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  • Stalled labor at 5cm, cephalopelvic disproportion
  • Baby Was overdue and I went in for slight bleeding. Dr. thought they would just check me out and probably send me home, but once they used the ultrasound they saw that the water level was very low, so they decided to induce that night instead of on the schedule date two days later. After being on Pitocin for a very long time I was having really bad contractions and would not dilate. Suddenly babies vital signs dropped dangerously low and nurses and doctors rushed into the room and whisk me away for an emergency C.

    Thankfully when I got to the emergency room the baby’s heartbeat had gone back up and my husband was able to Be there with me for delivery. That was most important to me as they told me if the babies signs were still low when we got there it would not be time for them to get him ready to join me.

    Entire thing was very scary but my little one is fine healthy and happy today

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  • DD’s heart rate slowed to nothingness each time I tried pushing. There was a painful complication that got me wheeled into the OR. We tried pushing again and she wasn’t cooperating. Turns out she was hugging her cord by her face and both wouldn’t fit down the canal without issues.
  • I have a scheduled c section for the end of the month since I'm having twins and A is breech. 
  • Baby was sunny side up. We tried everything to get her to turn but she didn't.  However labor progressed fine and neither I nor her were ever under stress. I'm really hoping for a vbac this time (I'm 7 weeks pregnant with #3).
  • My daughters umbilical cord was wrapped around her leg which caused her heart rate to drop each time I had a contraction. Super scary but grateful that all went smoothly and she's a healthy happy 3 year old now.
  • Baby A was breech so they wouldnt let me go naturally, which was fine by me
  • I was overdue and had a scheduled induction, in which we tried a variety of methods including medications and breaking my water. Eventually, around 8cm my labor started stalling, and babys heart rate was dropping with contractions. Doctor recommended a c-section, and we decided it was better to just go ahead with the c section than to continue stressing the baby and risk an emergency c section later. The c-section was roughly 31 hours after my induction started.
  • I had a large gush and meuconium when both my waters broke (At 4cm) and the rate and intensity of my contractions outpaced cervical dilation (7 with the first, 8-9 with the second) and baby ultimately didn't like this.  I wouldn't call them "crash" or "emergency" C-sections, because they really weren't... they were more like "potentially indicated" C-sections and the providers caring for me weren't keen on alternatives and I would personally prefer to regret an "unnecessary C-section" than an avoidable birth complication any day of the week, so I (begrudgingly) accepted.  

    My personal opinion is that I was fighting my contractions both times because I was literally SO afraid of pushing early (which I was told was bad) that I was holding in against my contractions.  But it's also entirely possible that my normal but largish sized babies are just too big for my normal to smallish pelvis.

    For #3 I'm undecided.  I don't think I want to schedule a C-section for a host of reasons, as convenient as that would be, but I would like to get to go into labor on my own and if it starts to run like a repeat of the past two, I will go for a C-section and probably get my tubes tied (I don't want a 4th section), but if things go smoothly I would be happy to have a VBAC and possibly more kids (I originally wanted 5).
  • 20hr stalled labor. At the end of 20hrs, I was still only a 2. The risk of infection, because of the water bag not there to protect baby, grows after 24hrs. That and the oxygen going through the placenta was lower than what we were comfortable with.
  • Baby #1 was diagnosed w/ IUGR around 25w2d was placed on inpatient bed rest same day. Baby girl stroked out in utero at 26w1d and I needed an emergency c section. During surgery doc noticed I had no myometrium(the muscle layer of the uterus needed to contract and push baby out). currently 23 weeks with baby #2 and it’s looking like VBAC won’t be possible more than likely I will be going with a planned c section closer to due date. 
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