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Ok, so I have been super busy and have not posted in forever!!!!! But DH got up with the kids, so I got a few mins to myself lol!

I love seeing all the kids dressed up for Halloween, what are you planning dressing up you LO as?
E is going to be a monkey ( poor kid gets his brothers old costume, but it fits him well!)
L wanted to be Spider-Man, but last night decided he wanted to be a Ninga Turtle ( the orange one)... Gotta love a 4 yr olds choices and how they change!!

Re: Halloween!!

  • My lo will be 4 months and is going to be a cat. We will trick or treat for a house or two for pictures :-)
  • Awe that is a cute costume!
  • Thanks! I got it at Costco got 12 bucks! I didn't want to spend a whole lot since she won't even remember this lol. I just hope the weather starts to cool off...this fall summer is getting old!
  • Nice!! It is crazy how expensive some of those costumes can be!! I agree I hope the fall weather comes soon, I want to go to the pumpkin patch but not when it is 85 out!!
  • T will be a monkey too! 

    J - My SIL and I went to the pumpkin patch on Friday. It sucked being there when it was 89 degrees! I wanted the fall weather...
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  • @amcourt09 we took my lo yesterday to millburn orchard...I wish it was cooler out!
  • @amcourt09 we took my lo yesterday to millburn orchard...I wish it was cooler out!

    We are probably going one afternoon this week, hopefully the weather will be nice!!
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