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Weekly Randoms 1/11

Hope it's ok that I started this!

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  • @Aerialmrs exciting! Can you explain what you mean by dye-stealer? Does it no longer work? I've never take more than the one test.

    My husband finally installed the trim and baseboards in the kitchen this weekend. It took him about 4 hours of work total. I'm glad it's done but kind of angry it took this long - especially if it only took 4 hours! It could have been done forever ago. But it's done now and looks so much better so yay!
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  • @poodledoodleooo A dye stealer is a test where the test line is darker than the control line. Hooray on kitchen progress! I've been living with a brand new functional bathroom that has no door since August, and finally just got a door on it over this weekend, so I know how that goes! Was that the last thing that needed to be done in your kitchen?
  • @Aerialmrs possibly! We're going to finish up the trim in the rest of the house and then decide if we want to paint the cabinets. We're hoping to sell this spring, so we're really just polishing it up for selling. For the whole house we still need to add trim too all the other rooms (seriously all of them), paint the exterior, paint the interior and exterior doors. Its beena LONG process. 
  • @Aerialmrs I’ve been DYING to tell people this time around. Husband wants to wait until our first US which is going to be such a long wait!!!
  • @Aerialmrs We haven't told parents yet. They would just want to celebrate and with our history we aren't ready to do that. But I am always nervous they are just going to joke about it or straight up ask when we see them and I have no plan for what to say if they do.

    Anyone else buying Powerball or MegaMillions this week? I have sent DH a few times since the jackpots got over $300 mil. Normally we wouldn't buy it this often but we used to go to the casino like monthly and haven't since last February so I tell him this is the closest we can get to gambling right now.
  • ladylynn222ladylynn222 member
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    I’ve only told my sister who is currently 21 weeks pregnant. *TW* We had a chemical last month and it’s made FH nervous to tell anyone. We’re going to Disney at the end of February and we plan to make our announcement there assuming everything goes well

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  • We haven’t told anyone yet. Husband wants to wait until Valentine’s Day. It’s the day his mother passed when he was 12, so I think he wants to brighten the day up by telling family. I wanted to tell a few select people right when we found out, but then he brought up Valentine’s Day and I was totally over telling anyone until he’s ready.

    @cheers28 I had to take my mom to an appointment today, and on the way home she had me stop and get her a bunch of quick picks for each. We don’t normally play, but since I was already there I grabbed us some too.
  • @Aerialmrs I've told my immediate family but no one else - which is weird for me because last time I was pregnant I told everyone at work too so I could mitigate my risk (anesthesia gas, radiographs). This time, I'm up for promotion to medical director and I don't want knowledge of my pregnancy to alter their decision. I'm just careful to mitigate my risks on my own. 
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  • I may or may not have purchased several new maternity leggings and tank tops at target today  o:)  My first baby was born in January so all my maternity clothes are more for cold weather! What do pregnant people even do about bathing suits?
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  • @williams-jen last time I just wore regular bikinis. I could get a size up in a hipster or low rise style bottom and just wear a halter top. 
    *TW LC*
    Me & MH: 32
    DS: 6/1/18 (Pre-E; IUGR; seizures; NICU)
    TTC #2: 12/2019
    Sept 2020: HSG possible blocked right tube
    Nov 2020: Letrozole + TI - BFN
    Dec 2020: Letrozole + TI - BFP!!! EDD 9/18

