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  • Introduce yourself: Hi. I'm Michelle from the Midwest, USA.

    Due date? November 5th

    How did you find out? Well we weren't trying. It took 1.5 years of TTC to get pregnant and stay pregnant with my two children. I suppose I was complacent because I didn't think we could fall pregnant surprisingly. Ha! My period was late and I wouldn't have thought anything of it because I just finished BFing my daughter but I woke up one morning to a tugging in my lower abdomen. This is my 6th pregnancy so I knew right away what it meant. Peed on a stick and it was clear as day.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I have 2 children ages 4.5 and 1.5. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and we have 2 cats. I'm a SAHM and he has WFH since covid hit. I like to read, spend time outdoors, workout (spinning, mostly), and have started gardening.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) My first appointment is 4/6. I've been feeling okay. Lots of emotions. Going from 1 to 2 kids has been incredibly challenging and I'm not ready for a 3rd. I also tend to detach from my pregnancies early on because of loss. I didn't feel connected to my daughter until after her anatomy scan. So just trying to navigate the feelings of anxiety around not being ready and fear of loss. But I know how it feels to be on the other side of wanting a baby and it not happening so I'm very grateful.
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  • Hi my name is Austin ! I’m pregnant with my second (DD just turned two on leap day) and I got a Bfp 3/15 with the paragard iud. Complete shock. I got it removed and lots of blood work over the last week and my numbers look very good. I’m engaged to my true love who has a 2 year old son. I’m a sahm so this November will be a fun time with two almost 3 year olds and a newborn! We are happy even though completely in shock.
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    @elliespen I’m originally from Sandwich on the Cape! I moved away after high school, but it’s still home to me. It was cool to jump on here and see you as one of the first intros! Congrats!
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    Hello Everyone! I’m Sarah from Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Cape Cod, MA! My husband and I are expecting our first!

    Due date? Right now the due date is 11/23 which is so much fun since my husband and I were both born on 23 days! I know the baby is not super likely to come on their expected due date, but it’s still fun for us.

    How did you find out? We were very calculated in how we were trying so I had a tracking app that told me when I was supposed to have my period. I took an early predictor pregnancy test 3 days before my planned period and it came back as negative. I was very convinced I was not pregnant since my symptoms were very similar to my normal period symptoms. After my period was 2 days late, I retested with a pretty immediate positive pregnancy result!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I am an HR Administrative Assistant and my husband is a CAD Drafter and works on a lot of Pittsburgh architecture. Until the baby comes, it’s just me and my husband. He is an exotic sports car guy and I am an artist/creator and also love to bake! Not eating cookie dough will be hard for me! We are also huge Disney shame! We got married in May 2020 with 20 family/friends then had a larger celebration with more loved ones in August 2020. We bought our first house this last June! It’s been quite the last 2 years for us!

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) My first appointment will be on April 26th. My sister-in-law’s week long destination wedding in Charleston is the week before so send good luck my way that I’ll be able to hide the pregnancy from my in-laws while living with them that week! My symptoms are currently pretty mild. Just fatigue, breast soreness, bloating, always hungry, mild cramping, and slightly more per breaks. I am not a very emotional person normally so crying at the Bachelor finale and a local high school musical was unexpected for me. Those pregnancy hormones are definitely working their magic! Hahaha
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    Hi! I’m Amie, and my husband and I live by the Jersey Shore. I’m 33, and it’s my first time being pregnant
    - My due date is November 23.
    - I tested a few days before my expected period, expecting a negative, but there was a faint line! I tested a few more times the next week too.
    - I work in graphic design/advertising and enjoy hiking, reading, and working out in my free time. My husband and I have a cat and a dog. 
    - I’m feeling excited and grateful and nervous! 

  • Hi, I'm Emma. I live in Pittsburgh, PA but was born and raised in Los Angeles. I'm 30 years old and this is my firs pregnancy.

    Due date? November 20 according to a due date calculator. 

    How did you find out? Period was late and although I've been off birth control for only a couple months it has been so consistent/regular for as long as I can remember. My husband and i have been having fun since being off birth control (since november) so i was hopefuly it would happen eventually. When I was 2 days late I took my first test and it was negative. Subsequent 2 tests were positive. 

    Tell us about yourself: no other children or pets. We just got married in November and just recently moved to Pittsburgh to be closer to my husband's family. We're both Physical Therapists and enjoy an active lifestyle.

