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Birth Stories... possible TW's


Re: Birth Stories... possible TW's

  • @allywat Wow those sound like some scary experiences!!! Thank god you were already in the hospital when you had the abruption!!! I hope baby #3 stays cozy past 32 weeks
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  • @allywat - sending you all the sticking vibes to make it past 32 weeks this time! Do they have you on progesterone shots for this pregnancy to try to help baby stay in longer?
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    @lajoliedreamer I did do progesterone my last pregnancy, there is new research coming out that it’s actually not effective so after a lot of thought I’m foregoing it this time. 
  • @allywat I just started them this week. My midwives pushed it so hard that I felt like if it was the best thing for baby that it would be selfish of me not to do it, but I'm still hurting two days later and wondering if it's really worth it.
  • @lajoliedreamer I think I read the same research as @allywat about the progesterone shots. I believe the FDA is considering removing prevention of early labor (or whatever the technical term is) as an indication for progesterone injections due to the lack of evidence that it makes any difference. Apparently the newest information is that the chance of early labor are about the same with or without progesterone injections.
  • @lajoliedreamer I’m the kind of person that thinks “the research isn’t showing a distinct difference, but I would want to know that I did everything possible” 🤷🏻‍♀️ so, I say you do what you feel necessary or not!
    I’ve never experienced what the other ladies have, but I did early progesterone with fertility treatments even when told that the research doesn’t necessarily back it because I wanted to feel as proactive as possible. 

    Good luck! Hopefully the soreness improves!
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  • @sunshinesea22 I tried to do the research before starting and that article didn’t show up. Thanks for sharing!

    @mokay19 I appreciate your perspective! 
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