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  • Water broke at 39w3d. I was having intermittent contractions. I was advised to go to the hospital right away because there was meconium in the water and I was GBS +. When I was admitted I was 1 cm dilated. Pitocin started 12 hours later. After 18 hours on pit I didn't dialated past 8. By that point, my water had been broken for 30 hours and I had a fever.
  • gkgillum said:

    Scheduled c-section. My daughter was breech from the 36 week ultrasound on.

    Do they give you the option to book a csection if they are breach? Or not?
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  • Haye1 said:

    Baby #2 was breach! So I was given a calendar and asked what date I would like to have her on! So easy! Hahahahahh now I am expecting #3 and really have no idea how I will deliver!? I had the experience of both and honesty after a very traumatic natural birth I would vote for CS any day!

    How far was you when they allowed you to do this?
  • Twins and preeclampsia. I chose a c section and my experience and recovery was easier than having my wisdom teeth removed
  • I was induced with DS because of Cholestasis and pre-e.
    I went to the hospital the night before his birth to start some cervadil because I was pretty much not effaced and almost entirely closed.
    The next day, I was stayed on pitocin. I labored for a full 12 hours on pitocin. I never progressed past a 2. Since my BP kept going up, it was decided that it was better to get him out sooner rather than later.
    The c sexton itself was a pretty good experience. The only unpleasant part was the spinal. I couldn't quite feel that I was sitting strangely on the table, so it took five tries to get the spinal in.

  • My 1st was an emergency csection due to placenta abruption on Valentine's Day and we ran out of gas maybe a couple miles away from hospital got to the hospital don't remember a thing had a girl 4lbs 15 oz. my second was a scheduled csection baby girl wAs 8lbs 9 oz. pregnant with my third will have another csection.. Never had any problems with csections or recovery from them
  • Mine was elective. After barely passing an NST at 38 weeks I was told they wanted to induce me the next day. I absolutely did not want an induction, about half the people I know who were induced ended up with emergency c/sections and safety wise, safest is routine vaginal birth, then scheduled CS, last is emergency CS. I'm a director at the hospital, don't know if that helped, but the OB took it to the ethics review panel and a day later I was approved for elective CS. I have no regrets about it at all and I'm fine with the fact that they don't really do VBAC here, if I have another it'll be another CS.
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    DD1 was frank breech from my 20 week ultrasound and on.

    DD2, my hospital and doctor did not perform VBACs. I had a great experience with my first scheduled cs, that switching doctors and hospitals was not appealing to me (and having it scheduled was way easier with a toddler now too).

    This one- no option- which again, is perfectly fine with me ;)
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  • Labored for 15 hours and pushed for 1. I was fully dialated and effaced but baby never advanced beyond a -1 station. After an hour of pushing with no progress and deceleration sin her heartbeat with every push we had a csection. Turns out she was wrapped in her cord around her chest. 

    I have the option for a vbac with our next pregnancy as long as we wait more than a year to get pregnant. I will probably try for it but would in no way be disappointed if I ended up with a csection again. 

  • Initially was worried about placenta previa, told to prepare for c-section. It ended up resolving by my last ultrasound but by then I had settled into the idea of a section so we chose for an elective. I had a great experience and hope this RCS for #2 goes as well.


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  • Breech baby, oligohydramnios, and gestional diabetes. Baby #2 is due this August..... So far everything looks great but due to gestional diabetes again they are recommending C-section at 38ish weeks. If I didn't have GD I would have gone for a VBAC.
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  • First one was  ten days late from my already adjusted due date so I was induced after having my water broke for me they found that he had pooped several times. I was given max meds baby went under stress and I wouldn't progress past 5 and found my uterus is tilted which makes things much harder. went under emergency c section. my son had got stuck with his legs over his head. Second one was because I got pregnant four months later so since they were so close together doctor was comfortable doing a vback. This  is becuase my kids will have just turned 4 &3 when this one is born and I rather have scheduled so my mom can take off work and watch my kids for me while im in the hospital. Selfish I know but I dont need to try a vback to feel empowered I rather have my kids taken care of and everything in place.
  • Dr. Found i had preeclampsia at 32 weeks it got worse by 36 weeks my bp was 200/100 so I ended up with an emergency c section. Just glad my DS is healthy.
  • Water broke at 36 weeks. Labor started fast once my water broke and contractions were 4 minutes apart by the time we got to the hospital. When the nurse went to check my cervix for dilation, she wasn't quite sure if she was feeling a head or not. Brought in ultrasound and turns out baby was frank breech. So she said I would definitely need a c section. 

