Looking for insight- adoption from a family member

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Hi All, 

My DH and I have been TTC for almost 4 years.  We are going to be going to DE in about 7 or 8 months.  However, yesterday we found out my just barely 16 yr old cousin is pregnant and wants us to adopt the baby.  I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor.  It feels good to have tears of joy as opposed to being on the verge of depression.  Although I'm scared out of my mind about all kinds of things...her changing her mind, not being able to afford the atty fees, red tape with interstate adoption... and on and on and on... 

I guess I'm here looking for anyone who has been in this position.  Does anyone have any insight as to how to move forward with this within the family?  We're a pretty close family. Although this baby would be something like a 4th cousin to me (I think there's a removal in there somewhere...?) we are all still very much a part of each other's lives.  My DH and I live about 12 hrs away from the bulk of the family in another state so I think that might be easier for the BM to deal with everything afterwards.  

If there is anyone here with this kind of experience how did you handle baby showers, newborn pics, announcements...etc... and then the really important stuff about your parents being Grandma and Grandpa and the BM family just being another member of the family.  Right now I'm feeling very torn about that.  

Didn't mean for this to go on so long, but appreciate you reading.  :)  

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