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  • @PurplePumpernickel yess I love meeting my people! Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been my first trimester comfort show - somehow I missed it when it came out. 
  • Hi everyone! 

    My name is Eve and I am from Stamford CT.  We are due at the end of November. I am 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant. 

    We started trying in January, and boom I got lucky and we got pregnant in two cycles! It’s funny I took a pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation and nothing came up and was super disappointed. The next day I decide to take another test ‘just for fun’ and sure enough I got a faint line! 

    This will be our first baby, we have two small dogs (future big brothers!). My husband Adam and I are super excited but the end of the first trimester can’t come any sooner lol. 

    Already had my first appointment because I had some bleeding, turns out it was just implantation bleeding. But got a 7 week scan coming up this week just to double check that everything is going ok! 

    Symptoms: nausea and fatigue, I can’t wait for this part to be over I’m having a hard time functioning normally, I am so grateful to my husband for taking care of us during this time especially. 
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  • Hello my name is Ashley.

    I am due in November 2022. This is my first pregnancy and I’m 32. I have two cats (both boys) and I’m very excited for them to meet our little human.

    I work as a hairdresser and I cut and color hair (both men’s, women’s, and non-binary I work at an all inclusive salon). My partner works at a marijauna dispensary.

    I found out taking a digital test when I noticed my period hadn’t come around (I was on birth control) and I was feeling breast pain and cramping a bit. So I checked on instinct and the test said “Pregnant”. We are very excited though, because I have PCOS and I was worried I would be infertile based on that alone.

    I’ve had some nausea, cravings for both citrus and spicy food (the spicy food cause me to have indigestion though which I haven’t had since I lost my gallbladder 8 years ago), smell sensitivity, frequent urination, some cramping, and light spotting.

    Our first appointment is April 12th and I hope it goes well. Specially since I’ve started spotting a bit and it’s making me worry.

    I hope to get a ton of information from this app and help get to know/ support some great people on here!
  • @knottie8085aba339e0ccbb I also have PCOS and I got pregnant with my first child while on birth control. He’s 16 now. After I had him and wanted more the dr told me that birth control would be the easiest method of fertility for me. 
  • Hi all! I’m Leila 2nd time momma. I have a 5 yr old boy, and a MMC with a baby girl in November 2020. I’ve been reading and following, but nervous to join as a previous miscarriage somewhat robs the joy of a new pregnancy. I’ve had 3 ultrasounds, baby measures right on track with HB of 150. I’m 8+4 today and found babes HB on my sono line last night. It was the most precious sound, and so reassuring. Happy to be here with y’all!
  • Hi.  My name is autumn, I’m about 11 weeks along with my second(due around 11/1), my first is 16 months old now so this will be an adventure! 
    I live in Minneapolis but in the fall I will be moving back to Portland (OR) where I grew up to be close to family and the mountains and ocean.   

    How did I find out?  We’d kinda been trying and I had been feeling kinda funny, got extra jittery feeling in the morning like I woke up too early or drank too much coffee on an empty stomach (same thing that happened last time). Then my period didn’t come so I took a test and it was definitely positive! 

    About me?   I’m an artist, I make pottery snf teach art at a k-8 school.  Having a baby in November won’t make it easy to find a teaching job in a new city for the fall so I’m going to try doing more art to sell and being home with the kids more for a year and my husband will just have to work extra hard, moving to Portland it will be more expensive, but luckily we have a good place to rent through family for the same price as my mortgage where we are currently so I think we can make it work. 
  • Unfortunately we didn’t have a heartbeat on our 9 week ultrasound and my doctor confirmed as a miscarriage. It’s was a pleasure be here while lasted 
  • ac_19ac_19 member
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    Introduce yourself: Hey everyone, I'm Ashley, I'm 35 and I'm from Montreal, Quebec. I'm 11w1d, I've been a part of the group since finding out in March but I wanted to wait until my first ultrasound to introduce myself. It has been so wonderful reading about all of you and being able to relate!

    Due date? Nov. 10th 

    How did you find out? My husband and I had been trying for 17 months. We started seeing an infertility Dr in December and were going through all of the tests to try and determine what our next step should be. Well, we were incredibly lucky and were able to get pregnant naturally. I randomly decided to take a pregnancy test the night before my period was due and saw a very faint line. I waited two more days and took another one when my period still hadn't come and low and behold, a strong positive line. I told my husband at 5:45am before we left for work and he was in shock! We decided to take one more test that night and it confirmed that we were in fact pregnant!!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) 
    Well, like I said, I'm 35. This will be our first child. I'm an educator at a daycare and have been for the last 11 years. I love my job so much but I must admit, I'm a bit nervous for how exhausted I'll be once my own come. My husband (Jamie) and I have been together for almost 10 years, we got married in September 2020 during the pandemic and ended up having a very intimate wedding. I'm a Netflix and chill type of girl but I do enjoy being outdoors as well. We have a family place in New Brunswick that has tons of land and it is definitely my favourite place to be!

