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  • I don't see myself staying with DH for the rest of my life. If I had the means I would have left him months ago.

    >:D< Thinking of you


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  • fklang said:
    @asbromle The cups hurt me too. I haven't tried diva, just the soft cup. It hurt like hell so I never used it again. 

    @robynloureed Like someone said, it gets tough after having a baby. The 1st year is the worst. After awhile, both people usually adjust and accept that things are different. I hope this is the case for you. 
    I'm quoting myself  :D because I totally googled worst to see if I used it right. I get worse and worst mixed up.  O:-)

  • FFFC: I'm not sad in the least to see Jay Leno leave late night. He is so not funny! I can't wait to see what Jimmy Fallon does with The Tonight Show!

    @-) I love Jay Leno! I'm so not looking forward to Jimmy Fallon....womp womp....

  • Mrs JillB said:
    I'm gonna slap my FIL silly if he keeps mentioning a fourth child. He keeps bringing it up, kind of in a joking way, but I was extremely explicit with him last weekend. I said, "actually, like I've said before, the doctor is recommending that we not have any more children. I almost died having the twins, and since we are so happy with our three boys, we don't want any more." It does make my heart hurt to know that we can't have any more, but we really don't want any more anyways. I just don't want to talk about it anymore. My FIL is an ass though, so there's that.
    Mrs JillB Slap him. Do it.  He clearly needs it, it should be done.

    I might do it. I spoke to dh about talking to him about it, so we'll see. To give another example of the asshattery, he and mil watched the boys while I went to a preschool open house the other day. He keeps asking me about head start and bitching about it. I've told him multiple times that number one, we make too much money for that and number two that I support that program wholeheartedly. What I really want to scream at him is that public funding was certainly good enough to help educate his four children, so quit bitching about it. I read something recently that in my county it costs $15000 per student per year to educate them. I know we didn't pay 45,000 in taxes this year. Ugh, I just want to yell, "you were barely middle class! Quit acting like you did it all by yourself."
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  • @Robynloureed the comment about not dressing up for him is BS. Remind him of the whole "for better or worse" thing and that this isn't 1950. I hardly if ever wear makeup on the weekends, and DH has never said anything about it. I think he appreciates my ability to be "ready" in 10 min to go do something vs having "arm candy" at the farmers market. 

    I like @PrimRoseMama's idea of a date night. If he is missing the before baby days then that's a sign you two might need to get out and have a good time together. Of course if he is constantly missing it he needs to get over it since those days are gone, dwelling will only make it worse. 
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  • I may or may not have just implied to the student loan company that I may or may not drive my car into a tree since they told me I had forbearance then turned around and told me I did not... so much for getting ahead after paying off the credit cards, all that "saved" money will now go to my student loan that I was told I could put into forbearance for 2 more years...

    He may or may not have said if I was serious he was going to call 911... I laughed a lot.

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    giraffeluvspiemmanemm[Deleted User]
  • I cut the toe out of one of DH's thick expensive hunting socks last night to make a sock bun. Now I feel like I'm hiding stolen evidence in my bun. If he finds out he's going to be pissed.
    hahahahaha I did this with a bunch of my army socks. 
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    because it didn't fucking snow enough for me to build my own
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  • I only added people I recognized. If they don't add me back, no big deal.
  • I was planning to pay off the hospital bill with our tax $$ but I really want to blow it on random things instead like a new wardrobe for myself. :D

    But, I will most likely do the responsible thing and pay the bill.

    I also want to be FB friends with peeps.. but I feel like a creeper asking :/
    Are we the same person on both?
    Maybe set aside a little bit of the $ for shopping. Whenever I go shopping for myself I always ended buying stuff for LO instead.
    We can be FB friends... :)

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  • ncchnat said:
    @jackson290271, no pearl clutching. Do what you want and we'll do what we want. :)

    ETA: I know that sounds snarky. It's not meant to, though.
    This. If you don't have much on there then no worries. My whole life is on FB (hence why it is locked down unless you're my friend) and I'm connected to DH, who flies around some VIPs. I'm also friends with many of my bosses so I don't get too crazy with it. 
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  • Asbromle said:
    I have the diva cup and I think it hurts. Why does it hurt? Anyway, my FFFC is that I have a very addictive personality. At the moment I'm addicted to exercising.
    Me too, I was just googling it actually.

