Reasons you had a c-section

What were your reason you had a c-section? You don't have to do the whole story if you don't want. I was just curious :)

Re: Reasons you had a c-section

  • I had gestational diabetes that wasn't caught early enough. My son weighed almost 10lbs. I was induced at two weeks after DD. He didn't want to come out after my water was broken for 12 hours.
  • 30 hour stalled labor - never got dilated past 3cm. Also had twins (although both were head down & I could've gone vaginal if labor had progressed)
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  • Baby #1 got to the hospital 6-7cm dilated and midwife felt that baby was breech. Baby #2 I was paranoid about baby being breech again (wanted a VBAC) and requested an ultrasound to check a couple of weeks before the EDD. Baby was in the correct position, but fluid levels were low. They didn't improve after a few days and a c-section was scheduled to get baby out. I'd love to try for a vba2c, but I think the only doctor in my area that does it is not one I'm comfortable using (my SIL used him and I was less than impressed with her experience), so #3, if it happens, will probably be a c-section because of the first 2.
  • I was induced due to being low on my amniotic fluid at 39 wks.  Shortly after light contractions started the heart rate would keep going down and after the 3rd time the doctor decided he wanted to get the baby out before the contractions got stronger.  I will have a repeat csection on the 27th of this month.
  • Scheduled c-section. My daughter was breech from the 36 week ultrasound on.
  • I am a diabetic (pre pregnancy). I was induced at 39 weeks and 5 days. There was some stress on the baby, I didn't progress past 4/5 after several hours, and there was a concern about my sugar levels. After 12-12.5 hours of labor, my doctor decided a c section was best for both baby and me. 
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    I went into spontaneous labor and was 10 cm within 5 hours. I pushed for 4.5 hours (the last hour was because I begged them to let me keep trying) but baby's head wouldn't pass through the pelvic bone. His little skull just wouldn't fit so we tried to vacuum assist, it popped off three times and emergency c section was only option left.
  • DS1- the doctors thought my uterus might rupture. DS2- didn't want to try a VBAC
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    Pelvic bones are too narrow. Fully dialated and pushed for 3 hours to find out there was just no way I could have children that way regardless of size.RCS scheduled in about 5 weeks.
  • My first was due to prolonged labor that ended in him having the umbilical cord around his neck four times.  They told me I was having an emergency c-section and put me under because he was too big and wouldn't fit.  When I woke up they told me that he would've fit fine, but he couldn't pass due to the umbilical cord.  I was just happy he was okay.  My 2nd was a scheduled c-section because Texas hospitals suck around here and didn't let you VBAC then.  My 3rd was another emergency, but only because I was in labor and scheduled for another a week later.  This one we still have to have  c-section because they won't let me VBAC.  

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  • 2 breech babies.

    With my 1st we tried a version which did not work.

    I guess I'm just built in such a way that does not allow babies to flip head down.
  • Had a large (baseball sized) fibroid removed from my uterus during college so both if my children have been c/s.
  • My water broke, but contractions didn't start on their own. I was given pitocin, and after 12 hours of 1 minute long contractions every 90 seconds, I was 8 cm dilated and begged for an epidural. The epidural was amazing and I could finally relax. My blood pressure was high, it dropped to 80 over and every contraction caused DD distress. I was 9.5 cm when they rushed me to the ER. She never even dropped. There was no chance.

    She was born with blisters on her chin and marks across her face. She was stuck. Doctor said she would have never dropped on her own.
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  • 2 weeks over due with 10 pound baby
    Induced and labored for 33 hours to never get past 3 cm...c-section
  • My daughter was breech and she had a velamentous cord insertion. I also had GD but that wasn't a factor in the csection decision. Everything was scheduled so I was prepared.
  • 2 inductions for being past due and both ended in csection for failure to progress.

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    Labor not progressing at all. Emmett was breech and never dropped. His heart rate kept dropping significantly.
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  • Transabdominal Cerclage in place, Cervix doesn't open anymore!
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    28 hours of labor after water broke naturally, I was stuck at a darn 9 for hours, and when given pitocin, his heart rate kept dropping. But when they slowed or stopped pitocin, everything just stalled, and his head was still pretty high. After they finished the c-section, they said he likely would have gotten stuck due to size anyway.
  • Placental abruption....at 38 week I thought my water broke but it was blood everywhere. Baby was born via c section an hour later.
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    4th degree tear with surgical repair for my first. After weighing my options and the potential for additional damage I choose to have a c-section with my second. It just wasn't worth the risk for me. I had a repeat with my third and will have one more with my fourth.
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  • I went into labor at 34 weeks due to my son having the cord wrapped around his neck several times. He had defected inside me and had a infection in his lungs and I had an infection too! Emergency c section, he wasn't breathing and was in nicu for 2 weeks With a horrible infection but he is great now!
  • Dangerously low amniotic fluid.  Admitted straight from my 36 week appointment.  They attempted to dilate me overnight with some balloon thing.  Induced first thing in the morning.  10-12 hours of labor and only 5 cm dilated.  In the last hour, tried narcotics and an epidural to try to loosen my tight muscles up.  Ended up with the C-section at midnight that night. 