  • @williams-jen i just ordered a bunch of shorts for this summer too! (My 2 kids were spring babies) o got a maternity one piece swimsuit cause I don’t think I’m gonna wanna wear a bikini 8 months pregnant lol. Just praying it’s long enough that I don’t have a constant wedgie 🤞🏼
  • @williams-jen I wore a tankini.  Two peice is the way to go. 
  • I’ve told my best friend and I think my SO told his boss😂 I don’t think I’ll tell anyone else until I officially miss my period. But after that probably just my sister and SO’s best friends. We can’t tell SO’s family until we’re ready for everyone to know because his mom can’t keep secrets so we’ll probably wait until then to tell my family too so there are no hurt feelings.
  • @justyouraveragemama some of my and SO's family members are also terrible at keeping secrets (just from each other) so we'll probably wait until early March when we can tell them in person at an outdoor gathering. We like to surprise them and film it on tape, haha. When we told my family about my first, my older brother looked absolutely disgusted and slowly removed his arm from my shoulder  :D
    @muggsd I'm also trying to find some summer deals on maternity clothes! Mine are all for cold weather so I'm almost going to need to start from scratch. 
  • @grizzlymama86 Good luck! I would be happy just to win something, most of the time I only get 1 or 2 numbers. 
  • @sleepydaze that’s hilarious!! Part of me wants to video tape their reactions and part of me thinks it’s not a good idea😂 yeah MIL can’t keep secrets from anyone, once she knows the entire county knows😂
  • @cheers28 I don't think I've ever gotten more than one.  Good luck to you too!

    @sleepydaze love the idea of filming reactions!  We're going to send little announcement packages to our families but labeling them as a valentines gift from our current small human.  We were going to ask them not to open them he facetimes them, but now I'm thinking we should also screen record the facetime session and hopefully get their reactions.
  • lmcwlmcw member
    We told my in-laws this weekend, we told them early last time too since we would end up telling them anyways if the pregnancy ended. Told one of our best friends as well, she's our real estate agent and we went to look at a potential new house; we'd told her a few times that we would likely move when we were expecting baby #2, so it was just easier that she know instead of dancing around it and not being able to talk about any work we would want to do before or after baby. Haven't told my parents yet as we haven't seen them, and things have been a bit strained between my mom and I recently so I'm in no rush. We'll likely wait to tell anyone else until after my first ultrasound and closer to the end of first tri.

    My son was a June baby so I have a weird mix of winter and spring maternity clothes, not much summer stuff although I did buy some maternity shorts for postpartum. I also had the most hideous maternity tankini from Amazon, so that needs to go and I will get myself something nicer for (hopefully) spending plenty of this summer in our friends' pool lol

    @poodledoodleooo we are very likely moving this spring or summer and I am not looking forward to the laundry list of things that will need to be touched up and repainted and cleaned out before we sell. Our agent is coming over this week to go through the house with me and I'm sort of dreading it lol
  • I'm feeling nervous about telling family this time...not sure why. This is #3 and I guess I'm just not sure how they'll react? I know they'll be happy but might be secretly thinking we're nuts!! Lol so far my 2 sisters know (who are also pregnant so thats super exciting!) And my best friend. 
  • @nasalot188 I actually feel the same way about telling my family, particularly my mom. I had crazy baby fever for another baby before even giving birth to #2 and she kept trying to steer me away from having a third (ironic since I'm the third kid  :D I was actually apparently so awesome they wished they had a fourth), but I think enough time has passed since #2 that they'll try to look happy about #3, haha! My mom had 3 in just under 4 years so I think she was trying to spare me the chaos, but here I am, having my third in just over 4 years. Oops.
    That's amazing you get to share your pregnancy journey with your sisters! 
  • @sleepydaze i spent a few hours looking for deals on summer maternity the other night. Very little success - they are still just going off of last years stock so the only sizes are like xxs and xxxl. I ended up ordering only a few things from motherhood maternity.
  • I can't tell if I'm tired because I'm pregnant or if it's because I'm just tired but either way,  I need a nap😴
  • @nasalot188 and @sleepydaze Mother of 5 LC.....the excitement stopped after my second. With my third, it was, “this is it right?” “Why are you having another one?” “You don’t need to be having anymore kids.” Then the comments start from random people in public. “Oh you have one of each, now you’re done, right?” “You got your hands full, I bet you won’t be having anymore.” “You do know how HBC works, right?” 😳 Yes someone said that to me. It was actually my neighbor and he said it when he found out about my 4th. He was rude in general though. All my babies except for my oldest have been planned. 
    I get excited for my babies and my MIL does but no one else does. I was out with some friends the other day and one lady said she didn’t want to come out to the coffee shop with us because she didn’t feel like chasing a bunch of kids. I said, “well you only have 1 to chase.” She said, “I didn’t make you have 5 kids, that’s your own fault.” I was so shocked she said that to me. I don’t ask anyone for help with my kids aside from watching 1 or 2 when I take one to the bathroom. I do the same for other moms. My kids also don’t run in restaurants because I have never allowed them out of their seats. If she had come she would have seen that she would have been the only one chasing a kid. 
  • @poodledoodleooo I’m tired always lol, and when DH has the AUDACITY to tell me he is tired I want to punch him right in his stupid face 😂 
  • We have told our daycare lady, she was the second person to know after MH because a good daycare spot is so hard to come by. She knew we had been trying for quite some time and her next infant opening is for November of this year so I felt like we were racing the other family who's little ones are about DS age. By state licensing she can only have one infant under 12 months at a time. 

