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  • @Cuij yes I can definitely see the practice breathing! Baby's back is against my stomach right now so I can see it when it happens. Very weird.
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  • @karaelaine1991 Yay!!! Good luck! Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery!!!
  • devyns2nddevyns2nd member
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    klkonwi said:

    I found new stretch marks tonight. On my f ing calf........... What. The. Bloody. Hell. Why are my legs and ass covered in stretch marks..... Stomach has nothing. I want to die. I know it's vain and stupid but I show my legs..... I don't show my stomach ever.... So why can't they be on my stomach. This is honestly evil.

    Damn hormones man. I have them on my calves and the insides of my arms too. I had them on my belly from DD so I thought I was in the clear and didn't have to stress it. Nope! It's like nature said "hey you ain't outta this shit with nothin". It looks like my body parts gave up and my skin just exploded. :(

    ETA because I can't spell and I have bad grammar. I'm blamming it on backwoods education guys!
  • 36 weeks today. No swelling, weirdly. But very crampy, tons of pressure and back spasms which I think are back contractions. They circle around to the front. Painful.
    Not consistent though and I had pre labor with my daughter for a good week or two.
    Oh and I lost my mucous plug. (It definitely was so I will spare pics and seperate threads). ;)
  • Thanks everyone!! I'll update when possible! :)

    Woooohoooo! Good luck and prayers for a smooth delivery!
  • I have officially left the congregation to sit in the truck. I hope Jesus understands. My back is KILLING me today and I have my shower back at church in a little while. Sadly, I hope it's short and sweet because I can't take anymore of this being vertical business. Gravity sucks. Insomnia sucks.

    It's raining. I wore a white peasant skirt.

    Don't feel bad. I can't go to church at all right now because the car ride aggravates my back and the pews make me so miserable that I have to find another chair before altar call.

  • klkonwiklkonwi member
    Frankengibbs posted in birth announcements but no word from Finchy
  • I'm having major back pain & it's becoming painful to walk with so much Virginia pressure.

    While I was sleeping I was awakened by really strong painful contractions I thought for sure they were the real deal. I felt a trickle of fluid but sure enough it was my mucus plus again. I timed my contractions & they went from 12 mins apart to 10, then to 8. They were 8 mins apart for over an hour. I was just about to wake up my fiancé but they stopped getting closer. I really hope this doesn't continue until I deliver. I seriously can't handle being on edge every night. My fiancé works nights and he starts work again on Thursday. I'm due next Sunday so I'm afraid I'll go into labor one of the nights he's at work X_X
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  • Well after spending all day pacing my apartment to try to speed up contractions, I went to the bathroom, lost my mucus plug, and then I'm pretty sure my water broke! Regardless, my contractions are now much more intense and around 4 minutes apart so off to L&D we go! :)

    Ahhh! Omg!
    Good luck!

    So exciting! Happy dance time!

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  • Got really dizzy sitting in church this morning. Not sure if it was because the sanctuary was a little warm and stuffy, or if I just didn't eat enough this morning. Also, on that note, I feel like my body is a furnace these days. So hot all the time, pretty sure I had some hot flashes the past couple days (sudden excessive sweating and could not cool down). Actually slept last night, but have been waking up with headaches the past 3-4 days. Some cramping feelings have started, but I still don't think I've experienced any contractions. Had a super intense sugar craving this afternoon, a dear friend brought me a cupcake. :) 3 days til due date, getting very ready for baby girl to get things moving!
  • kaila8kaila8 member
    @HayesRN13 I feel the exact same way about my uterus falling out! DH was just making fun of me because I've been walking super slow and holding my belly like it's gonna fall if I don't hahah. But it really feels like it!

    Also, we had sex last night and I literally thought I dislocated my hip just from moving my leg a little bit. Damn relaxin!!!!! It hurt for a minute but luckily went away. I'm 8 days from my due date and every time I go pee or get up in afraid my waters gonna break cause I just feel so much pressure down there. Unfortunately no contractions or anything. I was having them last week but now I'm not even having BH anymore...... :-w I'm feeling like an induction is in my near future since my doctor doesn't want me going more than a week past my due date and I haven't been dilated at all my last couple appointments. So that's lovely....on the plus side I won't have to worry about making it to the hospital in time if I have a scheduled induction! (I live an hour and twenty min away)
  • mlindzzmlindzz member
    amark11 said:

    @Cuij yes I can definitely see the practice breathing! Baby's back is against my stomach right now so I can see it when it happens. Very weird.

    OMG!!!! That's what that is?!?! Ooohhhh... you just made my week!
    I've been noticing this the past few nights as well! I was confused at first, but good old doctor google was able to explain what was happening.

    & @HayesRN13 we also did a dinner and Mad Max date night Saturday! Hubby wasn't a fan but I was.
  • fridaysdancefridaysdance member
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    I officially can't put up with these weird leg cramps and shooting pains anymore. My bathroom is all of 20 feet from the couch and I just had to have DH escort me back because I can't put weight on my leg. How on earth am I supposed to do 10 days more of this and get myself to appointments?

    Other than that, lots of heartburn, low back pain, and a constantly tight belly are the norm for me today.
  • i dont feel hungry at all today. its 4:40 atm. ive been up since 10 and i just dont feel the need to eat.
  • ElRubyElRuby member
    Good luck @karaelaine1991 !!! Can't wait to see your birth announcement pop up!!!!
  • 36wks today and swelling everywhere. No contractions that I've noticed, but ribs keep popping out of place making it super painful and difficult to breathe. Really don't know how to deal with this for 4 more weeks... Feeling like labor will be unbearable if I can't even handle this!
  • I had my first real contraction driving tonight, like I almost had to pull over. Luckily, it was just the one but I think it's about time I pack my bag. I'm hoping LO stays put a while longer; I won't be 37 weeks until Tuesday and DH is 9 hours away in WI until Wednesday. :-S
  • I'm getting swollen feet :( Tired, cranky, overwhelmed, chubby face.

    Yesterday, I had back cramps but nothing too serious. I have a feeling I'll be dropping pretty soon.

  • mellymar said:

    My back, my head, and all of my joints hurt right now. I feel like the oldest lady in the world with mad arthritis everywhere and there's rain a-comin'

    Edited, spelling because it hurts my thumbs to type

    Yes. All this. My hands keep cramping. I feel like the F This Cat! The barometric pressure is making it worse! lol
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