Saturday Spam

Because some genius decided 7 am on a Saturday would be a great time to open up the cookie booth scheduler.

What are y'all up to today?

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shadypines[Deleted User]

Re: Saturday Spam

  • Despite, or maybe because of, multiple wakeups for both, my kids are still in bed at 7:30. This is insane and has never happened. C is awake but playing in her bed. Charlie is snoozing or I'd hear him chatting in his crib. Dh is snoring.

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  • Up and drinking coffee. Classes start Monday so I'm getting my binders together. 2 of my teachers have sent syllabus over so I'm filling out my agenda too.


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    [Deleted User]JNerd[Deleted User]vandelay
  • It's -1 right now so I'm hoping to stay in the house today.


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  • It's -1 right now so I'm hoping to stay in the house today.
    Its SO cold where I live. I feel like I would be better off in the north pole at this point. 

    The weather station says its 5 degrees but feels like -5 we also have 6mph winds...Those feel SO good. :(
  • By some sort of miracle both kids slept until 730. I was all prepared to start sleep training A again last night but she just went right to sleep.
    E is pissed about having to clean up her messy playroom so I see this being a really great day.
    Oh and I need to go to target for diapers so I'm sure I'll spend all of my money while I'm there.

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  • My husband is still in bed. I'm half annoyed and half glad for the quiet. As soon as he's up the kid and the dog go nuts.

  • I fell asleep around 8 pm last night. Today 8 have a meeting then going to work. I don't really feel like going to either one.

  • I slept like shit. DD peed through her pull up and DS whined half the night. Blergh.
  • DS slept until almost 8. It's a miracle.

    Getting a haircut soon and then grocery shopping.

    [Deleted User]vandelay[Deleted User]
  • DS got up and climbed into bed with me around 4am. I was hoping he would sleep in, but was up for the day at 6.
    My BFF is coming over for breakfast at 830, but I don't plan in getting out of bed until 8.
    Cambury108vandelayKermode61581[Deleted User]
  • Well... Lame. Labor and delivery just called me now (6am) to tell me they're full and to call at 10am. My appointment was for 8.

    Of course.

    Blah, more waiting.

    Cat leg goes crazy and beats itself in the face

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  • Heading to an event shortly, but I'm trying to figure out how I'll be able to pump. Days like this, it's really annoying trying to figure things out.

    It's 9:11 and my 2.5 month old is still asleep????? Hallelujah.
    [Deleted User]vandelay[Deleted User]
  • I guess I'll try to sleep a bit more.... Sigh.

    Cat leg goes crazy and beats itself in the face

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  • I didn't get to eat breakfast this morning...I am starving. I brought some left over mac n cheese with me for lunch. It is 8:19am that is not to early for mac n cheese right!?! 

    I am about to eat my fist!
    [Deleted User]vandelayKermode61581
  • I have to get DS and I dressed and go get our passport pictures taken.  Then I have to drag DS and DH to the post office so that we can apply for his passport and mail mine.  Here's hoping they get done in time for our trip. 
    Then I want to go get a pedicure.
    I need to go to Target this weekend, but that might have to wait until tomorrow because I want to be sure to be home for the Pat's game.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]vandelay
  • Can anybody see the picture in my siggy?  I can see the ticker but not the picture under it.  I will be sad if I lost it.
    The Book of Love Has Music in it


  • That's so frustrating @SpaceGirlSpiff!

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    [Deleted User]SpaceGirlSpiff
  • MH decided to make us cinnamon rolls this morning, which is great & all, but hes asked me no less than 20 questions about where everything is. Dude we have one 2 door cabinet that holds all our baking needs. If you open 1 door & its not on that side, open the other side. BAM, looky there buddy.
    We have lived in our house for almost 4 full years, I haven't moved anything in the kitchen around since the first 6 months we lived there. DH still asks me where everything is/goes. It drives me up a wall. 
    ready-or-not[Deleted User]
  • msdrdg said:
    Can anybody see the picture in my siggy?  I can see the ticker but not the picture under it.  I will be sad if I lost it.
    It shows me your ticker and then a big empty white space. Maybe the link is broken?
  • I am eating the mac n cheese! It is good in my belly. 
    [Deleted User]ready-or-notvandelay
  • DH and I stayed out until 2:00 last night. We usually go to bed by 10:00. Then we had to get up for counseling this morning. We are getting too old for this stuff! Lol. Actually feel better than I should, but I didn't overdo it in the alcohol department last night.

    Picking up the boys now and then heading to Barnes and noble to spend DSS's stockpile of gift cards. Kid has over $125 to spend! My family never knows what to get him. What should I buy myself, hmmmm...
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  • Morning! Not much going on here. Mh got up with DS (who always happens to sleep in on days mh gets up with him). Now I'm up having coffee.

    DH has to go get his car inspected. I need tp get this kid out of the house but I have no idea what to do with him. Its ridiculously cold out and the indoor playplace has been a fucking madhouse lately. Plus, he just got over being sick and I'm not down with stepping foot into the giant Petri dish agaon yet.
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  • @SpaceGirlSpiff‌ im sorry the hospital pushed back your induction! I'd be pissed too having to wait even longer!!
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