which is followed by a bought of nausea. Luckily I have not gotten sick, and the nausea only lasts 30 minutes or so. 
    My boobs are extremely painful by the end of the day. Taking off my bra is enough to make my legs weak! And as good as it feels to stand under the water in the shower, I can't have the water hitting my boobs directly. OUCH!
    I asked DH yesterday if he thought I was more moody than before. He said he didn't see a difference, so that's a good thing!
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  • Sunday!!!! I love my job but I hate being here knowing my family is at home. My only symptoms today are extreme fatigue, extreme hunger, and a lower backache. Hang in there ladies.... It does get better. 9w2d
  • l4rkl4rk member
    Yesterday was such a write off. I marathoned Drop Dead Diva, read some Harry Potter and napped. I just had no motivation to do anything. In fact, I completely forgot to go to the lab to get my bloodwork done until after they had closed. My only accomplishment was going out for dinner, and even that was "bad" because we shouldn't be wasting money...

    I have higher hopes for today but haven't actually come up with anything I want to do. Less TV for sure, though.
  • @ChristinaAnneW I cried during Jurassic Park: Lost Word... when the baby t-rex was chained down. DH was like, you KNOW that's not real!

    @l4rk I'm reading HP too! Such a good re-read. I've been trying to watch each movie after I read a book. But less TV does sound like a good idea!

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  • I went to lunch yesterday, then threw that up 30 minutes later. Goodbye tasty burger. I'm now convinced this baby is trying to destroy me. ;)



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  • I'm 6 weeks and 3 days and in Palm Springs for a relaxing weekend. I feel like my bikini tops are already a little to small...crazy how fast things start to change. I feel great, just a little tired. I got advice from one of my friends who is 37 weeks to just drink A LOT of water and it seems to really be helping. I have a water bottle with me at all times.
  • 8 weeks and 5 days. No longer nauseous, but craving simple and plain food. Like cereal... All the time!
  • enkbenkb member
    Glad to see a couple others talking about the bloating! Last night I did a bit of maternity clothes shopping because it was on sale, and just for fun tried on one of those gussetted tshirts, and I swear I look five months pregnant at 8.5 weeks. I've got a bit of extra fluff normally, but this is ridiculous, no idea how I'm supposed to hide this for another month!
  • khelckhelc member
    Nauseous constantly. Puking every morning and every night. At times my belly is hungry but my mouth cannot stomach anything. I'm very tired and drained. Can't even think about going to work tomorrow. :( 8w 2d and I'm ready for second trimester. Can't take this much longer.
  • I've been getting some sharp pains on both sides, but not at the same time. Doesn't last but a few seconds here and there and it's enough to make me grimace, but nothing too terrible. I feel like it's my body's way of punishing me for the caffeine I had yesterday! 
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  • StefanieLee08StefanieLee08 member
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    8wks 2 days today. Nausea pretty much every day but I haven't thrown up yet. Sore boobs but happy they're getting bigger
  • Same, same. 8wks 3 days and nausea is at an all time high. Also had my first run of crazy hormones last night when DH and I showed up to movie theatre to see Aloha. I left my id at home because it is pg13, I am 33 and def not drinking. Turns out the theatre is in part of the building connected to the bar so the 18 year old door checker and his moronic 20 year old boss will not let me in to the movie without an id. I lost it. Definitely yelled very loudly, told them exactly how stupid I found them and the entire amc movie franchise to be and stomped off while poor dh dealt with the manager (I made her cry). This is going to be a fun ride...
  • kmcc14kmcc14 member
    6wks 1 day today.  After feeling nauseous most of the week I finally got sick last night.  Still can't eat anything but carbs and fruit.  I just feel like crap.
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    I'm into my 6th week.  I haven't thrown up yet, but starting from a few days ago, I have been in a constant state of nausea.  I am trying to stick to eating bland foods and am eating peppermint candies to keep the nausea at bay.  A few days ago i tried to take a bite out of a burger but i *almost* threw up and didn't try to take any more bites after that.  i think nausea is supposed to be bad during the first trimester.  i really hope it's not like this for the entire 9 months!  :/
  • I'm having the same problem. Constantly nauseous , I don't remember what it feels Luke to be hungry . when I'm very nauseatedi figure my stomach is empty. This really sucks. I'm happy for weekends BC I don't have obligations but I also hate sitting around because I don't feel well. My husband has been sweet but today he made coffee and warmed up left overs . the smell is unbareable :/ I just have to keep my eyes on the prize
  • SovvySovvy member
    Feeling bloated, constipated and overall exhausted. Today I've felt kind of nauseous but we had a lot drive and it could be from that too.

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  • It's so nice to come here and read that I'm not alone. Misery loves company I guess.

    Nauseous from the time I wake up until I go to bed...even on Diclegis. It's better but still. I haven't wanted to leave the couch all day and with a toddler that is very hard. I'm relying on H a lot and I'm sure he's going to be sick of me real soon. I'm hungry but smells and food aversions oh my. I don't remember it being this bad with my first. 7 weeks...2nd tri seems so far away.