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    I'm starting to feel better. We had our first ultrasound yesterday. We started at one clinic at 8 weeks, but I didn't feel very comfortable there so we've since switched and finally had our first ultrasound. Everything looked great, so I finally feel a bit of relief. I had been spotting off and on for weeks so I wasn't sure what was happening. I've been very nauseous but I'm so thankful to keep feeling symptoms so I know things are progressing. Emotionally, I'm just so happy to be here and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone! 
  • @alinefranklin I’m so sorry for your loss. 💕💕 wishing you well sending healing prayers and thoughts 
  • @beach2mtns2desert

    Happy birthday, congratulations and welcome! 🎉
  • Hi Kim from Tennessee. We found out late February. I would not have thought to check except that I looked at a picture of myself on a video call with a friend and thought, “that is WAY more cleavage than I’ve ever had in my life”. We are due Nov 1- just had our 12 week dating scan. 

    I’m a medical coder, which is great because I work from home but it also means I know a lot of what can go wrong which is both a blessing and a curse. 
    We have a 30 pound golden doodle whom we love dearly. My husband is a freelance artist. He’s the creative one, I’m the organized planner. 

    Most of my symptoms are exhaustion and bloating. Oh and finding lots of things make me cry. 
  • Hello! My name is Breanna! I’m from Kansas! I have 2 boys and and a baby girl on the way! I am engaged to the love of my life and have 2 male cats. I am currently 11weeks pregnant today and due November 22nd! I found out because I was a day late on my period and was suspicious haha so I took a pregnancy test and it showed up positive right away! We had been trying for 4 months before we got a positive! I am a stay at home mom and very blessed to be able to do so! I’ve been super sick this time around and emotionally and physically drained. My breasts hurt SO BAD haha and I have had headaches almost everyday. I’m super excited to be a girl mom! Blessed is an understatement!
  • Introduce yourself:
    Hi all, I’m Maggie from Durango, CO. This is my first baby for my husband and I and we are so excited! We have been ttc for over 2 years and our little miracle will finally be here soon!

    Due date?
    How did you find out?
    My husband noticed my period was late and I was tired and hormonal and asked if I thought I should test. We have had so many negatives I just expected another but 4 tests later (all with dark lines that showed up quick!) and our dream is finally coming true.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    We have a dog named Marvin who we like to spend time with. My husband and I are pretty low key and like movies, hanging out at home, and chillin with Marv.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    I’m stoked! My nausea hasn’t been horrible (thank god) and I’m mostly just tired all the time! I’m so grateful to have had an easy first trimester
  • Hello ladies!! I’m Tangela! Im from Ephrata, WA (a very small town) and I am pregnant with our 4th. We found out we were having twins early on at 6 weeks and recently found out we lost one just last week so that’s been pretty hard. We should be due 11/22/2022 I usually go early so hopefully that’s the case again.

    I took a nap on the couch (which I NEVER do) and worried myself and so I took and test and worried myself even more😅

    We have a 1 girl. She’s 7 and 2 boys, and they are 5 and 14months. I work full time as an admissions coordinator, and my husband is a nurse!

    Because of multiples then loosing one we’ve already had 4 ultrasounds in 6 weeks😬 And emotionally I am doing horribly. But I am so over joyed to get to have our last baby!❤️
  • novtigernovtiger member
    Hi, this is my first pregnancy. I am 37 years old and scared. This is a natural conception. I have rheumatoid arthritis which I heard will improve with the pregnancy but I also have Sjogrens which puts the baby at risk for heart block at conception. It was a very hard decision for me to have a child because of this. My BF is 36 years old so we decided to try and after only one try we were blessed with good news. I live in NYC so I am surrounded by medical experts. I missed my period and at home pregnancy test was negative. One of my older friends sought the advice of a psychic and the psychic told her one of your friend is pregnant so she asked me and I declined it. I came down with a fever, oral temperature of 102F, never had anything like it and went to get a COVID test which was negative. I went to see the MD and she said I had a bad case of the cold and took a pregnancy test which came out positive.

    I still believe this is a phantom pregnancy, I had no nausea. +breast enlargement. I give kudos to females that wear bra because in my 37 years I never wore a bra because I am so small chested.
    My estimated due date is 11.13.2022. I am so scared that I will mess up or have some chromosome abnormality or give my child RA.

    We have decided against knowing the gender of the baby. There are very few surprises in the world left!

    I would love to connect with NYC moms, have RA or Sjogrens
  • kv3031122kv3031122 member
    Introduce yourself: I’m Kylie. I’m from Ontario, Canada.

    Due date: End of November. Awaiting confirmation from my OB they accurately predicted my due date to the day where I went into labour each time on that specific day.

    How did you find out: I’m a fertility patient (IUI + injections). PCOS.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I’ve been married for almost 10 years and we have 2 little boys. I work in digital marketing.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) Hungry (this baby doesn’t like anything except watermelon and apples) and tired (had to say goodbye to coffee).
  • @knottief262357242ed9e25 If you see this, I’m only about 40 minutes from you, in an even smaller town than Ephrata!

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