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Hi all, I've posted before but mostly lurk as I have very little experience and am trying to learn!

My LO is 7 months old, and can no longer safetly stay in the bouncer seat while I shower. I can't shower when he naps because we cosleep for naps and bedtime so he will not sleep without me. I am a single Mama (widow) so waiting until someone else is home is not an option. Any suggestions? I've tried the pack n play but he usually cries and I hate doing that to him!

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  • I used to put DD in her rock-n-play right outside the shower door (or even just on a rug/blanket with some toys) and I'd keep the door open a little so I could see her and talk to/sing to her while I enjoyed a shower.  I'd close the door and generally baby proof the bathroom so she wouldn't start sucking on the toilet brush or anything:).

    I actually tried holding her in the shower once but it was a huge fail and probably pretty dangerous too.  Duh.  First time moms :).
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  • I switched up to the exersaucer at this point and put it just outside the bathroom in the hallway because our bathroom is too skinny for an exersaucer.  By the time my kids outgrew the exersaucer, they could be trusted to play on the floor of the bathroom and not drink the toilet bowl cleaner or dump out all the q-tips.

    My kids both hated shower water spraying in their faces, so bringing them in with me was not an option.  Exersaucer to the rescue!
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    My first DD was the same way, and I'd bring her into the bathroom with me. Either she sat on the rug in the bathroom (I have clear shower curtains, so I could watch her the entire time), or we both climbed into the tub for a bath together.

    I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Thank you for all the suggestions ladies! I really appreciate it. Showering with him is a challenge because he never stops moving, so I may have to bring the exersaucer in with me!
  • I had an extra Bumbo-type seat (the Prince Lionheart one) and I used it in the shower for months! LO would happily sit while I quickly showered, and then, since she was already in there with me, I'd pull her out and give her a shower. Two birds, one stone :)

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  • We have the $20 high chair from Ikea & a couple of suction cup toys. Works like a charm!
  • Lurker here, but I use an exersaucer or the bumbo on a rug.

    A good shower is crucial. I hope you find something that works.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

  • I showered with my son. I would fill up the whale tub and put him in it while I showered. The water in the whale stayed warm and he was able to get some water falling on him too. I also made sure to buy a gripper for the bottom of our tub, and once he grew out of sitting and splashing in the whale, I put him on the floor in the bathtub, fill it with a bit of water, move the shower head so it wasn't spraying him in the face. Once I was done showering, I would get out, dry off, change (all while keeping a close eye on him) and then get him out since he was having so much fun in the water. I still do this, and he is two and a half. I have seen some folks recently put laundry baskets in their bathtub with children to keep them a bit more contained. And when someone comes over, take an additional longer shower. Sorry for your loss.


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  • My DH was a trucker so there were MANY days in the girls' babyhoods I had to find a way to take a shower and the easiest I found was to wait until the big two were napping and I only had DD#3 to deal with. Then I would bring the baby hammock (similar to the Summer Infant Deluxe baby bather) in and lay her on there while I showered.

    Once she started sitting up she learned to scooch down and sit on my feet and will purposely do that for the warmer water even now at 13 months. I don't always wash her when she tales a shower with me but I feel better knowing she's safe while I stock up on some me time ;)

    She is also my only LO that LOVES water and baths/showers so IDK if that goes together!!!
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  • I used a playard with a rug underneath and put toys in it


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  • Water ring sling can be super helpful when LO is feeling needy and I need a quick shower. Leaves me hands free and I just am careful to keep her out of the direct spray.
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