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period-like cramps 2 weeks after miscarriage?

I finally naturally miscarried 2 weeks ago. (2 weeks after being told the baby was gone).

My blood draw dropped from 8,850 before the miscarriage to 169 the week after (which was last week). Next blood draw is on Tuesday.

This may be more readable:
Oct 31 - told baby was gone
Nov 12 - blood draw 8,850, naturally miscarried that evening, spotting stopped a few days later
Nov 19 - blood draw 169

But I'm now having some light cramps, feels like pre-period cramps. I surely could not be ovulating again yet I wouldn't think (levels need to be in the single-digits I thought?), and I don't recall ever having ovulation cramps before.  
So could the actual miscarriage be still going on almost 2 weeks later, with all this time with zero spotting/bleeding?

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Re: period-like cramps 2 weeks after miscarriage?

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I experienced something similar after my first loss at 10w. I had a d&c and was still turning frer HPTs positive 3 weeks after. At about 2 weeks post d&c I had the strongest O pains that I have ever had - it totally felt like an AF type cramp. I called my doctor and she said that I was probably ovulating and that it was totally possible to O even with low levels of hcg in your system. Sure enough, two weeks later (and only one week after getting a negative hpt) AF arrived.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss ((hugs))

    ETA - hit post too soon.


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  • My dates of loss are exact to yours, naturally m/c on the 12th. I feel since yesterday some ovulation pains which I've heard is normal. I'm just letting my body do what I know it needs to do naturally
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  • I was having bad O pains yesterday too..  I feel like I'm O also... it seems crazy to me.. 

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  • After one of my miscarriages last year ovulated 12 days after (was still turning tests +) and AF showed up 6 days after that.  Shortest LP I've ever had, but after a loss I figured it would be weird anyways.  It's definitely possible. 

    That being said, after my d&c in June of this year I had absolutely no bleeding, no spotting, nothing until just shy of 2 weeks later.  It just took my body that long to do it's thing.  It was not AF, it was bleeding/spotting from the loss. 

    So really anything is possible.  I wish I had some more info to give you, but all I have is personal experience.  Good luck.
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  • It is normal that you are bleeding/spotting and/or cramping this long. It can go on for a lot longer based on what my doctor told me. So sorry for your loss, hope the cramping stops soon. That is a horrible symptom that I hated.
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