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Marital problems while pregnant

Any advice would be great😞 I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I’ve had extreme anxiety/stress and possibly depression, I don’t sleep good either I get headaches and I’m tired. I’ve been fighting with my husband more and more and it’s over social media. He’s been checking profiles of women that play this game called free fire which he plays, the women show up on videos in just shirts And panties clearly have had breast done they are HUGE. There were several but he’s not dumb he doesn’t follow or add anyone or message that I know of, I just happened to see that fb shows recent review of a profile and all those popped up. In the past there have been issues with him adding females when we fight and I mean he’s even said things like we are not going to be together anymore. I’m not anywhere on his fb which kinda bothers me to it’s like he’s single. It just makes me sad, I feel like I’m only here to clean the house, cook, raise our son, serve dinner, and have sex when he wants to. This has literally been tearing me down. I’ve told him about these things but he just says he’s not doing anything and that I’m not here for just that. Idk maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion how I feel but I just feel like an invisible person and visible when needed. 😭💔
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