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having every symptom under the sun EXCEPT a positive test?

Not sure how all to start this other than to just get into it. My last period started on 10/15, and while we aren't ttc, my guy and I haven't really been careful. Oh, and I'm 28. I started having symptoms about 3 weeks ago (11/2), first sore boobs, feeling a little off, and then fatigue (nothing I thought about as weird). Then I started noticing that I was having to go to the bathroom every 2 hours or less and that certain smells (mint, matches, and cigarettes specifically) were stronger and bothering my stomach. Weird, but not too weird, and as there was no pain or discomfort or weird smell with the urine I brushed it off. Then the nausea kicked in about 4 days after the soreness in my boobs. Since then, the nausea has gotten worse but comes and goes, usually around 10am and again at 6pm, my boobs are still killing me (I either have to wear a supportive bra or nothing at all, and either way they still hurt), the fatigue is so bad most days I feel like I haven't slept in days,and I feel like I'm practically living in the bathroom. Other symptoms have also made their appearance: food cravings and aversions (craving fruity sweets like Strawberry jam, acai juice, as well as milk, aversions to nuts, mayo, and some deli meats), my lower back hurts (some days worse than others), my hips feel loose or in slight pain, I've been having mild cramps that range from feeling like little flutters to bad gas to a weird pinching/pulling sensation (usually centered around the middle of my lower abdomen), and my all time favorite of mood swings (nothing like crying for 2 hours straight cause he sounded like he was having too pleasant of a dream or biting your best friend's head off because she dared to tell me to take a hot shower and relax). I have also suddenly started gaining weight out of nowhere (~2lbs/week), and none of my clothes fit aside from some sweatpants I just bought because my own jeans (and even his) were too tight/uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour. I'm sure I'm forgetting about something in this list of symptoms, I've been forgetting a lot of things lately (even what I'm saying mid sentence).

Well, just before my next period was due (a week late now), I had some really weird spotting that lasted 2 days. It was light, pretty much only when I peed, the wrong color and consistency, and (sorry if tmi) even kinda smelled off. My period is never late and never anything approaching light. This has lead me to check on my CP, which is high (I almost couldn't find it), very soft, and felt like it was closed.

Based on all of my symptoms and the timing of everything, my best friend, who is an experienced midwife, is convinced that I'm pregnant. The problem is, every single hpt and even the blood test I took on Monday has come out negative. I feel like I'm going crazy. My body is telling me that something is going on, all of the symptoms seem to point towards pregnancy, but all the tests say no.

I know that it's not stress, as I have IBS and all my BMs are normal and none of my stress started until well after the symptoms. I know it's not a UTI or BI or other damage to my UT as aside from frequency urination is also completely normal. Nothing has changed in my diet or day to day routine. Aside from some scary and very serious possible conditions (cyst or even cancer), I can't think of anything else that this could be.

Anyone else have any ideas of what is going on? Or experienced this same thing (or know someone who has) and ended up being pregnant?

I have an appointment on Monday for yet another test and an assessment (depending on the test). I'm just so tired of feeling like I'm crazy or feeling like I'm being treated as if I'm crazy...

Re: having every symptom under the sun EXCEPT a positive test?

  • You probably ovulated later than you normally do so although you're a "week late," you really aren't. Negative test = not pregnant at this time. Sorry.

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  • If your blood test is coming up negative you really are not pregnant. I would go to your doctor to figure what's going on, it's not a pregnancy so I would find out why you are feeling so ill.
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  • hahaha. nope.

  • I had pregnant like symptoms after I stopped birth control. I think it has something to do with the hormones leaving your body. So if you have recently quit the pill or another form you can have symptoms that closely resemble pregnancy symptoms.
  • In confused. Why are you going for an appointment when you can just pee on a stick at home?
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  • First to the people being rude about me getting tests done:

    Aside from the blood test, all other tests I've taken have been at home. The reason I am getting tested again on Monday is that when I called the clinic for a pelvic exam (to try to see if it is something else) THEY insisted on running another pregnancy test.

    As for comments about my midwife friend:

    She just had another friend go in for a pelvic exam for the same reasons I wanted to. Turns out that the woman was 3 months pregnant, despite getting negative hpts and blood tests. My friend also didn't get a positive blood test until 8 weeks, and never got a positive hpt. So, it's one of those I know it happens, but how rare is it?

    In regards to it being too soon for symptoms when I started feeling them:

    According to every ovulation calculator I've double checked on to see if conception was possible, I most likely ovulated on 10/29, roughly 5 days before symptoms started (and yes, my guy and I did have sex that night). For some women symptoms can start from the moment of conception (as they did for my mother) when progesterone (the hormone that causes the symptoms) start to increase and some women never get them, so comparing mine to yours isn't necessarily obvious fact.

    As for the psychological possibilities:

    I am far from ttc. Until the nausea kicked in for no reason, I didn't even think about the possibility, and that only because of combining it with the having to pee every other hour. Completely honest, I don't want to be pregnant, I am far from where I want to be in life when I have kids, but if I am I will gladly accept the gift given to me. My biggest fear is what else could be going on with my body that these symptoms point towards aside from pregnancy.

