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medela pump in style

Any moms find the need or find it useful to get the one that has a rechargeable battery or is the need to use batteries only occasionally not that bad? Cant decide which one to get! Thanks for any input!

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Re: medela pump in style

  • I pumped at work for a year and only needed the battery feature a few times (when I had to pump in the car for various reasons).  Unless you see yourself frequently needing to pump without an outlet available, I would just go with the non-rechargeable version.  For frequent car pumping, I recommend a car power adapter rather than the battery pack.

    Exactly this. I have 10month old and have needed the battery pack only once.
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  • Car adapter is way better than battery pack when you have to pump on the go. I feel like the suction is not as strong w battery pack.
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  • Thanks ladies for.helping me make the decision! I will just do the car adapter!

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    I agree with everyone too. On the car adapter, I also found it best to get a general car adapter and not the one solely for the pump so I could use it with other electronics.
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