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So a little back story I had a single child 13 years ago natural then twins 20 months later one natural one c/s.  The doctor that I am currently with is not able to preform a VBAC in his area, so now I am working on getting a new doctor in a different town another hours drive from me (which in total would be a 3 hour drive for delivery).  What questions should I ask the new doctor?
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    I would ask about their VBAC success rate, how many VBACs they does a year, what restrictions do you face as a VBAC mom, how far they will let you go (e.g. 41 weeks, 42?). Things like that. Don't hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Oh and definitely ask what they think of your individual chance of having a VBAC. You want someone who believes you have a good chance.

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    Thanks,  I will have to make sure I write them down so I don't forget.  One of my big concerns is the distance I have to drive to get to the hospital.  I would prefer not to go into labor and have the baby on the highway somewhere in the middle of no where.  3 hours is quite a drive. 
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