    I definitely wasn't prepared since I went into labor early and I had no idea baby was breech. Dr had never mentioned that she was, so I'm not sure if she flipped and I didn't realize it or what. Thankfully, the c section went well and baby was healthy. 
  • I had my son at 32 weeks due to high blood pressure and because of my son my daughter was delivered c-sec at 37 weeks. With this one I'm hoping to go all the way and maybe deliver naturally but it is not likely. They don't like to do vbac well at least my Dr. Doesn't 
  • I went to the doctor 10 days before my due date after feeling less movement than usual.  His ultrasound was perfect, but the doctor decided to do a NST. While on the NST my son's heart rate dropped.  They sent me to the hospital for more monitoring.  Over the next hour his heart rate kept dropping.  At that point they did not know what was wrong but decided to do a csection.  My son was born ghost white and had suffered an acute maternal fetal hemorrhage losing 3/4 of his blood volume. The head neonatologist said the bleed had started within 24 hours before he was born and he would not have survived until the next day.  He spent 12 days in the NICU but luckily is a perfectly healthy 8 month old now. 
  • 2.5 hours of pushing and baby's heart rate plummeted. Had to have a crash after 19 hours of labor. 
  • thycapathycapa member
    I was given the consent and I will have a scheduled csection at 39 weeks (week and a few days from now) since baby has IUGR and my cervix is still really thick and I'm undiated. If I needed to be induced in the next week or so (baby has had some non-reactive NSTs as well) it would most likely be a failed induction ending up in a csection and they don't want me to labor too long since he is so small. I'm scared for the csection, but happy that we will get him out in the quickest way possible.
  • tishbtishb member
    #1: stalled labor. 17 hours with water broken and he was "sunny side up" so he wouldn't drop all the way and I couldn't dilate past 8.5
    #2: scheduled repeat due to 17 month age difference in kiddos
  • mltarriomltarrio member
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    Induced at 41 weeks, labored without pain meds for over 24 hours. Finally was stuck in transition at 8cm for 4 hours. Was labeled "failure to progress", had an epidural and added pitocin, got to 10cm, pushed for 4 hours and was labeled "failure to progress" again. Finally ended up with a c section after over 36 hours of labor. Turns out baby girls was 10.5 pounds, sunny side up, and was never going to fit through the birth canal. She never even really was fully engaged, which may also be why I had to be induced. Funny thing is that I knew when I first stalled out in transition that she wasn't coming out the natural way. Just felt it in my gut.

    Not sure what I will want to do for the next baby. I am thinking I will be watched closely after having a baby that large without having GD. It took me a long time to get over the fact that I couldn't deliver her naturally, but she wasn't coming out any other way. 
  • breech baby.  Specifically footling breech, toes first!  Her head got stuck up in my ribcage, the surgeon had to make a secondary cross cut, so I can't have a VBAC due to the point where the incisions meet might rupture :( oh well.
  • jmboichat said:
    Placental abruption....at 38 week I thought my water broke but it was blood everywhere. Baby was born via c section an hour later.
    Same with me.  I was 35 weeks along though. Placental abruption's sure suck
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  • Baby was breech

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  • Induction, 36 hours of labor, I still had a lip on my cervix that wouldn't soften. The OB thought I might be able to push if he pulled the lip out of the way, but after 3 hours of pushing I wasn't even getting dd to budge anymore. DD ended up being 11 lbs 2 oz with a giant head like her daddy, so there was no way she was going to come out vaginally even if I would have tried to push more.
  • I have a bi-cornate uterus, and baby is breach and stuck on one side of my uterus (since 33 weeks) and cannot be turned. C-section scheduled a week before DD.

