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Covid while pregnant

Hi all!
I got sick 2/10 with the corona. Pretty mild case. Positive covid test 2/13 and then... positive pregnancy test 2/14 😳 So I spoke with my Dr.’s office yesterday and they want me to take 2 baby aspirin daily for the remainder of this pregnancy and get scans every 4 weeks also. This is my fourth, but I guess I’m not sure what the point of the scans are? They said there are no increased risks that they know of besides clotting(which is the reason for the baby aspirin). I am wondering if any of you ladies had covid at or around 6 weeks(or later too) and what your experience was. Any complications, issues, extra testing? Obviously I want my baby to be healthy, but I like the hands off approach and I don’t see what this is going to add besides anxiety. I appreciate everyone’s input. TIA!

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  • Wow, that does seem like a lot!  I know someone who had an unconfirmed case while pregnant, but I do not believe her midwives were handling the rest of her pregnancy any differently than they would have otherwise.  I will be curious if you get any other personal stories about this...
  • I had a friend who was diagnosed with Covid during her pregnancy at 7 months - they had her come in twice weekly for a non-stress test until she delivered. I think they just aren't sure what the possible complications could be so want to be diligent in monitoring 
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  • Hi,

    I am sort of in a similar boat. I was tested positive over the weekend with very mild symptoms. I feel like I am already over it however my doctor's office would like me to start taking a baby aspirin for the rest of the pregnancy. I am not sure if that is the standard of care these days or is my doctor being overly cautious to prevent blood clots. I am also concerned if this will be harmful for the baby in the long run. How was your experience?

    Thank you!
  • @mommyz21 this person isn’t coming back to respond. She hasn’t been on since she posted this a year ago. 
  • Looks like the initial post was last year.. since you’ve had your baby already any complications with the aspirin? I was 5 weeks pregnant when I had a severe case of Covid - body aches, HA, congestion, loss of smell/taste.. called the obgyn, they said no need to come in- your fine.. which was also from the secretary so who knows.. haven’t gone to my first appointment yet since I’m 7 weeks. But I work in the medical field in a hospital - with Covid patients - and haven’t heard of taking anything.
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    @aprilfilbert I have been taking baby aspirin for nearly 10 years, obviously not related to covid, and took it throughout my last pregnancy. No complications from it, DD is perfectly healthy. 
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