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Hey everyone,

My doctor dismissed that I gained 2.5 lbs the day after the retrieval. This is day 2 after surgery. I feel so bloated and tight. Anytime I breathe deeply it feels like there’s no room in my abdomen to expand. I’m breathing fine otherwise. My ovaries don’t hurt as much today. I’m guessing this is at most mild OHSS. Has anyone dealt with this that thinks I should be concerned?

I normally ride things out but am really uncomfortable. 


  • I had OHSS after my retrieval and gained nearly 15 pounds in the 2 days after the retrieval - that was rough but the harder part for me was that I wasn't urinating and I couldn't keep anything down. Even with that my doctor felt it was just a mild-moderate case and had my monitor at home. He didn't seem concerned and I was miserable. 

    Thankfully for me I started urinating on day 3 and that helped my breathlessness, pain, and vomiting considerably. I was also terribly constipated so it took another week or so before most of the bloating and water weight went down.

    I would say you can likely just monitor at home unless your weight keeps going up, you stop peeing, you have severe pain, or can't stop vomiting. It is miserable for sure but from what my doctor explained was fairly self-limiting. 
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    Thanks @KNB1027. That makes me feel better. The doctor finally called me back this morning. She prescribed pain meds that didn’t do much but will check on me tomorrow. I have noticed I’m peeing more often but peeing significantly less. 
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  • Stay hydrated and keep track of your pee -- getting darker or stopping altogether would be something I would notify your doctor about (along with any increase in weight or swelling). You can also use a heating pad to help relieve some of the discomfort.  I would also check with your doctor about taking a mild otc stool softener (like colace, not a stimulant laxative). OHSS aside, some pain meds (not sure what was prescribed) can cause constipation which will increase your discomfort so it's sometimes nice to take a stool softener alongside them to keep you "cleaned out" so to speak. 
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  • I had mild OHSS with both of my retrievals. After the first one, on about day 3 or 4, I started getting crazy pain in my abdomen at night. It felt like someone is ripping my inwards out - it was really bad and I felt like I'm dying. I went to see my dr the next day and they explained that it's most likely free-floating ovaries twisting on themselves, cutting circulation. They did an ultrasound, confirmed I had liquid in the abdomen, but it didn't look bad enough to do anything special about it, so they gave me some painkillers and sent me home.
    The tightness lasted about 2 weeks and then went away.
    For the second retrieval, I was really bloated, lots of chest tightness, but at least no pain. I got worse of the first week, and then slowly subsided over the second week.
    Hang in there! It'll get better!
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