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  • Congratulations May 2020 Mamas! I received BFP on 8/31 after trying for 10 months for #2. I had an early miscarriage in March of this year and had starting taking Pregnitude in early August and only took for a few weeks before receiving BFP. My DD will be a great big sister and hope this little bean sticks. I have my annual exam with my OB on Monday and will see what is confirmed. 
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  • Congratulations everyone!
    I'm so surprised to be here. Suggested duedate May 14th with my 4th. Had a nagging need to make a big crockpot of lima beans this week, well my BFP this morning explains that strange craving 🤣 I'm very concerned with this time line! My oldest daughter graduates hs the end of May so fingers crossed the due date is no later than the 14th. I have a 17 and 14yo daughters and we lost our little girl in second tri sept of 2018. I'm definitely feeling anxious but very happy to be here ❤
  • Congratulations and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
  • Hey everyone! I’ve been in and out of here I believe since 2013, at least that’s how long we’ve been trying! But after a round of IVF we have our BFP and a May 14th due date!
  • @apeterson009 limabeans huh? 🤮

  • @bender29 Come on over to the May 2020 board! I don't see an introduction from you. The board is up! 
  • @jrouge12 I thought that’s what this ways? 🤣🤦‍♀️

    How the heck do I find that?
  • Hahah! That's ok @bender29 I got that feeling so I thought I'd help. On the app when you click Community > All Forums > Birth Month Clubs > May 2020

    Hopefully that helps!
  • I’m due May 17! Surprise pregnancy - was gearing up for a second frozen embryo transfer and found out I was pregnant! Anyone else NOT have sore boobs? I don’t really and it’s stressing me out 
  • @ttcinsf The board is up for May 2020, come join us!
  • Hi! Sorry I’m a newbie. How do I get to the board?
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