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Product Spotlight Series: Cribs/Travel Cribs/Sleeping Surfaces


Re: Product Spotlight Series: Cribs/Travel Cribs/Sleeping Surfaces

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    @miss.sally we have a Moses basket! It is really cute! DD1 hardly ever slept in it, but I love the pictures I have of her there! Also not a bad place for a babe to chill while awake. Currently have it in toddler’s room and she loves to sit in there and play. We keep blankets and stuffed animal friends in there. I’ll try it with new BB, but our rocker thing is broken. 
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    We started out with this next to our bed and high hopes, but ended up co-sleeping. It would rock when DD would Moro startle in her sleep, in 2015 they told us to swaddle arms out, so all a bad combo. @miss.sally I was really intrigued by the moses basket capability of it, but never used it!!
    We tried the pack n play bassinet setting, and even tried just going straight to crib with all the pressure to safe sleep alone on a flat surface. Same as you @varimama the best thing for me was that I did read up on Mckenna and Sears and learned how to co-sleep safely, versus dozing off in the recliner, sitting up in bed or on the couch trying to get her to transfer to various flat surfaces.
    For DS, we tried again with PNP and a travel bassinet with four legs, but I didn't put myself through what I did with my first, and he ended up co sleeping as well. I'm definitely not opposed to trying out an arm's reach co sleeper or Halo bassinet just for freedom purposes this time around. 
    @chichiphin for showering, I had a light, Fisher Price bouncer that I would put in the bathroom with me for quick showers, and DS would just hang out and look at his bouncer mobile and enjoy the vibrations and shower sounds and yes sometimes fall asleep, allowing me to further pamper myself while being able to watch him breathe which was nice. 
    @Madamemerle Seriously on the Finnish box, I'm willing to bet they sleep better or at least as well as they would in the best contraption on the American market.
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    @stassischroeder LOL!  I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed reading through all of these suggestions, so when I got to your comment, I legitimately laughed out loud.  

    @miss.sally My sister and her husband used a Moses basket sometimes with their son (he'll be 3 in a few days).  They really liked it!

    @Madamemerle I am cracking up at the idea of a baby box, but when I went to the link, I don't hate it. 
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    Neither of my girls were naturally good sleepers. We used the RNP for both, which we obviously will not do now. They both transitioned to their cribs in their rooms fairly early (2 months for one, 3 months for the other) because I couldn't sleep with all the baby noises. We use the owlet monitor to help me feel more comfortable with this. This baby bay stay in our room longer because I haven't decided when I am going to have the girls start sharing a room. Neither girl has ever slept in our bed because I am too nervous (our dog gets in our bed without me realizing in the night, plus I can sleep really soundly). I think we will get the snoo this time around. I'm sure I will end up sleep training this baby around 4-6 months like my other two, so my goal is to get the most (safe) sleep possible for those first few months!
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    Resurrecting this thread...(wow, September feels like ages ago and just yesterday all at the same time lol) 

    I got my crib. But as I look at pictures of cribs I notice there is so much going on and I have no idea what I’m suppose to get lol. I know we shouldn’t have any blankets or pillows or stuffed animals and what have you in the crib. I know there’s a mattresss...but is it just one? Cause I’m seeing some kind of mattress or something below the mattress baby sleeps on??

    And then I’m seeing these things on the inside of the crib but attached all the way around on the bars???

    ...who know a simple crib could be so complex lol

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    @mrsc918 Crib frame, mattress firm enough for a newborn, tight fitting crib sheet. Nothing else. 

    It’s a bummer from a decorating perspective, but it’s at least less of a hassle. 

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    Oh man, FTM problems. I’m so overwhelmed trying to pick a crib mattress! I’m like seriously?! Just pick one!! I’ve read reviews and am between the popular Moonlight Slumber, Sealy Soybean, and the very expensive Naturepedic. I didn’t think picking a mattress would be so difficult! Any feedback or advise would be great! 
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    lemonlove86lemonlove86 member
    edited December 2019
    @mrsc918 I feel like I researched mattresses- this is the one we ended up with. We actually just set up the crib and put the mattress in, and all seems okay? I'll get a waterproof mattress cover too, and registered for 2 of these.
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