    How are you feeling? I am very excited but have waves of anxiety. My first appt is 4/6 which will probably help with being anxious. My first symptom was humbling fatigue - even before I took a test I felt exhausted despite sleeping well and modifying workouts. Within the last week I have had continued exhaustion, not sleeping well, feeling hot but my feet are freezing, feeling thirsty as a camel and night time tummy gurgles. 
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    Hello my name is Jackie and I’m from Texas I’m currently 28 years old and have 3 kids and just found out I’m pregnant and due November 29
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    Hey everyone!

    My name is Joanna, and I’m in Toronto, Canada. My due date is November 15th.

    How I found out was that I wasn’t spotting. I typically spot a few days before my period, and I didn’t that week. My husband was actually the one that brought up that it was strange and that maybe I should take a pregnancy test… and I was!

    I’m 34 and I’m a middle school teacher. My partner and I got married last year, and we have a 5 year old French Bulldog.

    I’m feeling pretty good so far, symptom wise. I just have sore breasts, a little cramping and a bit more tired than usual. I’m just a little anxious since this would be our first and want everything to go well.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Hello! I’m Christen! I’m 32 years old and I live in central, Kansas with my husband and 2 dogs.

    Due date? 11/12/2022

    How did you find out? Originally, when my doctor told me to take a pregnancy test, it came back negative, which was really discouraging. My husband and I had been trying for over a year. I had just completed my 3rd month on Clomid and we had just found out that my husband had a lower than normal sperm count. The next month we were going to start IUI. I had lost some weight in the month of February, so I just assumed that threw off my cycle. After being 12 days late, I finally reached out to my doctor who had me take another test and it came back positive.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    I am 32 years old and a first time mom-to-be and we’re so excited. We have 2 dogs, a basset hound/beagle mix named Libby and 6-month old black lab puppy named Merle. I work as a manager for a billing company for the last 10 years and this is my first year working from home. My husband and I just bought our first home in September and we’re in the middle of a remodel. We’re doing it all ourselves, so that keeps us pretty busy. Besides working on our house, I like to be outside walking or playing with the dogs. I like to read, mostly suspense.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I’m feeling pretty good so far. I have experienced quite a few pregnancy symptoms - frequent urination, breast tenderness, difficulty sleeping, nausea (luckily just a few days and no actual vomiting), fatigue, headache, bloating, and I feel like I go from being super hungry and wanting to eat everything to no appetite at all. Emotionally, I’m feeling pretty good so far, excited and a little nervous at the same time. We have our first appointment on Monday, April 4th.
  • Do we need a pet pic thread? :)
  • @PurplePumpernickel i like that idea! Maybe on weekends? Theres not a lot started on weekends I think.
  • Oh that's a great idea! Like a play on Caturday. Peturday!
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    Hi! I’m Jenna. I live in West Central Alberta in a little town along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

    My DD is November 1st. 

    This is my second. My husband and I tried for years, suffered a late term loss and 5 years after that we finally welcomed our Daughter Navy last year. I was on medication due to a PCOS diagnosis for both pregnancies. I got my PPT on Navy’s first birthday! It was such a special day. 

    My husband and I both work in the oilfield. He’s a facility & pipeline construction supervisor. And I am a dual ticketed welder & pipefitter. I also do quality control which is more the paper end of things which is what I’ve been doing since I got pregnant with Navy. I currently work part time from home. We like to hunt, fish and camp. I’m very excited, feeling very nauseous and other usual stuff like heartburn, super tired, headaches. But I try to embrace it! It’s a miracle I feel blessed to experience. 


  • Christie here.
    I am due November 22nd.

    My husband and I have been trying for quite some time. One day I woke up and just knew. The PT came back negative but I didn't believe it. Waited a couple more days and took another PT at 1 in the morning. It was Positive!!! Woke up my husband to tell him. He was excited but also half asleep haha.

    I have 1 son who is 2 1/2. I am trying to get more hobbies other than naps and movies haha. I am learning gardening, becoming a chicken mom, Montessori, arts and crafts, cooking and making cardboard forts.

    I am super excited and have already made a baby registry haha so sad. Can't wait for this little one to get here. We are waiting to tell anyone though until after the first trimester.
  • Hey all! My name is Annette. I’m from the Twin Cities area. I’m due Nov. 11th. This will be our first child. 

