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  • We were planning to start trying and have a "honeymoon" baby later this summer, but -- surprise! (Life a little out of sequence.) We had been using the rhythm method for contraception successfully for about a year before. My AF was 3 days late this month, which was very rare for me and I was super tired/relaxed that weekend, so I snagged a HPT. I took one at night without reading the directions and got a BFN. When I read about the AM thing, it was a BFP the next morning. Told my guy right away and he was over the moon. Blood test confirmed the pregnancy and today we told our moms!
  • gmp450gmp450 member
    We have been TTC since about two months after our wedding in September. We found out we were pregnant on Christmas Day, and we're super surprised and blessed to have gotten pregnant so quickly. About two weeks later I had a MC. I was told to wait a full cycle to try again, so we did. My chart last cycle was perfect, but this months chart was all over the place so I didn't think this was the month either. Two days before AF's expected arrival I took a test and it was super faint. DH was away on a business trip so I had to hold my excitement to myself all day. It was torture! When he got home that evening I gave him a onesie that said Team Perry to match his favorite t-shirt. He totally didn't get it at first. I had to be like don't get it? And he was like wait like are you pregnant? Lol men!
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  • nephewlnephewl member
    We started trying in January. My husband travels a lot for work so we decided two months ago to try ovulation kits. Last month my LH sure was earlier than expected. Luckily my husband drove home that night because I came home from work and our back door was open and I was concerned about an intruder. Ultimately we think we left door unlocked and the wind blew it open because everything in the house was fine. This event though brought my husband home earlier than expected on the day of a positve ovulation test; so perhaps a blessing in disguise. I still wasn't convinced I was pregnant but decided to test after my favorite cut of steak made me a bit ill and I was pregnant!! Our first. We are so excited and glad my husband came home early!
  • I tested because I noticed signs of ovulation the day after "going all the way", a few weeks after our conception my boobs started to ache which is not normal for me. We were both very surprised seeing as though my cycle went off on Wednesday and the conception happened on Friday.  Nevertheless, we are very excited and nervous.
  • bmw623bmw623 member
    I tested after receiving a high Progesterone level on a recent blood test... (this is our second round of Clomid) and just felt the urge to test. It was positive but I wanted to do something special for my hubby. (We miscarried in 2013 and have been trying ever since). Well I am horrible at lying so he didn't believe me when I told him I hadn't done it yet. As I was leaving for work, he said "Just for the record, I think your lying to me." I couldn't lie anymore so I spilled the beans. He was excited and although I was a little bummed to not do anything "cute" I was secretly glad I didn't have to keep the secret all day. :-)

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  • cawalpcawalp member
    We weren't trying but have been talking about having our first for awhile now. One morning we just said 'if it happens it happens' and we both thought I was past my ovulation anyways.
    Two weeks later, I'm a day late (I'm never late) so I started thinking it right away, told hubby the next day I was late and he was very much in denial. Took a test the next night at 3 days late and made him look at it first. Turned out positive! He is still a little shocked it happened in one amost try!
  • My husband and I have been being "careless" for awhile now. Maybe almost a year but we have actually been trying and I've been tracking for three months. The first 2 months I thought for sure I was pregnant. Last month I knew I wasn't. I felt like I was PMSING for 2 weeks (cramps, achy legs, headaches and sore boobs) well the night before our birthday party (his is may4 mine is may5 so we celebrate together)my nipples hurt so bad I thought they were bleeding. That's when I was like "time to take a test and stop googling" so at 2am I took a test and in like seconds it was the darkest positive I had ever seen. Of course I just couldn't believe it. Literally, I thought something was wrong with the test. I had all these ideas on how I was going to tell my husband and my mother that we were expecting. It all went out the window that moment. I woke my husband up and stayed awake until 7am and called my mom asking her to pick me up a "premium" pregnancy test that says the word "pregnant or not pregnant" lol. Sure enough, a few days before our birthdays we found out we were expecting. The best birthday gift we've ever received!
  • bmw623 how high was your level? I just finished my second round of clomid the 4th week in  April. My 21 progesterone lab was 52.1 which was extremely high for me. I'm praying this is the month! Congrats!!!
  • Took the test since it was about the time that the "week of chocolate" (as we call it in my house, due to the chocolate cravings) to start, and boobs were hurting in a different way than usual. we had planned to conceive during our 7th wedding anniversary trip, which seems to have worked out perfectly! I blame the DH, everything seems to work out for him exactly as he predicts. I kept telling him I'm immune to getting pregnant, regardless of how short a time period i was off the BP. In the end, he was right.