    Other than that we have friends that we do play dates with and she knew I was going to be testing around last Friday so she asked how it went. She knew we were doing IF treatments so she was trying to be supportive and it was nice to have someone to talk to IRL about the process. So they know but none of our family does. 

    We don't live near our family and we just saw everyone for Christmas so I doubt we will see them again for a few months so they wont find out until probably after 12 weeks. At some point though if we haven't seen them we'll have to tell them over Zoom or something. 

    Lastly, I'm struggling about a SM announcement. After trying for awhile I started to get triggered by every pregnancy announcement. I don't want to do that to any one who may be struggling like we were so I might not announce anything until the baby is born. For some reason seeing babies wasn't triggering but pregnancy announcements were. 
    *TW LC*
    Me & MH: 32
    DS: 6/1/18 (Pre-E; IUGR; seizures; NICU)
    TTC #2: 12/2019
    Sept 2020: HSG possible blocked right tube
    Nov 2020: Letrozole + TI - BFN
    Dec 2020: Letrozole + TI - BFP!!! EDD 9/18

  • @emeraldcity1214 how rude of that lady! I don’t understand how some people can be so indecent.

    I have so much to do around the house because I haven’t cleaned in two days. Dishes desperately need to be done which is the biggest thing so I think that’s what my goal will be to tackle is at least the dishes. I’ll save the rest for tomorrow, we’ll see how I feel. I am very grateful that I’m not working anymore because it would not be going well for me right now😅
  • @emeraldcity1214 Oh wow, I just don't understand why people think such very very personal decisions are any of their business!!

    @poodledoodleooo Exhaustion is really hitting me today, too, and I don't know if it's pregnancy related or just life, but I'm going to go ahead and call it pregnancy related because it makes me feel less guilty for wanting to be lazy!

    I'm already wearing maternity leggings, and it's so much more comfortable that shoving my bloat into power hold high waisted leggings!  :D My first babe was a Feb baby, and we lived in a colder climate, so the only maternity things I have are sweaters and jeans. I'm sure this time around I'll get a couple pairs of shorts, and maybe a swimsuit if I'm not comfortable wearing a bikini. But I'll wait until I need those things, and my regular wardrobe includes lots of oversized tops, so I think I'll mostly luck out with not needing to buy much. 
  • @krash_ I don’t ever make SM pregnancy announcements. Mainly for the reasons I stated above and I have a friend who was struggling to conceive for nearly a decade. So I always tried to be considerate of her feelings. She recently remarried and now has a LO the age of my youngest. 