    Other little notes:

    I have not been on any birth control in a year, so that is not the cause either.

    Trolls please kindly go elsewhere. I, and I'm sure many other women, am here seeking advice and help during a potentially emotional and trying time. Sarcasm and snide remarks are not helpful in any way, shape, or form. Save it for youtube and article links through Facebook.

    I was hoping to get a little more help here than "well if the test says no, then no" (believe me, I went with that at first, but when the symptoms didn't go away I tried researching other possibilities and pregnancy kept coming back up as pretty much the only match for all of my symptoms), for example "I/someone I know went through the same thing and it turned out to be ____", because believe it or not, I did research into the different possibilities. Despite the tests, there is the small possibility that I am pregnant, so I thought I would see if anyone else on here went through something like this and when they were able to find out for certain as the clinic that did my blood test says I just have to "wait and see". My problem is, if it is something else, waiting could hurt me, and if it's not something else and I act like it's nothing because the test says so, it could lead to me harming the baby in some way (ie smoking, having a drink, taking some medication, etc).
  • Let me just say this, because everyone says you can't have negative blood and urine test. Not true. My daughter is 2.5 and my blood test and urine test were negative until I was 8 weeks.
  • http://www.medguidance.com/thread/Negative-Blood-Test-But-Still-Feel-Pregnant.html

    This might be a good link for those who are saying that if the almighty blood test says no than the answer is no as they are never wrong. There's also other pages out there that say similar things. There are also old forums where women are talking about experiencing this and never getting a positive result. I just wanted to start a new thread to see if anyone more current was available to talk to about it, or if anyone else had other ideas based on their experiences.

    Again,on symptoms, the one thing that every site agrees on is "every pregnancy (not just every woman) is different". Which is why I'm discounting the timing of symptoms others have compared to mine as evidence one way or the other. My mother had symptoms a week after conceiving me (and she knows exactly when that was as there was only one opportunity for it that month). I also have a family friend who had different timings and experiences of symptoms in all 5 of her pregnancies, ranging from just after conception to 8 weeks along, pregnancy symptoms from hell to almost none at all.
  • I didn't read all of that because the title says it all. Negative test means not pregnant. Test again in a week or two

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  • Your post on babycenter is interesting.
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  • angi3o said:

    Seems this isn't your first scare, this was almost 5 months ago


    So much for not wanting to be pregnant huh?

    Maybe she wants a baby but her partner isn't ready? So maybe hoping for an oops?

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  • And also-- you said you hadn't been on birth control-- but you failed to mention Depo. That method can jack your body up for 18 months after your last shot. It's one reason I've always avoided it.

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  • Do you chart your BBT? That might help you pinpoint ovulation (to avoid intercourse) so you aren't constantly wondering if you are pregnant. I mean that with no snark.

    I know, from experience, that wondering can be worrisome.

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  • I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here-- so if you could answer that'd be lovely.

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  • Anyone else thinks her symptom list reads like every article on early pregnancy symptoms?  Like PP have said - negative test = not pregnant. 
    And unless you are temping/charting, you have no way of knowing when you ovulated.  You can't know simply based off your LMP.

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  • Lol. Where do all these people get this magical urine and blood that doesn't turn pregnancy tests when they are sure they are pregnant. Mine showed up as pregnant on a first response pink due test the same time a blood draw was like 15 miu. I guess the difference was I am actually pregnant.
    Op... Negative means not pregnant at this time. And if you are pregnant enough for that laundry list of symptoms you would be pregnant enough to turn a test.
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  • But guise, she knows about the hook effect. She knows so much more than you.

    Serious question though, why don't these people who think the hook effect applies to them just dilute their urine and test again. Am I missing something?
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  • So, I haven't read all the responses because most of them are about some post on babycenter, which ironically enough was not from me. Until this guy, who admittedly is more recent than I'd like to admit, I haven't had a boyfriend since last November. In fact, April 1st I was mid move halfway across the state. However, the story she tells sounds similar to a friend that was freaking out a few months ago. Maybe she decided to use my preferred screen name to try to hide it from that dick she was dating? Only thing aside from coincidence that I can think of. I'll have to ask her about that the next time I talk with her.

    And as far as this guy goes, he knows what's going on, and he's definitely more excited about the possibility of me being pregnant than I am.

    And you can wait for my responses as long as you like, won't change when I respond. I only respond when on wifi, and I tend to have a bit more of a life than to wait around on messaging boards all day. Especially considering that only about 3 or so of the responses have been anywhere near helpful (for examples giving alternatives for what else could be going on).
  • hahahaha! OP thanks for the Sunday morning entertainment. Seriously, are you for real?
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  • mrs1374a said:
    Let me just say this, because everyone says you can't have negative blood and urine test. Not true. My daughter is 2.5 and my blood test and urine test were negative until I was 8 weeks.
    I call BS on this.  You were prob earlier along than you thought.  There is no way to get a false beta blood test and still be pregnant.  Gotta see a docs note on this one.
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