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  • I miss the good ol' days ... This post would get some hard core flames.
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  • bouncypigeonbouncypigeon member
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    Remnants of drugs stay in your system for years. That's why people who haven't done LSD in twenty years can sometimes have "flashbacks" (hallucinations). I would highly recommend educating yourself. This is a good site:
  • x0rissax0rissa member
    Okay like I said this was a question meant for answers not for everyone to be arguing back and forth with each other everyone has different opinions. To all the mamas that left advice thank you ladies it means a lot
  • For those of us eating popcorn, reading this thread...

    I want to point out the obvious: Some women here have taken others' words as direct and personal attacks, and even claimed to know what the other poster is thinking. These women will be raising children. THAT is a recipe for behavioral issues requiring long term counseling and emotional maintenance.

    That isn't geared at anyone specifically so bo wars, please ;)

    Side note: @bellaluna981 I LOVE when you post...rare sightings and I love em!

    @mybabynumber2 "wind your neck in" =)) =)) I don't know where you come up with this stuff!

    Aw you're a sweetheart Boo ❤ (I usually don't hijack threads but I couldn't help it!)
  • In all honestly I think she was looking for answers. Not opinions. Everyone will always have a different OPINION from the next person about any and every subject. Some are for it. Some are against it. Some think it's fine. Some think it's not. If anyone has a medically informed answer I think she'd appreciate that not a bunch of opinions of some people they once knew that may or may not have possibly smoked crack once or twice or not all maybe while pregnant sorta.
  • Also I'd like to add that there is no known scientific evidence to suggest smoking a weed a few times during pregnancy leads to any long term health related problems. I might add that there isn't one suggesting it DOESNT either. Let's wait for that study to come out before we start throwing out misinformed opinions. There are children born with medical problems all the time where the mother never smoked , drank , bungee jumped because it was genetic , problematic , etc. So I don't think necessarily because someone smoked a joint once while pregnant and the baby ended up with asthma doesn't have any relation until it's medically deemed so.
  • @lovelee85 HAHA I literally just laughed out loud at work.
  • giftbcgiftbc member
    I live in Iowa, we usually only test babies kg we have reason to think mom was doing drugs. Usually late prenatal care or honestly if they just seem like a drug using Individual.
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    I'm experiencing this right now with my addopted son who's mother a abused drugs, he was born normal and is 9 with a low IQ and learning disability but..... Apparently according to some of these forums about doing drugs and drinking while pregnant are completely okay..... Ignorance is bliss.

    Wow. So abusing drugs (I'm assuming in the experience you speak of they were hard drugs?) and having the occasional glass of wine are now the same thing?

    Oh man, how did we get here?

    ETA: in the experience you speak of.

  • @PreggersinParis Come on over to the Skeptical thread @-)
  • @PreggersinParis true!

    This thread is exhausting... :-<
  • Why are we still here? ! LOL! The horse is already buried. We shot it a looong time ago.
  • Mehilovna said:

    Why are we still here? ! LOL! The horse is already buried. We shot it a looong time ago.

    You're right. Why are we here? This is being carried over now from the alcohol thread. Sorry to hijack this one! I just couldn't help myself when I read that abusing drugs was being compared to have SOME wine. I admit to having fed into a drama queen. Bad me! Again, sorry to dig up more $hit.

  • Mehilovna said:

    Why are we still here? ! LOL! The horse is already buried. We shot it a looong time ago.

    You're right. Why are we here? This is being carried over now from the alcohol thread. Sorry to hijack this one! I just couldn't help myself when I read that abusing drugs was being compared to have SOME wine. I admit to having fed into a drama queen. Bad me! Again, sorry to dig up more $hit.
    Drama Queen City here @PreggersinParis
    Getting really boring now, same old shit, different day lol
  • @theglitteredpterodactyl THAT must be the reason this keeps on going!! =))

