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Pregnant after 35

Over 40 Intros and Check In


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  • Emily - 44

    5wk.2 days. COMPLETE surprise!!!!

    we have a 10 year old and a 3 year old

    first appt 3/18

    Trying to make peace with all my worries:)
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  • yumdevincenziyumdevincenzi member
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    Briana I’m 41, 21 wks + 6, planned.

    2nd, DD21/2, DUE August 26, 2022

    Next Apt. 4-25-22

    Super excited to add another little girl to our Italian Familia!!!

    Having a healthy baby at my age :/

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  • banametbanamet member
    Hi, I’m Dianne from NYC and am 42.

    I’m 15 was+ 4 days, and it was planned after 2 miscarriages last year.

    First time momma with my next scan on Monday.

    Looking forward to motherhood in general as it’s been something that I’ve always envisioned for myself..

    Most concerned about having enough energy and being around long enough to see little one become an amazing adult. Oh yeah, and also that I have know idea what I’m in for. 😂
  • m2am2a member
    - Name/Age/Loc:  Marty, 40,IL
    - How Far Along are you? 5W 2D
    - Planned or Surprise? Planned
    - Do you have any other children? If yes, how many? Yes, DS is 2 years old.
    - What is your next milestone (major appointment, etc): Not quiet sure but have an appointment week.
    - What are you most looking forward to? Having a second baby.
    - What are you most concerned about? A healthy pregnancy. 
  • Hello! I'm Krista from Wisconsin and will be 41 in December. I'm about 4.5 weeks.

    This was not planned but it is also not really a surprise. I'm very fertile and this is my third pregnancy this year (2 chemicals were this year). My lines seem darker this time so we'll see!

    This is my 10th pregnancy. My husband and I have 5 children 4-11 with the biggest age gap about 2 years. Most of my losses were within one year.

    I'm looking forward to bringing one more life into this world and family and experiencing all the joys again. 

    Worried mostly about loss. Then labor. Then getting a bigger van....being exhausted and stressed out because I already am. But I trust God has it all together. :)
  • tracyrc79tracyrc79 member
    edited June 17
    Hey Everyone, my name is Tracy I’m 43 😱 and from Midlothian. 

    I am around 6/7 weeks and absolutely terrified as I expect all expecting mummy’s are. This little one is a surprise baby 🥰.  

    I have a 22 yr old son and 18 yr old daughter so feel a bit old but very happy. Both my eldest kids are rainbow 🌈 babies and I’m hoping with all my heart ❤️  this little one will be one also. I have my first midwife appointment on the 22nd of this month and first scan on the 23rd of July finger crossed 🤞 and anything else I can possibly cross. 

    This will be my partners first at 51 😆 we are also getting married next year so going to be a busy and expensive time 😂. 

    I really hope all you expecting mummy’s are well and if anything like me just trying to take it a day at a time. I really wish you all the very best look after yourselves! X 
  • solscrysolscry Newbie
    - Name/Age/Loc : Crystal/40/ Georgia

    - How Far Along are you? I am 8 weeks today.

    - Planned or Surprise? The baby was planned, But was also a surprise. We had gone through an unsuccessful round of IVF back in April 2022. We were planning to do another round once my fertility benefits kicked in from my new job. We did try for the baby, but honestly, were just preparing for a new round of IVF in July/August. We were shocked!

    - Do you have any other children? If yes, how many? No children

    - What is your next milestone (major appointment, etc) We have an Ultrasound on Friday (6/8/2022)

    - What are you most looking forward to?
    Getting past the first trimester. I have miscarried before and I’m ready to hit each weekly milestone

    - What are you most concerned about? The NIPT test. So afraid of genetic abnormalities.
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