    @justyouraveragemama The friend I was with knows that lady better than me and she said that she is a judgy person. 🙄 I only ever see her every now and then so it’s not a huge deal but I will be better prepared for a response the next time she wants to make a comment like that. I’m not sure why people think it’s ok to comment on other people’s family size. It would be one thing if we couldn’t afford all of them but we can with plenty left over. I’m sure she will have plenty to judge when she sees me with a huge belly. 😆
  • @emeraldcity1214 It's not okay to comment on someone's family size period. Income level has nothing to do with it. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 hahaha just tell her you’re having another baby just so she can chase it around on coffee dates. There’s no way you would want another baby for yourself! 🙄  I like to handle judges comments with sarcasm lol keeps me from getting too upset😜

    I am one of 5 and the comments people would say about how “big” our family is, was always so uncalled for. I love the size of my family! No matter what you do there are always going to be those people that insert themselves where they don’t need to be.
  • @emeraldcity1214 that's insane! I'm sorry people have been so rude and judgmental. Frankly they should be cheering you on for raising five kids, not many people could do what you do! My cousins come from a family of 5 girls and I always loved their big support system for each other as they grew up. 

    @muggsd I hear you! I'm in a big city in Canada and all our maternity stores/sections have closed except for Walmart. Online it looks like my choices are amazon, old navy and h & m. Seriously where are all these pregnant Canadians getting their clothes???

    @krash_ This is actually a question I had for moms who are PGAL, *TW* I just had friends who lost a second baby at approx 21 weeks in the same year they lost one at 22 weeks, both were via IVF.  Another friend I see often was trying for a third and had a MC at 7 weeks in Dec.  I know finding out about this pregnancy could be really upsetting for them, any advice? Should I text them in advance of an announcement? We probably will use SM to announce since our lockdown restrictions are in their third month and show no signs of stopping. 
  • @sleepdaze I would probably reach out before blindsiding them. Then they could have the option of snoozing you for 30 days or so. 
  • @sleepydaze I haven't experienced a loss myself but I would definitely reach out to them via text first. That way they can process it on their own before responding or seeing it on SM. Just acknowledging that you know it will be hard for them and you don't expect them to congratulate you right away but wanted them to know before they see it online.
    *TW LC*
    Me & MH: 32
    DS: 6/1/18 (Pre-E; IUGR; seizures; NICU)
    TTC #2: 12/2019
    Sept 2020: HSG possible blocked right tube
    Nov 2020: Letrozole + TI - BFN
    Dec 2020: Letrozole + TI - BFP!!! EDD 9/18

  • I made my first purchase Sunday, a city select. Husband and I had talked about getting one years ago when we were initially thinking of adding to our family (we were eyeballing everyone else's on a family trip to Disney). Now that we're finally adding to our family my insomnia brain started looking at some of the things we had talked about, and there was one on Amazon for like 50% off. Only one specific color, with just a few left in stock so I talked to husband about it in the morning and we both decided to pull the trigger.

    I honestly feel kind of silly purchasing a stroller so early, but I also know its what we wanted, and if I had waited for it to be a registry purchase then someone in our friends and family group likely would have wound up paying full price so I know it was the right move.
  • @sleepydaze oh I can relate! My Gma is always telling me not to have a third, not in this world we live in blah blah...she's gonna have to deal lol 

    I'm also in Canada and I buy maternity clothes from a Pink Blush a lot. Its all USD though so be careful of that! But I love their stuff. 

    @emeraldcity1214 wow the things people say out loud just blows my mind. I have 2 boys so I'm mostly not looking forward to the 'trying for a girl??' Comments. I hate that. A girl would be lovely and a third boy would be equally great...but just makes me feel like if I have a 3rd boy they'll all be like awww thats too bad lol the worst. My gma actually said "oh thats a shame" when she found out my second was another boy! Woman has no filter!!
  • @nasalot188 I think that's common with a lot of older people; my grandma who for the most part is really sweet will randomly pop out something cringeworthy. When DD was 2 months old, she randomly said in the middle of a conversation "I never liked the name [DD's name]."  :#
    Ps thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!
  • We plan on telling my in-laws on Sunday.  They will definitely be suspicious when I am not drinking especially since they know we are trying.  I bought my son a "soon to be big brother" shirt.  I'm a terrible liar so I know that if they ask I'll say yes.  I mostly just want to be in control of the news getting out. 
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