    Although, I have to confess that I have been enjoying this thread thoroughly. Away I go to the drinking thread.
  • I live in Washington and my doctor actually asked me if I used it for morning sickness. I am a frequent user and I know PLENTY of women in illegal states smoke their WHOLE pregnancy and were fine. I've read up on it and tests show its been good for brain development and motor skills as well as keeping them calm and sleeping at night. Do your research if you're nervous but my mother smoked all her pregnancy with me, and her mom with her and nothing bad happened. I say it's okay but it's all opinion. Its natural from the earth so I consider it an herb for good uses. Its really helped with pain and nerves for me.
  • Also, being used in the medical industry, unlike alcohol and cigarettes, it should be tested. I read an article of a woman studying women in Jamaica, as it is used for religious reasons and daily life, and she had found that children remained unharmed and they stopped funding her... Other articles show that children whose mother's had smoked excelled greatly in high school. It really is a matter of opinion but of you are worried, maybe not post things on the internet that are permanent? I'm not judging, just saying ;) good luck, mama!
  • School not.just high school
  • squigles28squigles28 member
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    So, I guess going way back to my original point and the original question, take out the safety/moral questions, it still hasn't been widely studied. It is still listed as class C. So the data and knowledge we have for other drugs is not there to say how long it stays in the babies system or poop or whatever. Unfortunately, there is no way to give definitive answers and it's all well, I know a girl who knew a girl.

    ETA: To OP: you've done the work and stopped. Just enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry too much, easier said than done
  • I think the horse has been resurrected! 
  • The invincible horse, apparently. No seriously though, I've been lurking on this thread like crazy because I think those willing to have a rational conversation about it have interesting things to say. It is new territory. For a long time marijuana has been lumped with this omgterriblescary drugs, and it's just really different from them. It's not fair to anyone to not have adequate testing and research to find the line between benefit and harm, and I think it makes sense that a lot of people would have questions about it. My partner did a ton of research when I first got knocked up--hell he was researching it before that, because he's a nerd who likes looking things up. It's hard to find decent studies that show just marijuana use, since a lot of the participants are also smoking cigarettes and often doing other drugs as well. The best I can find show kids of weed-using birth moms score differently, but not overall better or worse, on tests, but not within any range that was actually statistically relevant.

    This hits close to home for me--I deal with a lot of anxiety and (being in Washington) use marijuana as the last stop when it gets too bad. It's worked magically as a reset button that keeps me from going over the edge of "anxious grumpy mood" to "working up to self harm and dangerous behaviors mood". Granted I'm bipolar type 1, so if that sounds like an intense cycle trust me--it is. It is, and I work very hard to use all my resources available to stay nice and safe and in my good zone. Sometimes weed has been a vital resource.

    Since getting pregnant, it's been frustrating to know how to handle these cycles. I've talked to my team about it, and everyone seems to be fumbling around in the dark when it comes to recommendations. I have anxiety meds that are cleared in the "yeah probs safe for preggos" category, but when you look into them they show they've had birth defects in animals. Does that make them safer than weed? I don't know! No one else seems to know! Yet I'm supposed to rely on them when things get rough. I'm rambling, I know. Taking the dead horse out for some laps around the ring, apparently.

    tl;dr it's hard to find accurate information about the effects of weed in general because it's been miscategorized for a long time. It's hard to know how to make the right choices for your individual situation. Also invincible horse.
  • Haha I didn't realize all this. I was just replying to the original post without realizing the comments. But again,being self medicated, I've had one incidence on Christmas for getting drunk (mind you, I had no clue I was pregnant), I do not smoke cigs. I just never liked them. I have tried a pill once preconception, and I've never done drugs. I do however, consume and smoke weed and my baby is extremely healthy. My doctors compliment me all the time. I'm just saying, educate yourself. Form an opinion and if you are like me and aren't being selfish to your needs, which are also vital to your babies health if you have extreme anxiety like myself, notice the benefits. There are articles out there that say/prove it's safe and GOOD. But believe me, before I continued to use, I did my research.
  • @siaramayo Oh i don't think it's bad at all that you posted, I was just laughing at how dead people insist this thread is, when it's really not. I like that some people are willing to post rational contributions to this topic :-)
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