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Any Nashville moms?

And if so, have any of you looked into West End Women's Health Birthing Center?

Re: Any Nashville moms?

  • Hi. I did and I loved it. I'm going back to them with my second!
  • We're seeing the West End midwives and have been really pleased. I'll be having the baby at Vandy. The birth center won't be open until Summer (or so they were saying a few months back), so it'll be too late for us.
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  • I am! This is my first baby; due in the spring! I absolutely love these ladies! My husband has  been to every appt with me and we both feel we are in excellent hands! I know a few other ladies who have gone to them and Ive heard nothing but positive feedback!

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    I had a baby with West End Midwives at Vanderbilt almost 2 years ago.  I am a Kentucky resident who chose to drive to Nashville for better natural birth options.
    I was unhappy with my experience because I feel like the midwife backed off way too quickly and put a doctor on my case.  I arrived at 9.5cm, and the midwife handed me to an OB because of decels during contractions. OB used a vacuum. I think it was all unnecessary.

    I chose a home birth for my second child who was born yesterday.  It was a much better experience for me.

    ETA: The point of this is, I would be concerned about the requirements they still have when answering to their "umbrella" physicians.

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  • I have used CPMs with both of my children. If you and baby are healthy, a home birth is a great option! 
  • Check out Nashville Birth Network, they are great for connecting expectant moms with just the right car provider! 
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