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  • Apparently my hips never spread. So after pushing for several hours (3.5) we did an emergency c-section to get my son out. It was the right call, hard to digest in the middle of everything but my son was perfect. The recovery was awful for me,-!: not something I'd wish on my worse enemy.
  • My c-section is scheduled for 38 weeks (next Friday)! I had a myomectomy in May 2015 to remove 3 fibroids that needed to be removed in order to get pregnant. My recovery from the last  surgery was not too bad, so I hope this won't be too much worse since there will be a baby to take care of now. I'll get through it. 
  • I have had multiple pregnancy losseses due to incompetent cervix. Doctors tried vaginal cerclages with no success. I now have a Transabdominal Cerclage Cervix which was placed at the top of the cervix prepregnacy. My cervix doesn't open anymore so any future pregnancies require a c section.
  • @tootietim I also apparently have an incompetent cervix. I'm familiar with cerclages, but my doctor didn't mention them to me when she talked about what we could do next time. She mentioned progesterone shots. Kinda feel like next time I might go to a high-risk specialist.

    My boy was born four weeks ago via emergency c-section. He was 26 weeks and 3 days. I went in because I was experiencing a little labor pain. When the doctor examined me, I was completely ready to go. Unfortunately, little dude was breech and transverse. She ended up having to do a classical c-section so if I have another baby I'll have to have another c-section. We are chilling at the NICU until he can come home.
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  • I was unable to dilate more than one cm. My water didn't break. I was five days late because my Dr forgot about us, was a FTM then. So they scheduled an emergency Cesarean section and DD was 10lbs 5 oz.
  • My son was breech and would not budge so he was scheduled. It was actually kind of nice to know when it was going to happen. I'm having trouble TTC #2 but would it be a candidate for a VBAC for #2 if/when I am pregnant again :smile:
  • I was induced at 41w5d, labored 30 hours, and then had a placental abruption. When the abruption was discovered, I had a terrifyingly fast emergency c-section.

    Our son had medical complications that made a placental abruption more likely.
  • My first baby was an emergency c section after 14 hrs labor, progressed only to 4 cm, and she passed her meconium from distress. When I got to the operating table, the surgeon told me I wouldn't be able to birth children normally as I have a small birth canal. So now 9 years later I'm pregnant with baby #4 and have 2 more c sections after my daughter and will be having 1 more with this pregnancy. I am not ashamed of how my children came into this world. I am proud that my body has endured the pain.
  • DS flipped at around 37 weeks. I tried to get him to flip back but he was too big. C section was scheduled for 39+2.  My doctor switched practices and her new practice does not allow VBACS which I don't think I'd want to risk anyway. DS2 will be here in August via scheduled c section. 
  • I'm scheduled for my C section next Thursday due to placenta previa that has adhered to the cervix. 
    I think this anticipation is worse than waiting for spontaneous labor! 

  • red727red727 member
    I had PROM which caused me to be induced. Baby was face up and my labor stalled. Because of my broken waters, I had a CS because of risk of infection. 

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  • After trying to push for a couple of hours, our doctors said the baby was too big to fit. (And, almost a year later, he's really tall!) I was surprised how well it went... He cried once and was hungry and healthy as soon as he arrived,  and I had a fast recovery. 
  • I had a c-section for My 2nd baby my son was too big he was 10lbs 14oz and I just scheduled my section for my 3rd babe
  • To make a long story short, baby was measuring big. Went in to be induced to prevent a C-section (I was scared to have one). Ended up needing a C-section after 3 (THREE) failed epidurals, not progressing past 6CM, having a fever and water being broke too long. During the c-section I could NOT breathe at all. After they pulled him out and showed him to me, I was knocked out and woke up 3 hours later.
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  • I was induced due to polyhydramnios at 40w 2 d with cervadil and a folly bulb. When I made it to 3 cm, they broke my water and I sat at 4 cm for 18 hours with the pitocin finally kicked up to 16. After 40 hours of labor and an epidural, my water had been broken for over 24 hours, the baby’s heart rate kept fluctuating, and I began to have some protein in my urine, so my doctor recommended a cecerean.
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