    My Reaction: damn! he was right!
    His Reaction: ha! I was right!
    Me: 29 DH: 31
    Married: 4/26/08
    BFP: 5/12/15 (Mother's Day!!!)
  • Buehler99Buehler99 member
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    I had taken blood work for infertility, and got the results back (but didn't know what the heck it all meant!).  I told an OB at work that some number was 17, so she asked if it was progesterone.  I didn't know, so I went and got my results again.  I told her that it was progesterone, to which she told me it was a "very good sign. Now go take a test!" That one came back faintly positive.  After work, I went to the store for a digital test and took it when I got home.  It quickly said pregnant! That night, my husband worked late, and I went to my nephew's concert.  When I finally came home, I told him he'd have to drink my beer in the fridge.  When he looked up, I was holding the test out for him.  He was so excited!! He hugged and kissed me, let me go, then hugged and kissed me again!  We're over the moon excited about this little peanut!

    I will also add that the week before, I had been waking up in the middle of the night to pee - I don't EVER do that!! And I was nauseous all the time, so I was hopeful that AF wouldn't come on Monday!
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  • I chugged an iced tea and immediately threw it up out of nowhere. My boobs also hurt and I was constipated. My period wasn't due for a few days, but I decided to take a test anyway and, sure enough, faint blue line. I'm a little concerned about having symptoms this bad before I was even 4 weeks pregnant, as I dealt with pretty horrible morning sickness my last pregnancy.
  • A few days before I found out I was pregnant I started cramping and I thought is was just my period coming. But I after four days of being late I made my DH go buy a pregnancy test. I told him to get the expensive kind and not the cheap one. He came back and I took it. I sat it on the bathroom counter while I waited in the floor. My DH was staring at it the whole time. All of a sudden his mouth came open and he said you have to take another one. I stood up and looked at it and it was a BFP. I yelled excitedly saying I had no more pee. We drove to the doctor to get a blood test and it was positive too! I'm a first time mommy! I'm current 6 weeks and 2 days!!! My boobs are sore, my nose is on overdrive, and I'm constantly running to the toilet to pee or throw up. Oh also I have mild cramps but they usually go away with gas. I have my first ultra sound May 19th!
  • Heron422Heron422 member
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    TTC for 2.5 years, BFP in Jan but ended in MMC. Started trying again right away, still CANNOT believe we got another BFP so soon. I thought it would be another 8 months - 2 years! My first sign was the horrendous gas pain, just like my first BFP. Took a cheapy and just sat in disbelief. Dr confirmed! US Monday if the BW stays up!
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  • My fiancé and I have been trying for 3 years and I've had 5 miscarriages since then so I been on Clomid for about 5 mths then the other morning I felt a little off (day period was ment to come) but thought I'll just try a test anyway and bam BFP x 3!! 5 weeks today! Got all fingers and toes crossed for no miscarriage
  • My husband and I miscarried in February. We have just been letting it happen ever since. AF wasn't expected until Wednesday, but I just had this feeling and decided to test this morning. BFP! We are SO excited! Still a little nervous due to recent miscarriage, but remembering the mantra "today I am pregnant!"

    Thank you so much for sharing that mantra! My husband and I had a miscarriage last October and he was nervous that I tested so early. We're praying like crazy for the health of this little one! But that mantra will be helpful - I'm trying to release anxiety and grab hold of gratitude! 
  • It was mother's day and I had been feeling a little off (jittery and really hungry and my stomach was a little uneasy), so I just tested and thought I saw something. A shadow? So I went and got a digital and it popped up "pregnant"!
  • My DH and I have a 8mth DS, we had to do IVF to get him so after his birth we haven't been trying nor not trying. I had been a lil nauseous, crazy moody, exhausted & having bad headaches so 5 days passed when I was supposed to start I tested & it was POSITIVE! :)
  • My husband and I have been ttc for three months. I took a test a five days ago and got a negative. I took it too early I guess, because I got BFP's yesterday and today!