    I’m a speech-language pathologist at a skilled nursing facility & my husband works in finance. I’m 32 & he is 34. We bought a house semi-recently & have 2 pitties. 

    I’ve been experiencing some serious nausea, but my biggest challenge has been insomnia. Overall I’m really excited & quite anxious. 

    The majority of my friends either don’t have kids, or their kids are already in elementary school, so I’m feeling a little isolated with this pregnancy. I’m hoping this will be a good outlet to connect with other moms :)

  • Hi! 35 years old and baby #3 due Nov 20 🎉
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    Hello! Pregnant with our first, but nervous after a chemical pregnancy last June. Very hopeful and enjoy following along with everyone's journeys!
  • Hi everyone! Great question for other November moms.

    Due date? November 16

    How did you find out? Went off birth control in January (after 21 years), and conceived at the end of February. Missed a period and had a positive test. Definitely was not expecting it so quickly.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) First time pregnant, so I really have no idea what I'm doing. ;-)
    I'm 38 (39 at time of birth), husband and I together for 17 years. I work in Marketing for a financial services firm. One dog and one cat.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) Great! 8 weeks and no nausea/morning sickness at all. I'm wondering when/if that will happen to me. Going on long walks with my pup everyday to stay active. My first ultrasound is April 19.
  • @ravenhairedgirlwithbump Some people don't have any nausea at all, so you may be one of those! It is great to be able to take daily walks :)

  • @krknmama Glad to see someone else from the PNW!
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    @chuckle_sandwich Yay! I thought I saw some others but it’s hard for me to keep track through multiple pages 🤪
  • Hi I am Heather from CT. I’m 36 about to be 37 this month 😱. Excited but shocked wasn’t planning for this but am still very happy.

    Due Date November 18th (which is crazy because that is already my youngest daughters birthday)

    I thought I was late but gave it a few more days. Once it didn’t happen took two tests and instantly positive. Today we had the first ultra sound and saw the little bean.

    I have two other children that are 8 & 5. Hence why I said unexpected. We have given away all our baby stuff so starting from scratch husband and will be married 10 years next month. We have a pup we just got end of January and a cat who is 10. We love the outdoors and camping.

    I am feeling tired just really tired lol. Symptoms have been food aversions, tender boobs, and just tired.
  • Hi all! I'm Kelly from Thousand Oaks, CA

    Due date?
    - estimated due date is 11/27/22, based on my LMP

    How did you find out?
    - I went to urgent care after battling a week long upper respiratory infection. After running every test (bloodwork, covid, strep, urine tests), they ran a pregnancy test on me before they could do a chest x ray on me, and voila! Interestingly enough, this is similar to when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby; I went in for back pain and requested a back x ray and got denied for the x ray because of the baby!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    - I'm a working mom with 2 other girls, 7 and 2, and our fur baby. Husband is a stay at home dad which I always tell him is a much harder job than me being a nurse. We are HUGE sports fans and love the hell out of our local teams. Happy day before opening day, everyone!

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    - Well, I found out last Thursday and I have been in a glass case of emotions since then. We had been on the fence about if we wanted a third baby, and I guess the universe decided for us! Physically, I am the most nauseous I have ever been in my life. I'm also still fighting off this cold and am just ultra exhausted on top of everything else. I had a phone appointment with one of the OB nurses to review my health history and get labs ordered and I am anxiously counting down the days until my first OB appointment
  • That's great to hear... I know every body handles pregnancy differently. This is the only time I want to be pregnant so I'm trying to make the most of the experience. God-willing, it's enjoyable. :blush:
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

    I connected with some of your background. I'm originally from Ottawa, but been living in NH for 30+ years.

    Also, I have a dog (Bluetick Coonhound). This is my first pregnancy and my husband and I are both 38. It's crazy that I got pregnant one month after getting off the BC pill for 21 years. I have no idea what to expect, really, but I'm just trying to stay healthy, following doctor's orders and enjoying the process. Feeling great so far - no nausea at all just hungry more often! I'm due around your time - Nov. 16th.
  • Hi moms!

    My name is Taylor, I will be 30 this year and live I Michigan

    My due day is November 28th!

