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Circumcision turned Amputation

Ok ladies, perhaps I was wrong about circumcisions... Poor man went in for a circumcision and got a penis amputation! 




Re: Circumcision turned Amputation

  • Both links bring me to your thread... But while on the subject... How many of you plan of circumcision or have if you already have a son?
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  • I know thean didn't receive an explanation on what happened, but how is that something that happens? I would think if they couldn't fix the issue with a circumcision why wouldn't they stitch him back up, wake him and then discuss the next steps before just removing a man's penis? Unless it was an emergency in which case the wife should have been notified.
  • MaebbMaebb member
    The link didn't work for me, but this is a story about a different guy who ended up having cancer of the penis when the doctor started operating to circumcise it, and that's why he amputated. I still think he could have at least explained the situation and asked the wife, but he said stalling might have risked infection once it was open.


    Here's the one from the OP, which doesn't have details, but maybe there was a reason for that one as well.
    But still, it seems like the doctor should get consent before cutting it off.

    Regarding our decision on circumcision - our doctor said it's mainly a cultural and cosmetic thing. Back in the day, the thought was that circumcision was cleaner and less likely to get infected, but our doctor said that is not statistically true anymore. We still did it because DH is circumcised. I think it's a personal choice, and people shouldn't be judged on it.
  • Gah!!  I didn't click on the link, but did anyone see that show about the guy who had to get his penis amputated??  I think it was strange sex...it's on Netflix if anyone totally wants to be horrified.  He had some sort of infection on his penis, went to the hospital, CHOSE TO LEAVE AGAINST THE DOCTORS ORDERS!!!, and then it got all swollen and weird colored and it had to be amputated.  Crazy!!

    I don't really want to have my baby's penis circumcised.  It seems like an unnecessary risk and surgery for a tiny baby.  My sister chose to not to have my nephew circumcised.  Fortunately it seems that my husband will go for it.
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  • Isnt that the hospital getting it wrong?! Either way. We had my son done, i was in the room, small chance a mistake like that would have been made lol.

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  • cgkinseycgkinsey member
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    I had to open the discussion just because of the headline.We just found out we are having a boy, what an awful story either way it happened. We are going to research on whether or not we decide to. Do you know of any good resources I can turn to? 


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  • We will not be doing a circumcision if we have a boy. I know that my sister had Medicaid and they did not pay for her child to be circumcised because it is considered cosmetic. She had to pay about $400 out of pocket to get it.
    Sore baby and $400? Nope I'm good. That would buy a lot of diapers.
  • Stargirlb said:
    Hell no on circumcisions. Awful barbaric outdated terrible horrible practice. Please don't chop of your baby's foreskin! Get those sharp slicers away from the genitals. Resist the urge. Just. Don't. Do. It. It's still common in America unfortunately. Another thing wrong with America. Most other places in the world do not do this (Europe, good example,) and somehow their penises are fantastic just how they are born. Circumcisions are the minority around here where I live in BC Canada, because in part they are not considered medically warranted and therefore were not included in our health coverage system. People who want it, for whatever stupid reason, have to pay to get their baby's genitals cut. If you abstain from this atrocious practice, beware the terrible advice you may get from well-meaning health professionals who have not a clue how to care for a normal intact penis. Do not allow them to pull back your baby's foreskin. It stays where it is. Do not clean under it. Do not listen to someone who tries to tell you an infection automatically means you need to circumcise. That's as silly as a yeast or vulvar/vaginal infection requiring you to surgically remove a bunch of the labia or clit. (I've heard all this advice, and I live in a place that doesn't even do routine circumcisions, so just be aware and read a lot about it.)
    I live in BC, i paid. To each their own. This article was not about wether or not to get it done, it was about a botched medical operation, which is the same as having your hand amputated for a finger problem.

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  • Well being born with foreskin is not a problem.
  • @Stargirlb‌ said it well. We did not circumcise our son and if we have another we won't then either. When you think about it, why would anyone surgically remove anything they were born with for purely cosmetic reasons? 10 toes is one too many? She'll never miss that second nipple? Let's take out their tonsils just in case they maybe might possibly get infected at some point in the future? No thanks.
  • That guy obviously thought it was, since he made a choice as a fully grown adult to get it done. He was willing to take the risk.

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  • I totally dont want to fight, to each there own, i aint lookin down anyone elses kids diaper lol.
    and im exiting all future circ threads! =)

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  • StargirlbStargirlb member
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    You will find that many circ'd men are quite dick-defensive. They don't want to admit that something was done to them that was not their parents' call to make. You will see this phenomenon in some circumcised women as well.

    My DH was like that at first. (Both dhs actually.) He did not want to even read the research about it at first. Now that he has come around he finds it horrific. He did not consider that the head of the penis is actually an "internal" organ and stays moist and protected with foreskin. Now both my DH and ex DH are advocates for intact penises and I love to overhear mine talk to his own dad-to-be friends about leaving their own babies intact. It just takes work but if you know that circumcision is wrong, don't let someone do it to your child just because they had it done to themselves. Break the cycle.
  • We did not circumcise Calvin, even though DH is. We did not feel there were any compelling reasons to do so. If DH felt strongly about doing it, I would've been OK with that. But he didn't.
    This is me. I don't want to have it done because I can't find a good reason to have it done. DH and I will have the talk if it's a boy. I don't think he'll feel strongly towards having it done, and even if he does want to, he's pretty open to considering new ideas, so I feel pretty confident that a boy would not be circumcised.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • The inane "but it prevents disease!" argument.

    First of all, risk of various diseases could be lessened by proactively removing healthy organs, body parts, and basically anything biological. We pretty much don’t do that – and definitely not to people who aren’t old enough to consent.

