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Hi my name is Cheryl. I sometimes come on here and lurk from time to time. I'm currently on TTC over 35. Anyway....I'm 37 years old, DH is 39, we have a DS who's 7. We are TTC#2. My very first pg was at the age of 26, that ended in a missed MC. We wasn't TTC because at that time we we're only boyfriend/girlfriend at that time. But with DS we wasn't purposely attempting to get pg nor we're we trying to avoid pregnancy. But a few months of newlywed BD'ing 7 mobths into our narriage we found out we was pg, and we had our first and only son.

Fast forward to now. About two and a half years ago we started to TTC#2. We didn't have much luck after several months of BFN, I had an HSG (no blockage). A few more months went by bfn's, then we decided perhaps 1 child is enough. So we stopped actively TTC for almost a year. This past June mutually we agreed to try again. My OBGYN prescribed me clomid. So I started my first round in September. I was taking it unmonitored. Still BFN's so I decided to seek help from an RE. I had my first apt in Dec. he did 1 sonogram and drew blood from me on two different occasions. Also on the first visit he was pushing IUI & IVF papers at me (a real turnoff). That's ALL he did for me. My regular OBGYN could have done that for me. So last month I decided to not have him as my doc anymore (he was useless). DH swimmers was checked, all was well except he has low morphology.

AF showed up this morning :(. Last month was my first cycle temping and using fertility friend. According to fertility friend I have a shortened luteal phase. 6 days to be exact. I don't want to jump to conclusions right away. So I'm going to chart & temp for at least another two cycles (3 in all). Hopefully last cycle was just a fluke, but probably not.

Hopefully you ladies can welcome me. Looking forward to getting to know you all

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  • I'm not sure where to start... It seems like you've been "trying" for several years, and you're only just now finding out when you actually ovulate (per that one chart) 

    So you had a bunch of b/w done, did you get back all your results from that? You didn't mention any issues there, so I'll assume your only "know" issue ATM is low morph for your H. 

    Here's what I would do- Since you are getting into the habit of charting now, I would go intro on the TTGP board (Tons of information there TTC naturally, lots of great tips to increase your chances), (unless you feel more comfortable on TTCA35) I personally would give myself 6 good cycles charting (and OPKs, just to up the ante) drink lots of water (it can help with CM) make sure you AND your H are taking a daily multi vitamin (actually, make sure he is drinking lots of water too- it's good for their sperm) you can take a prenatal if you're feeling fancy, I take a regular multi and an additional folic acid. 

    If you chart for 6 cycles and you're not successful- then I would check back in with the RE and consider perusing treatment such as IUI or IVF.  If you have say, 3 charts with a short LP, I wouldn't bother to wait 6 cycles before checking in with the RE, your issue could be as simple as needing to better time your intercourse and an added progesterone supplement.

    Now, you seem a bit put off by typical "treatments" (IUI/IVF) right now, but have you considered alternatives, such as acupuncture and chinese herbs? Lots of people go this route in lieu of medical intervention. 

    Good luck. 

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  • @MrsCastillo has lots of great advice for you.  A short lp can be a relatively simple fix, so keep charting and hopefully you'll be able to get it all figured out and addressed quickly.  

    Good luck.
    Happily Mrs. C 
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    Restart herbal infusions Sept 2013 - currently drinking nettle, oatstraw, and red raspberry leaf
    DS weaned in April 2014
    Taking a break from herbs and just riding the healthy train.  
    Planning medicated cycle end of summer.  FX I get KU before then!!!
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