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2nd VBAC! Success!

I"m 11 days postpartum with my beautiful DD Cecilia.  She is just perfect.  Had another successful VBAC - just perfect.  I had a doula and we stayed home as long as possible - which surprisingly ended up being only 10 minutes in the hospital to push.  

We hadn't planned it that way - I'd been contracting mildly for about 10 hours Sunday morning - around 5pm I called our sitter and the doula to come for 7pm - but still not 100% sure it was all happening that night.  Once they got here to the house - my mind must have relaxed and all of a sudden ctx picked up big time.  They ramped up and we worked through each with the yoga ball or swaying,etc.  Then those got to be almost unbearable - so the doula got me in the tub - AMAZING!  I really never believed it could work that well.  My DH poured warm water over my belly for 2 hours.  Then those ctx started being too much - and was turning into back labor - (still fully 5 minutes apart but strong!) - so the doula predicted my baby had turned sunny side up - she got me out of the tub, had me lie on my side on the bed and jiggled my hips and FLOOP the baby turned - SUPER AMAZING! She also had predicted that once she did this hip jiggle thing - this baby would come on out.  Well after the hip jiggle thing - I was on my hands and knees on my bed, saying it was all just too much -and I wanted the hospital/epidural. So off we went to the hospital (she knew I was probably very close to complete).  What do you know - water breaks in the driveway.  We live close to the hospital - so we were there in no time - water gushes more w each ctx - and then huge gush in hospital lobby (yuck!) then crazy ride in a wheelchair to L&D - got out of the chair - and all the rest of my waters break - flooding the floor (shoes were a goner) - got onto bed - start pushing  - 3 pushes later out pops Cecilia!  9 lbs, 2oz at 39w 3d

No time for a heplock, or any other interventions.  Loved that! 

 Good luck to all you ladies - I highly recommend staying home as long as possible and get in the tub!  


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