    The “African studies” that showed men to be at a relatively lower risk of contracting HIV from women if the former were circumcised found NO reduction in risk for male-to-male transmission, and circumcision actually increased the risk for male-to-female transmission.

    Also, There is a lot of evidence that much of the HIV in sub-Saharan Africa is a result of unsafe medical practices – not sex.

    The US being one of the few routine-circumcised nations does not present lower incidences of penile cancer or HIV than other similarly industrialized nations that do NOT circumcise.
  • StargirlbStargirlb member
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    The USA is full of circumcised men who have died from AIDS. Only way to prevent AIDS is to practice safe sex and use protection.
  • pray67pray67 member
    The article sounds quite horrifying. I did nit read it. But I assume they could have contacted the wife before they amputated. But again, dont know what was the scene like in the OR. On the parallel topic we have here, if we have a boy DH wants to do it but like some of the other ladies here, I don't see a good enough reason to do it. So most likely a no for me.
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  • StargirlbStargirlb member
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    Why is it any of my business that you choose to proactively slice off part of a child's genitals? Gotta be joking. 
  • "A risk-benefit analysis of conditions that neonatal circumcision protects against revealed that benefits exceed risks by at least 100 to 1 and that over their lifetime, half of uncircumcised males will require treatment for a medical condition associated with retention of the foreskin"

    lol this is ridiculous! They are basing the "benefits" off of Americans' own ignorance in how to care for an intact penis. America is one of the only countries in the world which will recommend circumcision routinely to deal with infections. Canada does this shit too, I know because a doctor told me my son would have to get circumcised if I didn't let him peel back the foreskin to look at an infection. Sheer ignorance all around. How come the rest of the world that doesn't circumcise doesn't have this problem? That "study" is beyond stupid. 
  • I even posted about how canada is still ignorant about proper care of an intact penis despite the fact that babies are not routinely circumcised here. I even used harsh language to really drive home my point.
  • Let's not take this out on Canada, now. 

    <------ Awesome Canadian. ;)

    Hell, I love my Maple Syrup Mamas.

    <3 biiiiig hearts
  • CanukMamCanukMam member
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    All very good advice @Stargirlb too many people don't know that you are not supposed to retract the skin.

    I also agree that sharp tools should not be near genitals and I don't understand how it's not ok for girls but totally fine for boys. I know it's routine and lots of people do it, but that doesn't change the simple fact that they are cutting his genitals. His penis is being cosmetically altered..it just seems wrong.

    I think that if someone wants to modify their body (piercings, tattoos, plastic surgery, etc), they have to live with that for the rest of their lives and they should be the one to make the decision.

    I had my ears pierced as an infant and to this day I loathe earrings. My ears will be forever pierced though, they will not grow over. I know it's minor and doesn't impact my life at all but that is how it makes me feel.

    P.S. Hubby is circumcised but DS1 isn't. We made the decision together, at first we were like 'of course we will circumcise' then we thought.. wait a minute... why are we just automatically doing this thing to our child. After research we decided not to, we couldn't find a good reason to do it. We also decided not to baptize for the same reasons. If DS wants to go to church we will let him and he can choose a faith if/when he is ready to do so.

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  • FWIW... I work with so many nursing home patients and it's not that huge an issue in the uncirc'ed patients I see.

    I'm really really glad to hear that. I'm thinking it's probably more prevalent in older men with home health nurses who come out a couple of times a week because they can't afford nursing homes. But idk

  • I agree with everyone who's said it's not your business what I do with my child's genitals. (Ugh that sounds wrong re-reading it. Circumcision wise I mean) This was one conversation I did have with my child's father because I've never really thought about it. He was amazed I was thinking about not having it done if the baby is a boy. After reading about men in nursing homes having to have it done because of infections I decided I will be having it done. The surgery and recovery are 1000× worse for adults. ETA-clarity
    Mind numbingly bad reasoning.
  • Latham12 said:

    Yes, we will if we have a boy. Idc if you do or don't but neither choice should be persecuted for it. Lol

    Absolutely! Same with name choice or parenting styles
  • CanukMamCanukMam member
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    Ok, so female genital alteration is ok too then, got it! all the reasons given are exactly the excuses/justifications given for Female genital mutilation.

    " it's not your business what I do with my child's genitals."
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  • CbeanzCbeanz member
    Infant genital mutilation is EVERYONE'S business! It's a human rights issue.
  • ha.. just ha
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  • vjdk07vjdk07 member
    calindi said:

    @Stargirlb‌ - you have made your point. And hammered it in. And then beat that dead horse again. And again. And again. And then spat on the horse for good measure.

    Your way is not the only way. Your opinion and the way you view the world are not facts, and repeatedly badgering those who have a different opinion with inflammatory words does not make you the winner of the conversation.

    You are entitled to your opinion, and to share relevant information to support it. Maybe (probably) you'll convince some people to reassess and think more critically about this issue. Cool.

    But FFS, stop taking these types of posts and turning them into repeated posts from you where you refuse to allow anyone to express an opinion that isn't yours.

    Just say your peace and then STFU and let others say their views without verbal harassment from you.


    Me: 31 DH:36
    DSS: 15 DS: 7
    DD born 1/3/15

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  • CanukMamCanukMam member
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    Perhaps unlike my posts (cause I'm lazy) @stargirlb made some good posts. Clear points, often will links to articles and statistics. She seemed to not get emotional, rather she feels strongly. Also I didn't think she kept it going, more like she responded to those misquoting her or attacking her position, which she has every right to do. Just because you disagree or dont like her opinion doesn't mean she has to sit back and take it.

    This is a forum full of hormonal ladies, I would probably get flamed if I said I hated chocolate at this point ( which I do BTW)

    P.s if you start a circumcision or vaccination thread you have to know what is coming.
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