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RnP vibrating feature worth it?

I was just curious if anyone has the rock n play with the vibrating feature and if they felt it was worth it over the standard RnP? Did you use the vibration often? Did it make that much difference to your LO? Thanks for any advice ladies! 

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Re: RnP vibrating feature worth it?

  • We just have the regular one and it is great. We've had other seats that vibrate and my kids have never liked it.
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  • I haven't had my baby yet, but I bought the regular one. Then a month later amazon was having a sale for the vibrating one for the same price ($53) so I returned the regular one. I figured it may save me on the middle of the night. Vibrating is always a better option to have especially for the same price
  • I wouldn't spend a whole lot more for it, but if you can get a good deal then you might as well try. It really just depends on the baby. We have the regular RNP which our LO sleeps in next to our bed at night and he does great in it. Our bouncer vibrates, and he doesn't seem to be too impressed with it so for me it wouldn't be worth it.
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  • I wouldn't spend more on it. Vibration did nothing for us, but sound was a must.
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  • Thanks for your input ladies! :)

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  • I didn't think we would use it, but DD loved it.  For a while, that's the only way she would stay asleep.  I was thankful to have it.  Ironically, we've never used the sound feature!

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  • I agree with pps. Vibration did nothing for dd. I wouldn't pay extra for it.
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  • Yes. That's what made me decide to go ahead and get it. I don't think dd would like the RnP with out it.
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