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  • Taking all the jugdement and moral concerns out of it and honestly the safety issue out of it because thats not what OP is asking about it's a legal issue and the fact is if it is not legal in your state you may have reason to worry. Unfortunately I don't think the research is out that there that says if your baby will test positive or not. I imagine that they don't test every single child born for drugs unless there is a reason mostly because it's expensive but you'll have to get that info from the hospital you plan to give birth at. Once you have that information you can go from there. If they do test every child then you may want to take steps that show CPS that you have stopped smoking just in case your child does test positive, like talking to your doctor (which you should probably do anyways). If they don't test every child then if you give them no reason to test you should be fine. Like a PP said CPS is not out to get you they are only going to take your child from you if they believe your child is in danger and by showing you have taken steps to quit you will be showing them that you are not a danger to your child. PS whether you think you have a problem or not going to some kind of drug counseling will also look good to CPS.

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    They can test the baby's first poop (meconium) for illicit drug use. Substances used in the last4-5 months of pregnancy can be tested. I don't believe this is routine testing unless there is reason to suspect drug use/abuse like fetal withdrawl symptoms or if you have tested positive at OBGYN. I've seen CPS work diligently to keep families together not year them apart. Even if the poo test came back positive they would likely ask you to submit to a urine sample and if your clean, you would ok.
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  • What problems does your child have due to the smoking?
  • Permanent issues from smoking pot huh? Sure she wasn't on meth? I smoked with all 3 of my kids and they are the most intelligent, healthy kids I have ever seen, my two oldest are honor roll students, and my youngest isn't quite 2 but she can carry on a full conversation with any adult. Doesn't sound like you know what you're talking about to me. I'm wondering what kind of problems you're talking about because even scientific studies have not been able to prove that there is connection to any kind of neural or developmental problems from a pregnant mother smoking weed... Big pharma is the only reason that it us even still demonized, Gods forbid they not be able to make their money off of their chemical ridden junk.
  • Girl stop  do you even know what is in those prescribed medications? I'm assuming that you haven't done very much research so let me school you. Most of the medications that they prescribe for morning sickness have very harmful chemicals in them, do you know what the active ingredient is in zofran? Stop being judgemental, that's not your place. OP asked for no judgement anyways so you can happily hop off her post at any time. Also keep in mind that in some states marijuana is considered a medication. Pharmaceutical medicines are considered drugs as well. Man some of ya'll intelligence or lack thereof really does show on these threads. Smh. Alcohol can cause problems, meth can cause problems, heroin can cause problems and yes even some prescribed medications can cause problems. Weed comes from the Earth, it's as natural as you can get. 
  • My last comment was directed at @metrica btw.
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