    My DH actually had a big interview for a promotion on the day I got the first BFP, so I waited until he got home to tell him. I had him flip through pictures I had developed that day. One picture said "you're being promoted" and the next said "to daddy!" We are both beyond excited.

    Congratulations to you all!
  • This was my first month off the pill. I decided to test because I've had mild cramps, car sickness, and moodiness and I never get PMS. My test this morning was very faint and I plan on retesting in the morning.

    I had my DS in Sept 2014, it took us 17 months to conceive him so I decided to come off the pill sooner than the doctor recommended after my c-section because I thought it would take some time. My husband insisted it would happen right away... And here we are with a positive pregnancy test!

    To tell my DH I spelled out "big brother" with my son's blocks and told him to "come read Ollie's block!" His response was "wait... Are you serious?!" With a giant "I told you so" grin

    EDD is January 16th!
  • kmcc14kmcc14 member
    We have been trying since January, and I was temping, so I knew when I ovulated.  I started testing early and got BFNs on 8, 9, and 10dpo.  I was getting suspicious though because I usually get horrendous cramps and want to eat everything in the house a few days before AF, and I wasn't having either of those symptoms.  I tested yesterday with FMU on a Walmart cheapie and got a faint line.  After work I bought some FRERs and tested again last night and this morning.  All BFPs! :)
    Me: 30 DH: 35 
    TTC #1 - Jan 2015
    BFP on 5/13/15
    DD born 1/24/16
    TTC #2 - Jun 2017
    BFP on 8/24/17
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  • It took us a while to get pregnant with our first, so I went off birth control a few months before we wanted to start trying for our second.
    Then a few things happened that mean nothing alone, but together got me thinking... I got a Charlie horse in my leg, I drank a glass of milk, I was really tired, etc. I took a test the morning I was supposed to get my period and it came back pregnant!
    My husband was shocked! I kind of was too, we got pregnant the month I went off birth control. I'm 5w6d and my 1st doc apt isn't for another couple weeks so it hasn't really sunk in for either of us yet! Our kids will be 19months apart. Ahhh 2 under 2! It's going to be an amazing adventure!
  • We weren't trying, this will be a bc baby. I had a random urge to test on the morning of the day af was due. Nothing showed up after a couple minutes so I threw it away. About 5 minutes later I felt like I just had to take another look at that test. Sure enough there was a line. I was in disbelief. I took another. Positive again. Told the hubby and we were both in shock. I bought another test and it was positive too. We're so excited but it still doesn't seem quite real. I think it will set in more once we hear a heartbeat and make our official announcement.
  • J3spJ3sp member
    Had been trying for 5 months and I was closely tracking everything! I had some symptoms, hoped for the best, but assumed period. I was 2 days late and bought a test which was BFP. DH is excited, but reserved. Same with myself. We have experienced a chemical preganancy which puts an unfortunate spin on a positive test. 6w2d so far. First appt next Thursday!
  • MyelhsaMyelhsa member
    We came off BC last August and tried until December with no luck. In Decemeber I got an unexpected promotion at work so we stopped trying while things settled down.

    We decided to start trying again in July/August of this year so I got off my BC on April 1st. Doctor thinks we conceived April 10th! My DH must have super sperm this time around!
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    Hi ladies.. Just wondering who else has gone through the waiting game of trying to figure out if they really were pregnant. My last period was from April 3-5 and I ovulated on the 20th, which incidentally was the same day that the condom slipped off
  • nlwz123nlwz123 member

    Hi ladies.. Just wondering who else has gone through the waiting game of trying to figure out if they really were pregnant. My last period was from April 3-5 and I ovulated on the 20th, which incidentally was the same day that the condom slipped off

    This isn't really the board to be asking those questions.  Generally you would go to the TTC board, but I don't think they'd appreciate this question, either.

    Basically everyone has had to wait to find out.

    Also, how do you know what day you ovulated on?

    TTC #1 10/2014
    Low progesterone
    BFP 05/2015
    Baby boy born 01/2016
    Currently: NTNP

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