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Hospital bag !!!! HELP


Re: Hospital bag !!!! HELP

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  • No I have gained 34 pounds. But I'm also 5'9 so no biggie. And I have been using a bottle of palmers massage lotion for stretch marks and it has prevented them as it did with my first..... I know I know why doesn't she know what to pack, when in fact this isn't her first baby. It's been 7 years. I more along the lines didn't remember packing pads or diapers last time, and I couldn't member if I needed to or not!!! Sorry it bothered you all so badly I asked " hospitol bag" I know it's hospital ! Hahaha so funny to poke fun, my BAD
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    Im not writing an English paper on a good note I stopped by Hastings today, and picked up season 3 of "game of thrones" and I can't wait till the hubby gets back later to start it !! And I don't have to brag a said I have a lot on plate that didn't stop the hate so I tried to give a FEW examples.
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    Huge mistake
  • Whoa >-) I can't wait to go back and read this entire thread now. Just from that last statement I know this is a good one!
  • Wow, y'all must be tough in person. Hiding behind your phones and keyboards. Lol. Stop being nasty bitches. The girl asked a question, proper response should have been we've discussed this already just search for it. Real Women empower eachother, not put eachother down. PSA: THIS ISNT REAL LIFE. ITS JUST A PREGNANCY BOARD. LOL
  • Not my first comment. I had a nasty bitch tell me at 13 weeks was too early to tell the sex of my baby. Unfortunately for her I then proceeded to tell her I worked in MFM as a sonographer. I've also posted
    a few other times. So Thanks for your fake BS and proving my comment true. Lol.
  • @pnwlover12‌ how's this one for ya?? Take care Hun
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