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  • We are doing a hulk or avengers theme!

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  • We are doing the Alice in ONEderland theme, except it will be Madison in ONEderland. It was my baby shower theme so I thought It was a cute idea. I can't believe her birthday is in 2 months :)
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                           BFP#1- April 24th. M/c-April 30th. BFP#2-September 11th. EDD: May 25th. 
                                      It's a girl!!! (: Madison arrived on May 19th at 6:35 am (:
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  • I was thinking nautical (blues/reds) or Mickey Mouse but I also love Cat in the Hat too! I'm busy thinking about my dds 5th birthday right now ---------ugh!! I need more money and time to make this all happen.
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  • Monsters :)
    Formerly known as elmoali :)

  • Not unique, but fun - we will do Mickey Mouse
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  • We're doing vintage circus/carnival. We're going a little over the top but I'm having the best time planning!!
  • Pink poodle in Paris! I'm so excited!! Pink, Mint and Lavender. I have so many ideas for photos.
  • Not really doing a theme, persay. I have some colors that I'd like to use and I want to do a couple of "carnival" type games for the kids that will be there. I've been hoarding some ideas on pinterest. :)

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  • We are also planning a camping themed party at home. We will have a-frame tents set up in the office, and our big camping tent in the backyard. There are cute ideas for food on Pinterest!
  • We are doing Monster's Inc theme. It all started with a green Mike Wazowski onesie that he has. Can't wait :)
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  • We are doing "UNO" the card game.  I originally was just going to do a primary color theme and voila UNO came up.  I thought that would be a perfect theme and fun and easy to do.

  • We are having a cupcake theme with emphasis on the number 1 We'll be sticking to blue and green colors for decorations. His crash cake will be a giant cupcake and I'll order a number 1 cake to slice for the guests. 
  • LO will be 1 on June 3rd, so we are having an outdoor "art party", with a crayon theme. Picnic tables covered in white butcher paper, lots of crayons, Crayola sidewalk chalk, etc. Colorful balloons, crayon-shaped cookies, crayon/coloring book party gifts. I think it'll be a lot of fun. :)
  • Circus themed. Found a crap load of circus decorations at a thrift store. All unopened and brand new!
  • A petting zoo came to my kids' daycare with chicks, bunnies, etc and my 2 year old son loved it. So, for my daughter's 1st birthday this weekend, we got a mobile petting zoo with a pony for rides. We have a lot of young kids coming so this is a way to entertain them all :) My husband thinks it's absolutely insane because we live in a residential area 2 minutes outside of Boston but the train has left the station!
  • Our Little Squirt-whales, and it's going to be a pool party.
  • We are doing a Detroit Tigers theme!

    I'm so excited about it. Ever since Elliot came home from the hospital he has been drawn to baseball. During the World Series last Fall, any time a baseball commercial came on he stopped doing what he wanted, would watch it until it was over, and then return to play.

    Now that he is a little older, I thought that would change, but it hasn't. He still sits through entire games. 

    I'm beyond excited to do this birthday! I'm even trying to get PAWS the mascot to come!

  • We are doing Minnie Mouse.  I think it's a great theme for a one year old birthday plus we live 20 miles from Disneyland and go often (I have an annual pass) and there are TONS of great Pinterest ideas for this theme.  ;)
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  • Marie from The Aristocats theme- think cats and springtime in Paris. This was the invite we sent out 

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  • MissDeiMissDei member
    Sesame Street! It's the only show DS loves and will sit still through! Lol
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  • Mickey and Minnie since DD and DS's birthdays are 4 days apart.
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  • We're doing a Roar, Rawr & Grrrr theme.... Since my little ones loves to growl like a monster
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