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Pregnancy Announcements

Since we are getting very close to announcing to people I thought it would be fun to see what some are doing! 

Please share your announcement and how far along you were! 

Re: Pregnancy Announcements

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  • So far we've only told immediate family (parents, siblings, and close aunts and uncles). We don't plan on announcing further than that especially on social media. I feel people just send bad vibes and energy to ruin your happiness and aura. That's my own opinion. I'm on week 10.
  • I'm planning on training my 2 year old to tell her grandparents/aunts&uncles that she's going to be a big sister. We'll tell the kids after the 10 weeks ultrasound. Easter will be the first gatherings after that.

    I plan on sharing a video of the US on snapchat with my close girlfriends (we use snapchat as our primary mode of communication). 

    No plans for a full social media blast. Last time I just took a family picture of myself, my husband and DS (child 1) when I was like 7 months along and very bumped out with the caption "this love keeps on growing."

    Baby three will probably get a post-birth announcement only tbh. 
  • I can't believe I still haven't told ANYONE - almost 10 weeks!!
    I bought DS a big brother shirt so I will probably put that on him at some point to announce to family. Kinda wondering if I should just wait for Easter at this point! 
    My husband thinks its crazy though, bc in his opinion I very much look pregnant LOL. And I ended up having my BFF staying at my house from week 6-9!

    As far as social media, I think I'm going to do something beach themed after we go away for Mother's Day. 

  • We’ll definitely do a social media announcement. We’re only friends with real friends and family, we share a lot of kid pictures for family and friends who live all over the country (and world!) so we keep our friends lists to the people we trust and privacy settings obviously are as strict as possible. 

    Right now my social media idea is to have each kid hold a bouquet of balloons, one blue and one pink. I’m not committed yet though. I need to do some Pinterest searching LOL 

    We’re telling the kids after my 12 week appt. DH had a good idea last night. To get a stuffed animal, like a teddy bear or something sweet, and wrap it up for them to open with a note from the baby saying it’s their favorite and will you please take care of it until I get here? They’re 4 and 2 (3 on Saturday!) and will totally adore that. 

    My parents know but my ILs don’t. So we’ll likely FaceTime with them with the kids wearing big bro and big sis shirts and have them share the news with their grandparents! 

  • @kitandcat Aw, the stuffed animal idea is so sweet!
  • We've told parents, siblings and grandparents. We'll wait to tell friends and extended family until we know gender after NIPT results. I didn't post with DS until I was around 20 weeks and will probably do the same this time. I got an awesome brother shirt for him, so I'll probably have him wear them for some pictures. I also wound up taking a picture of the BFP and he was in the background crying about not getting applesauce, so that will be a good one too  :D
    galentine[Deleted User]pizzaplzkitandcat
  • @bcliffee1, that's beautiful! <3
  • @bcliffee1 that’s very unique without any words or dates. I love it!
  • @galentine @mac-n-cheese thank you, I was going to include DS in the announcement but decided he can announce the gender once we know. I love how simple the announcement came out 
  • @bcliffee1 that is beautiful!!! 
  • @madiirosee thank you and I LOVE your announcement 😍

    @chindimples04  that is freaking precious!

  • mac-n-cheesemac-n-cheese member
    edited March 21
    @madiirosee that’s beautiful!
    @chindimples04 what a creative way to include your DD.
    ETA: half my post I forgot
  • @madiirosee I'm having a Baby Perry too!
  • @kitandcat, so adorable! I love it!
  • @kitandcat that’s beautiful! Love the colors of the shirts and the flowers!
  • Loving these announcements 😍 @jtayl962 and @kitandcat
  • @chindimples04 that is adorable
  • @chindimples04 so, so sweet! 😍
  • I'm debating sharing on social media with my vaccine announcement.  I want to put it out there because seeing others choose to get the vaccine while pregnant helped encourage me to  research and make that decision as well, but I'd also really rather wait until aftet the anatomy scan, which isn't until June (completing my vaccine next week....) decisions decisions. 
  • bumphibumphi member
    bcliffee1 said:
    Here is my announcement. I am the worst at holding anything in so we announced already to all our friends and family 
    This art step on me. :blush: Love it! 
  • @noprobalo cute shirt! Congrats on the time! 

    I miss running. I finally have enough energy back I think I could get out there again but I also feel like I need to spend that energy on other things (like cleaning my neglected house). Conundrum. 
  • noprobalonoprobalo member
    @purplegoldpirate Running helps keep me sane. It gets priority. Plus the dog gets sad when we don't go.
  • @noprobalo that’s exactly why I started running last year. I’ve been starting to feel my stress level rise again. This is a good reminder to prioritize what I need for me. 
  • bcliffee1bcliffee1 member
    @bumphi thank you!! A local mama maker to me made the gorgeous sign 🥰
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