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2nd Pregnancy - TWINS! Should I make a registry?

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So, my first is about 19 months old and is a boy. We are now expecting twin girls at the end of the summer. My aunt really wants to throw me a shower because she says these could be the only twins in the family ever, plus we don't have any girl things. I really appreciate it as pretty much everything we have is boy (although I do plan on still using hand-me-downs as much as possible). Is it tacky for me to do a registry for this shower? I figure since we are having twins things are going to be a lot different this time around, but we do already have a lot from our first. What do you think? Is it tacky to have a registry? Any tips on what to avoid that you have thought wasn't classy? The only thing I especially want on the registry, but that I don't expect anyone to get for us is the second infant carseat. That way I can use the registry coupon they send in the mail to buy it. :) 

Thanks for your input!

Re: 2nd Pregnancy - TWINS! Should I make a registry?

  • I don't think there's any harm in making a small registry. People will ask what you want/need whether there is a shower or not so it will be helpful to have everything picked out and in one list.
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  • A registry is fine, but not a shower. The purpose of the shower is to welcome a new parent to parenthood.
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    A registry is fine, but not a shower. The purpose of the shower is to welcome a new parent to parenthood.

    All of this. If your aunt insists keep it very small and family only.
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    Register for the completion discount.

    Girls can wear boy clothes, it's not the end of the world. A shower is beyond tacky for a second child, and have twins of a different sex doesn't make it ok.
  • I guess I'm the odd one out. I love going to showers for 2nd, 3rd, even 4th babies (or more). I think every baby deserves to be celebrated and look at showers as more of a party rather than all about gifts. Look at it from this angle if it makes you more comfortable about accepting your aunt's offer. You can even put something on the invitation about just wanting to celebrate, and gifts aren't necessary. Although people will undoubtedly bring cute girl outfits I'm sure. Congrats on your growing family!
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    And I can top that
    I had a 16 mo DD when the triplet boys were born. Sprinkles or 2nd registries are greedy

    Ps registry coupons are generally 10 or 15%. Store coupons are 20 or 25%


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  • If your aunt is wanting to throw you a shower for your twins, I see no problem in graciously accepting.  Keep the list to close family and very, very close friends.  There is no harm in registering, but as others mentioned I would not advertise the registry within the invitations.  If someone specifically asks where you're registered at, tell them the store.

  • My first is 20 months and we have a registry for our little boy all set up :)  I did not have a shower with my first due to living on a different continent from everyone so my close friends back home want to host a shower this time around.  Since the guest list has been left up to me, it will be kept small and intimate meaning I'm not inviting a bunch of women from church I only speak to on Sundays or family and friends I know darn well aren't going to show up.  Oh and nobody will be opening presents for me or addressing their own Thank You note envelopes lol
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  • I don't think there is anything wrong with it as long as someone wants to host it. I would just say to not expect it for a second child. I've been to many second showers, even if the baby wasn't a different sex! At first I thought it was odd, but I figure if people want to host one and show up, they will. If people don't like it, they won't come, and that's ok, too. My SIL didn't register for her second shower, and she pretty much only got clothes (but that was fine, since she didn't have any girl clothes).

    I understand why people would think it was in bad taste, but when it comes down to it, I don't see it as being a big deal.
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  • @delujm0 all I am going to say on your so called etiquette is that if only my husband's side was invited to a shower, for whatever reason, there best be a my side shower or there would be a lot of hurt feeling.
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    @delujm0 Tell us how you really feel. People are so big behind a keyboard.
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