    My long term boyfriend and I were planning for months to stop preventing in March of this year. I had no intentions of REALLY trying for a while, I just wanted the possibility of it happening to be on the table. Almost every momma I know struggled to conceive or had to do some form of fertility treatments so I mentally prepared myself for the very real possibility and probability of it not happening right away. To my surprise, shock, and slight panic we conceived on the first try.

    I found out because my period was a couple of days late. Sometimes that happens, my cycle ranges between 28-30 days. What was weird this time is that I would have mild cramps, so I thought "ope, here we go, my period will start today" but then they would go away and no period. After a couple of days of experiencing these fleeting cramps I decided to take a test after work and BAM! Pregnant. I can't describe to you the shock I felt. I've always always always wanted to be a mom and I of course knew this could happen, but I didn't prepare myself for it. I prepared myself for the opposite! Now, don't get me wrong, I am over the moon excited but can I tell you the panic I felt?!?! I feel so under prepared and terrified and happy and excited and shocked! I feel incredibly blessed to not face the struggles so many do and have before me, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around this! When did it sink in for you guys? Has it yet? I'm so excited but still just so shocked my brain can't process 😅

    My boyfriend and I have known each other for about 10 years, officially together for over 4 now. We have two dogs and a home together. We both come from very different backgrounds but have an incredibly beautiful relationship. Each of our families are welcoming to each other and it honestly feels like we're meant to be together. I am a regional manager for a local credit union and he works in quality assurance for a global shipping company.

    I'm feeling great! My breasts are incredibly sore and larger than before but other than missing my period I'm having minimal changes. I'm hungry a lot more and pee WAY more than before, but other than that I feel completely normal. No morning sickness, either (which is surprising, i was always the one to react to medical things very harshly). Might be part of the reason it hasn't sunk in yet.

    I can't wait to get to know your stories and have a community I can lean on before announcing to any family or friends.

  • @elliekaaay glass case of emotions 🤣

    I feel that on a spiritual level! Congrats momma, excited to get to know you
  • Hi!!! My name Is Morgan. This is my third pregnancy. My husband has 2 boys (7 & 2) and I have a boy (11) and girl (9). This is our first baby together.

    Due date: 11/18ish

    I found out after my boobs were hurting so bad and my step son (2yr) stepped on my stomach while I was playing with him on the floor and it hurt really bad. Took a test the next day, really not expecting to see 2 pink lines. Took 3 more just to make sure lol.

    I am a Realtor. We are a blended family of 6, to be 7. We share our children 50/50 with our ex spouses. I really could not ask for a better husband. He loves the outdoors and I love spending time with him doing things he enjoys and hunting. I also love our family time. We do everything together.

    I am feeling nervous. I have had 2 babies before but I was younger. It’s been 10 years almost since I was pregnant. I worry about the baby and I worry about how our children will all
    Adjust to a new baby. I want them to all know they are equally loved, because this will be my husband and my first baby together and we will have them all the time, unlike our other children that we coparent with our exes. Otherwise I am also so excited!!

    We’re telling our family on Easter. I bought these cute ceramic eggs that say we’re eggspecting November 2022.

    Symptoms: sore and heavy breasts, nausea and food aversions, very tired. I definitely feel bloated and my stomach is sticking out because of that it makes it hard to hide our secret because I am usually very fit and have a flat stomach.

    Can’t wait to meet you all!!!
  • @knottie89ab2f5f731a6af2 i love home decor. I will have to find you on insta.
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    Hey all - Elizabeth from Washington - north of Seattle area. Just turned 33.

    Due date: Due 11/20 by my calculations- haven’t had an ultrasound yet to confirm. 

    How’d I know: We’ve been trying for about 3 years - 2 SMC in 2 years at 12 and 7-Wks. Was jealously watching my sister in law stroke her pregnant belly - I took a test early to just get rid of false hope and viola two lines. We are very excited. 

    About me and fam: DH and I have been married for 12 years. Had our daughter 4 years ago. She was born with CHD- so medical mama here- but she is doing great and full of life. I am a 6th grade teacher and my DH is in digital publications. We have a fur dog baby a Lagatto. We love exploring the PNW, eating good food, playing games, baking, and reading. 

    Feeling: cautiously optimistic. Very nervous about this one based on past experiences. Feeling all the normal symptoms. 
  • @kelwell89 fellow Boston Bravo fan!
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