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  • So I woke up feeling fairly nauseous today, but decided that I would make a smoothie bowl with protein powder in it and that sounded pretty good. Well. We have a protein that I use and one that DH uses. His has some kind of fake sugar in it which doesn’t sit well with my stomach. Guess which one I put into the blender with all the rest of my stuff (which included the last of our frozen bananas). Guys I CRIED! DH didn’t know what to do...pregnancy hormones are really no joke lol. I ended up with peanut butter on toast and was incredibly disappointed. Happy Wednesday!
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  • @nasalot188 You will only here, “oh, I’m sorry it’s not a girl. I’m sure that’s what you were hoping for.” All said with a sympathetic look on their face. 🙄 People also act like you can’t do anything or go anywhere with that many kids. People in airplanes act the weirdest. They are either super nice and helpful or super rude and hateful. I always put my kids in their car seats on an airplane (which makes people literally foam at the mouth for some reason) and the seat my daughter was given wouldn’t sit up all the way because it was broken. So she and my husband were moved to a different seat. The lady who’s seat she was given got so mad that she started throwing her bags around and cussing. She basically had a toddler tantrum in front of everyone. I have so many stories of people acting ridiculous. 
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  • @runningoncookies I am so sorry - that is hugely disappointing I would probably have cried too lol
  • @runningoncookies oh man! That is the worst! We should start our What My Pregnant Self is Eating and Why My Pregnant Self is Crying threads. 

    @emeraldcity1214 we use car seats on planes too, mostly because I can strap DS down otherwise he would just want to run all over the plane, and even the flight attendant was giving me a hard time. Like trying to tell me I couldn't rear face him on the plane (he wasn't even two at the time), to which I replied I can and I know to install it so we don't need any help. And she got all huffy saying she'll have to inform the person seated in front of my son that they can't recline their seat. 

    My response:

    Like if they want a 3 hour pleasure cruise they should have book first class. This is coach, it's the wild west and you should expect to be miserable. 
    *TW LC*
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  • @krash_ Yep, I need my kids strapped down. Plus, if something happened they would all be coming out of their seats and trying to get into my lap. Which isn’t safe. When my 5 yo was younger I had to really keep an eye on his feet because he would kick the seat in front of him. Being in a car seat put his feet higher too so it was much more annoying to the person in front of him. He kicked the seat one good time before I caught his foot and a lady turned and told me all about her dad’s bad back and how he couldn’t have anyone kicking his seat. I was like, it’s a good thing he is sitting in front of me because I certainly won’t be kicking his seat. After they shut the doors, she moved to the window seat and moved her dad in front of my kiddo. I was so angry. Why?! Why would you do that to your dad? I most certainly did my best to keep his feet down but he got a few by me. 😑

  • Morning sickness has been hitting hard here lately! When I’m not working I’m trying to sleep so I don’t feel sick :( 
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    @ladylynn222 here too 🤢 I don’t remember feeling this nauseous so early last time. I bought some mango-ginger hard candies from target and hoping they help

    ETA @cassafrass123 I may steal that for when people ask if we were trying for a girl
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    I can't tell if my toots are a symptoms of pregnancy or a symptom of all the food I ate today. 

  • @cassafrass123 oh I'm definitely stealing that!! 
  • @nasalot188 I have 3 girls and I’m just waiting for the “oh, you decided to try for a boy” or “are you hoping for a boy?” comments... I got them when I was pregnant with my third so I expect they’ll only be worse this time around. But, honestly, I’d love a 4th girl! I won’t need to buy anything and I already feel like a girl expert 😂 I’d be starting from scratch with a boy! Either way, a healthy LO is all that matters.

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  • Gosh I've told so many people already. I don't even mean to, I just can't keep it a secret this time! I've told my own little ones, my parents, my sisters, and three of my friends. I know there is still a chance of losing it (we've had two first tri losses before) and I'm only at 5 weeks today, but I just feel like talking about it this time. 

    Also, I have changed my username and profile picture on the bump main page and double checked that it was changed on the app. Why is it still the randomly selected ones here? 
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    Replying to myself because I think I might of figured it out.. testing testing, do I have a new name now? 

    Edit: apparently not. 
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