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Weekend symptoms!

HEY! It's the weekend! How ya feelin?

Currently I'm up at 3am with diarrhea!
Don't get too excited...it's not a sign of labor. It's a sign that I ate Popeye's for dinner last night!
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Re: Weekend symptoms!

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  • TheNewMrsYTheNewMrsY member
    edited May 2015
    Having tons of contractions the past 2 days and it's 3:30 am and I'm wide awake so.....insomnia!
    Good luck @ngaines27 !!!



  • ElRubyElRuby member
    Up at 3:30 also because why even try to go to sleep... And my heart burn is so cruel to me tonight...
  • JLO2012JLO2012 member
    Up at 4am with back pain and cramping on my left side. Not too sure why this keeps happening all day but so uncomfortable!
  • 320am up here in YEG and I've officially joined the insomnia club. I've never had a problem sleeping before (just staying asleep, damn pee breaks) so I guess I should consider myself lucky I've gotten away with it so far.
  • Just woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. Went to the bathroom and had diarrhea. I'm now I'm bed and I cannot stop shaking and I still feel sick. I'm seriously shaking uncontrollably over here and I can't figure out why. My due date is tomorrow. I'm thinking about calling the doctor, but I'm not having any contractions so I don't know what they would tell me.
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  • Had sex last night...FINALLY...lol right now, feels baby is moving more SOUTH, Lots of discharges, back pain, and my boobs really ouchy if touch it?
  • ElRubyElRuby member
    Woke up vomiting ... And starving... Not a good way to start the day :(
  • Insomnia train here too its 4:52am. I keep waking up with anxiety about having a baby like crap I'm not ready to be ripped apart down there. My awesome doggie came in and now is snoring peacefully on the bed. Luckily dh slept in the other room because of my snoring so he is all good. I already went and took a bath at 2am when I got some nasty bh contractions that raspberry tea for sure works. Now I'm just chilling debating on watching netflix or doing laundry. I've also had diarrhea the last week. And while baby had moved down it now feels like she trying to get back up, wrong direction little one. Glad I don't have any plans for tomorrow..
  • aj1327aj1327 member
    @ngaines27 yay! Good luck!

    @aliciac2008 hope you feel better! If not, I'd call the doctor for sure!

    No new symptoms here. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
  • So much cramping. :(
  • Lots of BHs and frighteningly painful heartburn.
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  • Oh yeah. @dancegurl1118 TOTALLY jealous of your Popeye's chicken. I would consider the potential for GI distress a fair bargain, NOBODY has good fried chicken up here. KFC is tiny beside the might that is Popeye's, but would still be better than what is on offer here. And we don't even *have* a KFC. Mmm, fried chicken
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  • Swelling of the feet. I thought I was lucky this pregnancy, but I guess not haha
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