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  • My sister recently posted a link to this blog that's a link of things this Mom actually used in the first week of a newborn. It's a pretty decent list, though I'd argue that some of the things on the "for Mom" list are personal choices (I didn't like any nipple cream with lanolin in it, and the hospital gave me a peri bottle to take home). It's not a bad start for FTM's who really aren't sure about things though
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    I’m going to ask in here- I might have already asked this before- does anybody have a pack n play with bassinet attachment or some other type of equipment that worked for them to cosleep with their previous baby?  We’re going the semi co-sleeper route, but baby can’t lay on the bed with us all night for the time being.  I need baby to be at arms reach next to the bed.  Thanks!
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  • @cpk3535 my pack n play had the bassinet and changing table attachments on top. I would say it’s too big and bulky to be used by the side of the bed, it would probably block you into the bed. We have the halo bassinet in our room and it works well bc it swivels away so you can easily get out of bed but then the side also drops down for easy access to get baby while you’re still in bed. 
  • @cpk3535 @ale9687 FTM here so going in BLIND aka my opinion has no evidence! but we registered for the halo dream nest pack n play b/c a. it has a bassinet feature b. it rocks which seems super cool c. it will transition thru toddler hood - the bassinet drops down to a normal pack n play and then it converts to a toddler cot d. i like all of the sleep safe aspects and everything Halo stands for

    who else was talking about pack n plays for baby #2? was is @k_mama91 and @cpk3535

    it's def on the higher end but, i envision us using it for quite a few years and i'm trying to avoid buying things that just get used for 6 mos (yes, STM+ moms please laugh at my wishful thinking!)
  • @anniemarie887 Yes that was us! I’m not laughing bc after we quit using the bassinet function we moved it to the family room and it was a great place to contain ds when he got more mobile so I could cook, clean, do laundry, etc. Depending on your home layout and lifestyle you can definitely get a few years out of this piece of gear!
  • @anniemarie887 Ooh, I like that one!  Price is about what I was going to have to go with to buy an equivalent new Graco model.  Looks a little sleeker, too!  I wonder how the pad works- the Graco had a weird “mattress”- more like a board with a pad on one side that was kind of hard to wash well (as @k_mama91 and I found out during our deep cleaning attempts).  I’ll check it out!  
  • @cpk3535 apparently the mattress is just mesh, so super easy to clear. MH aunt & uncle are gifting it to us, it should be here today. If I get my act together I’ll open it up and can give some feedback. 
  • @cpk3535 I have a Graco pack n play from my first, and it had a bassinet/changing table on the top.  That being said, it's DEFINITELY too big to put right by your bed. However, I left mine downstairs so that I could put my DD in it for naps.
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  • We got our Guzzie + Gus Oxygen Stroller yesterday! It was on sale and my inlaws bought it for us as an early shower gift. We are totally stoked by it. It's a lightweight stroller, works from birth to toddler (50lbs I think) and is compatible with some infant car seats and has a lot of features for a pretty reasonable price. I think it's a good dupe for the Uppababy Minu. Obviously haven't tested it out with an actual baby, but I'm happy with our choice. The one thing the reviews said that we were worried about (the sit up position is still quite reclined) seems to have been fixed with a 'sit up strap'.
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