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  • bbabymommabbabymomma member
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    @tamalahoops  Congratulations! The world works in mysterious ways ❤️
  • moguippymoguippy member
    @lunamoon24 I have Hashimotos as well. I’ve been on levothyroxine (generic synthroid) since we were trying to conceive our first (so about 3.5 years)  I can try to answer questions!
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  • @szwill86 I am a school counselor! Luckily I have been on Summer Break since May 21st but I am already supper anxious about leaving my kiddos in February! 
  • Hi @hannahbananas11 I am in Alaska too! FNSB area! 
  • @lunamoon24 I had a thyroid cancer scare in 2015 but it was benign. I had a tumor that wouldn't stop growing and started pushing on my wind pipe😬 They did a biopsy which came back suspicious so they removed that half of my thryoid and I've been on levothyroxine since. There was extra appointments and dosage changes during my last pregnancy but nothing too crazy. 

  • Hi @hannahbananas11 I am in Alaska too! FNSB area! 
    @bbabymomma I don’t know how I missed your comment! But I’m glad to see another Alaskan mama here! I’m on the Kenai Peninsula. 😊
  • @brittany1111 I was a regular in the F19 group! Hello fellow February/2 under 2ish mama! :)
  • szwill86szwill86 member
    @ajbelle hey, fellow SLP! Elementary school level over here. Welcome!! 
  • ajbelleajbelle member
    @szwill86 woot woot!! I work in an outpatient setting & now virtually w/the same caseload due to COVID. 
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