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  • I counted my freezer stash and then made an Excel spreadsheet. It has a bar chart of production and also tells me when milk will expire. I'm trying to figure out how to forecast if I'll use enough milk before it expires.

    @ChrissieMeas, I'm tagging you because I know you love Excel.

    Also, I wonder how grossed out my husband would be if I put the diva cup in our Amazon wish list. He already gets emails advertising nursing bras and pump parts.

    How did you set this up? I don't use Excel a lot. I have about 60 oz from my last baby that I need to throw away :(
    Dh never gave it to her and she refused all the purees I made her and wanted actual bites, self decided on BLW, ha ha, so there it sat. It makes me so sad and mad at Dh and has kept me from building a stash this time around. If I had known he just wouldn't give it to her while I was gone, I could have snuck it in their cups. I didn't know or think of that until later.
    Anyhow, I need to build a stash for this LO so this weekend I am going to have to suck it up and dump the old stuff and commit to a pumping schedule. Being able to track what I have and when it needs to be used neatly would be awesome.






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  • valstulas said:
    Asbromle said:
    I have the diva cup and I think it hurts. Why does it hurt?

    Maybe you have a tiny little vag, in which case, Eff you! :-w

    ::off to do kegals::

    @Asbromle has a cute vag that it flat. No ham wallets for bromle!
    I should have finished reading before commenting!
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  • @kitten80, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.

    Thanks! I'll PM you when I get on the computer - probably tonight.






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  • @Kitten80 If there's any extra leftover from your stash that your LO is not going to eat before it expires, definitely donate it this time! If you have 100+ oz you can do a HMBANA bank (I just donated 200 oz this week cause my freezer was getting ridiculous). They pay for a blood test to check for diseases and they pasteurize the milk. If you have a small amount there's tons of mom to mom donation groups like Human Milk For Human Babies and Eats on Feets. And often they'll buy you new bags to replace what you donated, if ya want.

    Yeah. If it happens again, I would. Actually, if I had been thinking at the time, I would have added a few ounces to their milk/choc milk. It was such a point of contention in the marriage at the time. And I saved it for when I went OOT for 5 days and then he didn't use and I was so freakin pregnant, I just didn't "deal with it" at all because I was so mad that he wasted my time like that.






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  • Especially if you've been an Elfster participant. I found mrs. OH in two minutes.
    Oh I know I'm easy to find, but there isn't much to see on my FB unless I accept your friend request. (Right? Or is FB lying to me when it says "not public"?)
  • @robynloureed, I'm sorry you're dealing with all of that. I wish you luck with what ever you choose.

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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    [Deleted User]ashie624Kitten80valstulas
  • Lastly, @carrie3102 - did you talk to them about an income based repayment plan? Is it a federal loan or private?

    Yep sure did... unfortunately all they take into consideration is income... not bills... we don't have fancy things like Iphones or extended cable just basic everything and with our mortgage, 2 car payments, other student loans, and normal things, groceries, utilities, gas, car upkeep and insurance, hospital bills, we're pretty much maxed out... they don't care. 

    It's cool though, I think this may be the straw that pushes DH to get rid of the boat (he had it sold once and changed his mind, thought it was "worth more", blessing in disguise?)and truck, that'd give us enough to make student loan payments for 2 years, all the time I'd need for forbearance, because my car will be paid off. 

    The only reason i put it in to forbearance was because my paid off car took a shit and I had to replace it.  I REALLY thought this was turn around year, we could start putting substantial money in our savings and in two years I could make 3x the payment on that student loan, i tried to explain this to them, but it was a lost cause, so I threatened to drive into a tree... lol I was completely kidding, I even laughed when I said it... poor guy.

    Suffice to say I'm bummed... but we'll figure it out.

    Thanks @maryannespier

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