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Traveling at 19 weeks

Thinking of going on vacation to Key West while 19 weeks pregnant with twins. At this point is it harder to travel? Should we try and go earlier? Thanks!

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  • I just got back from a week midwest to Seattle then Denver then home. I am 22w, I used a wheelchair at one big walking airport (and then we had the closest gate LOL). If I have another plane trip, I will need extender belt- but otherwise it was not hard, ankles swelled with so much "down time" was all :-)
    Have fun in Key West!
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  • I just traveled last week 6 hours by car at 20 weeks... it was uncomfortable I won't lie but a long as I got to stand up and stretch my legs often it was doable.  The worst part was adapting to a different bed at the hotel to be honest.

    Have fun on your trip!  Ask your doctor if you have any concerns but you should be fine!
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  • I went to Florida (3 1/2 hour plane) when I was 18 weeks.  It was totally fine.  I was hardly even showing yet, but I did tell the ticket agent, and she "upgraded" us to the first row of the plane so I could use the bathroom easily.

    Just wear extra SPF because pregnant skin is extra sensitive.

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  • We traveled from Oregon to Florida Friday (head back tomorrow!) and I'm 23/24 wks. It wasn't awful, but uncomfortable after being on plane for so long!

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  • I just got back at 19w.. I wasn't showing very much so I felt completely normal. I got up to use the restroom in the middle of each flight & rolled my feet around while sitting. You'll be fine!

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  • Thanks so much everyone!!
  • I went on vacation at 19 weeks which included 4 hour flights and 6 hour drives, trips to the zoo and science centre, etc., and it was fine. Wouldn't have been able to do it much later than that though.


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  • I took at trip from Az to Utah at 20 weeks which is a 12 hr car ride and it wasn't bad. Just had to stop and stretch out every few hours. They only thing that killed me was the elevation difference. I thought I was going to die walking around the mall because I kept getting so out of breath! But I think 20 weeks is probably the best time to go somewhere before you get too big and uncomfortable!
  • I took 4 flights at 20w. Best advice I can give you is Give yourself extra time. I got out of breath on the long walks to gates. Wear compression socks on the flight and bring a small travel pillow. Hotel beds were way worse than the flights.
    Have fun!
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