    I'm pregnant with #2 (very early still) and hope to do a VBAC this time around, if my OB says I'd be a good candidate.  Although I fully realize there's a good chance I'll end up with a repeat C-section.

  • Frank breech presentation, didn't find out until ultrasound at 40+2, not enough fluid to try a version.
    The more irritating because my doc told me all along baby was head down and ready to go.
  • Previous medical concern so we elected for a csection. March of 2014. And I'm due with twins at the end of July and I will have another csection.
  • I was told last week I have to have a c section at 37 weeks. I have placenta previa and a condition of the brain stem called Arnold Charini type 1. I'm older 42. My last two girls were natural birth. I am so terrified of a c section.
  • My 1st was breech & I opted for a c/s with my 2nd because I was scared of my uterus rupturing.. it was a good thing I did b/c my Dr said my uterus lining was very thin.& I'm having another c/s with my 3rd (dd 12/4)
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    natbcain said:

    I went into spontaneous labor and was 10 cm within 5 hours. I pushed for 4.5 hours (the last hour was because I begged them to let me keep trying) but baby's head wouldn't pass through the pelvic bone. His little skull just wouldn't fit so we tried to vacuum assist, it popped off three times and emergency c section was only option left.

    Pretty much my story minus the vacuum assist. My doctor said he wasn't far enough down and I would be happier without having that done to me.
  • My water broke at 4am, got to the hospital around 5am with 1cm dilated and no contractions. At 8am they started me on pitocin but I only dilated to 3cm by 5pm. Got the epidural at 7pm. At around 1am I was fully dilated, I pushed for one hour without success, my baby was almost 9lbs and he wasn't descending through the birth canal easily. Then they informed me that I had developed a fever (infection) due to my water being broken for almost 24 hours. So in order to protect the baby from possibly getting the infection as well, we proceeded to get a c-section. Baby was in the NICU for 36 hours after birth just to make sure he didn't get the infection, which he luckily didn't. Baby boy is healthy and happy :)
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    Baby #2 was breach! So I was given a calendar and asked what date I would like to have her on! So easy! Hahahahahh now I am expecting #3 and really have no idea how I will deliver!? I had the experience of both and honesty after a very traumatic natural birth I would vote for CS any day!
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    My pelvis is too narrow. I'm 33wks, and Monday on my most recent appointment, he weighed in at. 4.14lbs. He's already too large for me to attempt a vaginal birth. Before I found out about my pelvic opening, I opted for c-section anyway, because my husband works international offshore. He can't get to the hospital within a couple of hours if I was to go into labor while he was at work. It's more like a couple of days (has to submit forms, wait for his plane tickets, then a day and a half of travel time). With a set date, he knows when to take paternity leave.
  • Had an emergency csection due to cord coming out after water broke. Turns out my baby had enough room to move and got tangled in his cord. It was around his legs and head=/
  • My baby was breech, butt down and she wasn't moving!  C-section was our only option.
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  • I had twins and was given the option and I chose c section. It was great and easier than having my wisdom teeth removed. I walked into the OR and both babies were out and I was stitched up within 35 mins.
  • They thought my daughter was breech, she wasn't.
    My platelets run low also, so they wanted an environment where they could stop any bleeding easily.
  • I've had GD every pregnancy (this is my 4th). It gets worse each time. 1st baby was a quick vaginal labor but 2nd was induction & she couldn't come down any. At 9.5cm we tried pushing but her heart rate dropped & we did CS.

    3rd was even bigger than DD2 and was stuck during CS so even though I went into labor prior to scheduled CS she couldn't have came out. This one they don't give me a choice with lol.
  • Fetal tachycardia... fortunately, she was in perfect health after birth.
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  • I started leaking amniotic fluid at 30 weeks and was put on bed rest. At 34 weeks doctor was shocked at how much fluid I had been losing and sent me to the hospital to be induced. DS's heart rate dropped so much each time they tried onto in that Doctor called an emergency c-section to get him out. He was breathing on his own but had to stay in NICU for 17 days. Pregnant with baby #2 due December 2 and have already been told it will be a scheduled CS.
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  • It was medically necessary for me to have a c-section. I was induced at 41 weeks, and my labor progressed very slowly.  26 hours in, I had a 102 temperature, the baby's heart rate skyrocketed, and she had turned sideways.  That was when the doctor said that I needed one.  I fully intended on a vaginal birth, but it wasn't in the cards.  
  • It was not in my birth plan at all. My water broke 2 weeks prior to his due date, so went right to the hospital. They did a cervix check and said they weren't sure if they were feeling his head or not. They had an ultrasound brought in and they found he was breech. At that moment they said , "you have to have a c section".
    All a whirlwind! My water broke at 9 pm on 6/26 and I was in recovery by 1:00 am on 6/27.
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