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  • mickle1mickle1 member
    carbs and fruit -- YES! I can't stomach anything else.
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  • So lazy! I took a 3 hr nap today which helps but wasting my weekends is no fun! I get occasional round ligament pain if I move too suddenly and my boobs are forever sore! I'm still in disbelief that I'm pregnant. I keep checking my pics of BFP to see if I made a mistake :/ I'm weird.
  • @TinyDancer51510 Are you sure you can't take Fioricet? That's what was prescribed to me during my last pregnancy but I thankfully didn't have a need for it. For the record though, I take triptans for migraine, so maybe the Fioricet was the next safest option to my doctor?

    I've been feeling nauseous but if I can keep from getting hungry, it's not so bad. I listened to a pregtastic podcast and about morning sickness and the woman recommended frequent eating so that's what I've done and it's helped. I've also been using seabands and I think they work. I was feeling really nauseous on Saturday between MS and travel anxiety and I put them on before our second flight that day and felt better about a half hour later.

    I've been feeling pretty cold but that's not unusual for me.
  • @heron422 I was just wondering last night if you can get round ligament pain this early!  I had this persistent sharp, jabbing feeling in my abdomen that was driving me nuts. Different than the cramping I had the first few weeks.

    I love these daily symptom check ins! 
  • apinkpelicanapinkpelican member
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    Hi ladies.
    I'm having crazy vivid dreams, the runs, and am feeling pretty cruddy overall. Not hard core nausea but just low grade queasiness all day. I almost wish I'd puke so I could feel better. And my poor hubby. I've been super moody!
    My DD just turned one and I'm realizing how different this pregnancy is going to be... not nearly enough time for napping!
    Eta: oh and headaches. Come and go all day. Anyone else? It blows that you can't take anything good
  • Exact same boat as you...to a "T". Hoping that not having breast pain is not a sign of misscarriage. I know everyone is different but this has happened every other time too...symptoms decrease and bleeding begins. Praying it is different for both of us!
  • Anyone else notice their fingers swelling? My wedding ring has been getting tight. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this?
  • So far just sore boobs!
    Baby #3 And I'm 8wks and 3 days!!
  • Anyone else notice their fingers swelling? My wedding ring has been getting tight. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this?

    I've been noticing that too. Wondering when to take it off, but really don't want to. I was contemplating getting a cheap larger one.
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  • My boobs are huge and tender. Nausea hasn't been too bad, but I've been drinking water like crazy. Constipation comes and goes. Also had a lot of spotting over the last week, which was obviously alarming, but that's subsided and I hope it stays that way. Bloating has gone down a bit. Go for our 2nd ultrasound tomorrow and we think we are 8 weeks 5 days pregnant
  • bmahon0921bmahon0921 member
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    8 weeks today! My DH and I went to see Tomorrowland and the first trailer that started playing was about a war dog losing his owner in battle...bawled like a baby! Other than that, I'm not much of a dinner gal anymore. That's when my nausea kicks in. I also get really nauseated when I don't eat but I don't feel hungry because I'm bloated all the time. I'm so happy to be pregnant though!
  • Gassy, gassy, gassy! It's the worst! I dramatically increased the amount of milk I drink so I think that might be partly the culprit!
  • I dunno if this helps but I was told peanut butter crackers can be helpful. The protein takes longer for your body to burn up, apparently.
  • I am 6w4d today.  Had serious nausea this weekend, not throwing up, but just felt horrible.  Breasts aren't as sore anymore....
    This morning however, NO nausea. breasts not sore still, just sensitive. I took a hcg test on Friday (29/05/2015) and it was 10 000 (6w1d).
    Should I be worried that my nausea has disappeared?
  • Anyone else been extremely hot and then freezing....I can't sleep because of it.....it's 3:00 am and I'm watching Big bang theory
  • JyvrJyvr member
    6weeks &2days feeling exhausted and emotional, I cry watching TV, I'm craving all things salty. I've been picking here and there but I can't really eat a whole lot at a time. The worst thing is having a sore body because I can't seem to get comfortable at night. Besides all the crazy symtoms I'm having (from sore boobs to temperature fluctuations) I'm just happy I'm pregnant!!!! It took a little while and a lot of patience and I couldn't be happier.
  • First post, hi ladies! I'm at 5 weeks and the worst symptoms are fatigue and a crazy bladder...although I've always had a tiny bladder, but it's actually insane how often I've been peeing this week...I had to run into a university library (of a random school I don't attend) to use the bathroom this weekend while out for a friend's bachelorette (alcohol-free for me, of course) after several restaurants wouldn't let me use their restroom without buying something and had a complete breakdown in front of the security guard, SOBBING asking him to use their bathroom. Not exactly a high point, haha.

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  • CaraBoonieCaraBoonie member
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    [Ignore, can't figure out how to delete, sorry!]

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