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Are Clif and Luna bars ok while pregnant?

Oh man, researching one issue I came across another I didn't even realize was an issue. I've been eating Clif and Luna bars occasionally for extra protein. One day that was all I had to eat because I was super busy. I cramped that night but really think it was because I'd also had little water and was dehydrated - especially since rehydrating took away the cramping. Still, in the back of my mind I wondered if the protein bars had something to do with it as well. Recently I've noticed they have soy as a main ingredient - something I've been trying to avoid since pregnant since I discovered soy is so bad for you unless it's already fermented. Now I come across comments that the overload of vitamins in Clif and Luna bars can also be too much while pregnant. Ugh! They need a warning on their labels. This is my first paranoid mom moment, but I have to ask, anybody eat an abundance of Clif and Luna bars while pregnant on a previous pregnancy and have everything be ok? Anybody think they're perfectly fine? Obviously, there's nothing I can do now except toss out the bag of Clif and Luna bars I have left, which I will do. But now I'm having a freak out moment. And yes I'll ask my midwife when I see her next. Although she was insistent I get enough protein since I wasn't eating any meat for awhile due to adversion, which is why I bought and started eating the darn things in the first place.

Re: Are Clif and Luna bars ok while pregnant?

  • You should be fine to eat them just don't make them the only thing you eat.
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  • You should be fine.  I make homemade luna bars which you can do if you are worried about the ingredients.  They are really easy to make. 

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  • They're ok in moderation, as others have said make sure you eat something besides them though! The reason the high vitamin and mineral content is a problem is due to the fact that your kidneys will have to work overtime to excrete them. I would try to stay away from soy but it shouldn't pose a problem if you're only consuming it every so often.
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  • When I wasn't feeling too hot, I ate Clif Builders bars - chocolate mint, if that matters.  They're fine.
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  • I just.. I can't.

    Alexander - 8/9/14
  • They are fine to eat. If they were dangerous for a pregnant woman to eat and caused miscarriages, they would have a warning label on it, and you'd probably have to sign a waiver at the grocery store stating you weren't pregnant so they wouldn't get sued.

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  • You're fine. Why would you throw them away?! If you are, send em this way! They are fine, you just shouldn't use them as meal substitutes. No need for a warning label.
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  • JMCB09 said:
    Were they sprinkled with crack? Injected with heroin? Soaked in alcohol? No? Okay then.

    I want to know where to get these mystical nombars.  I hear the first one's always free?

    Alexander - 8/9/14
  • I think your cramping was due to lack if food and dehydration. Luna bars were handed out at my Childbirth class when I was pregnant with DS1.
  • For cereal?



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  • I sure hope they are okay because I eat a Clif bar everyday for breakfast. I guess I had never worried about them or really even thought about it.

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  • I feel like i have time traveled back to 1st Tri!
  • @megpio thanks for the explanation. I've also heard too much vitamin A can be bad for baby too.

    @ghostof5letters haha! I realized somebody would call out my worst paranoid pregnancy dramatic moment ;) .

    Sounds like they are overall fine. I still threw them out since I'm paranoid plus I noticed they have soy in them, and I don't want to do anything but fermented soy. Either way, it will make me try harder to get protein from whole food sources instead of falling back on protein bars.
  • @pinksundrops Yes, excessive vitamin A intake can cause certain defect problems but only in high doses. So the take home from that is to stay away from sources with a high concentration of vitamin A for example organ meats such as liver!
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