Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Finally! Good news!

LO has Down's Syndrome and a heart defect.  We had no clue until she was born then we were hit with ds, AV canal (heart defect), severe acid reflux, and then a milk protein allergy.  She is 4 months old but b/s of a lack of weight gain looks like she's 2 months.  We just haven't been able to catch a break.  Until...

Last week we when to the cardiologist planning to schedule open heart surgery within the next 2 months.  Doc did an echo and EUREKA!!  The lower half of her heart between the ventricules has closed up and her heart is working more efficiently than it needs to!!  The attria is still open , but no.    surgery until DD is 9-12 months!  HAPPYDANCEJIGBOUNCEFLIPCHEERCRYSCREAMHOOPLA!!!!

Re: Finally! Good news!

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