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Baby Gear Lists!

Its never too early to start planning! For all those that aren't first time moms or who have very helpful mom friends, what lists of gear/registry items have you found helpful? Any websites you trust the most? Any lists from friends compiled over time? I find a lot of it pretty overwhelming, so having a starting point would be so helpful!

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    Hey there! I'm a FTM, but I found Babylist to be really helpful. You take a quiz based on your lifestyle, and then they populate the registry from there, which you can customize. Super helpful, and you can  read the reviews of the items from other people.
  • is an amazing website for baby products!  She gives a really thorough review, and I have found it helpful over the years.

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  • Also recommend both ot the above. Baby list was a great place to compile a list, even for myself. Whenever I would read reviews about things, or come across an item that sounded like something I'd want, I'd add it to babylist so I could keep track. I technically used it as my official registry too, but most people didn't seem to use it, either because they weren't sure how (in the case of some older relatives) or just because ?? 

    Pregnant Chicken also has a section that's all reviews, including a of of baby gear. 
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  • One item I would borrow vs buy is a swing. If not possible, buy cheap. Some babies love them and some don’t and you don’t want a massive, expensive swing collecting dust in your family room. Other things I’ve found unnecessary are a bottle warmer, wipes warmer and baby towels. To me they’re more hassle than they’re worth.
  • @k_mama91 I second all of those suggestions!  Also, don’t go overboard with a changing table.  I found you could do just as well with a changing table pad on top of a dresser or just use the floor like we did 99% of the time.

    One thing to grab- diaper genie or a lidded trashcan for diapers, regardless of if you’re going disposable or reusable on diapers.  We threw reusable pads in one after rinsing and before washing.  
  •  I also LOVE babylist! I've got my registry almost complete. Praying people actually follow it and buy me all da presents! I also plan on just buying a decent dresser and putting the changing pad on top to save money, rather combine and spend on pieces that can also transition into a toddler room and school-age room!
  • @cpk3535 Amen to the changing table! We may get a pad for the dresser but the couch works just as well.
  • Another vote for Lucies List!! They do a really great overview on things you may want and include different price ranges.
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  • We registered for a combo dresser/changing table, since we didn't already have a dresser we could use for the baby. The changing part comes off thr top and it operates as a regular dresser once they're potty trained. Super convenient, and less money than buying a separate changing table and dresser.
  • I took the baby list quiz thing,  I'm trying to get as many reasonable things as possible used through neighborhood Facebook groups (obviously there are some things you need new)
  • How is everybody thinking about sizes on baby clothes? Seems like smaller babies fit newborn sizes but larger ones can skip straight to 0-3 month size...I’m paranoid that I’m either going to get a bunch of clothes baby is too big to wear, OR immediately run out of clothes. Halp?
  • @midgeroseftm I tried to load up on tiny stuff last time- I would actually get only a few things in the smaller sizes until you meet your baby.  I would avoid newborn.  DD was only 7 lbs, but tall enough that she could never fit newborn.  I kept some of those outfits and they barely fit some of her tiny dolls now!  I would suggest a couple packs of 0-3 month onesies, and lean more toward 3-6 month and growing.  

    One thing I found DD really needed early on were those tiny mittens (light cloth material) to cover her fingers, so she didn’t scratch her face up!  Tiny fingernails were so hard to clip at first, and their skin is so delicate that she could scratch herself enough to draw a little blood.  It was so horrible to see with a two week old little baby!  

    Here’s a pic of some...
  • @midgeroseftm I wouldn’t take tags off every piece of newborn clothing you get so you can return them for bigger if needed. With my last Dec baby I did long sleeved onesies with gowns and socks at home so I didn’t need a ton of newborn “clothes”.
  • @cpk3535 @midgeroseftm Target also has some long sleeved onesies with the mittens already built in at the end of the sleeves. We registered for a few of those in newborn and 0-3. Figured it'd be good to have since baby will be born in winter and will need long sleeves, but will also need the mittens to keep from scratching. 
  • @CapricaAndrea omg he is so cute!!! And that is very reassuring. I’m going to get 2-3 things in newborn sizes (FTM/can’t help myself) and go bigger for the rest.
  • I loved the boppy baby lounger, highly recommend for anyone that wants a portable place to lay baby down. It’s not meant for naps but I’d put DS on it when watching tv or just hanging around the house. He loved it and now as a toddler thinks it’s a fun pillow for him. Also we put our pack n play in our family room. It was a place to change ds, a place for him to nap and a place to store backup clothes, diapers and burp clothes. Kept everything nice and organized the first month or so. 
  • @CapricaAndrea his expressive eyebrows 😍
  • Can someone suggest a stroller for me? The relative facts are,  I'm in Chicago so it'll probably be too cold/ snowy for one in the first 3 months,  and I live in a 3 story walkup apartment.  Something that folds up is really important.  Or should I get that thing that turns a car seat into a stroller? Frankly: I don't understand babies so I don't understand what's appropriate at the various ages. 
  • @bookworm492 I also know next to nothing about babies and have absolutely no personal experience with strollers, but I'm in the same boat as a Chicago resident, and I found this article helpful:
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    @bookworm492 The Doona is a car seat that turns into a stroller. I’m petite so I liked that it didn’t need to be snapped into a stroller that I would fight with folding down. However the price tag is hefty and when the baby outgrows the car seat portion, you’re out a stroller too. As for ease of carrying and getting in and out of cars, I found it to be bulky and uncomfortable compared to regular infant seats. Online reviews say this is a great seat for city dwellers who Uber as it’s one piece of equipment and doesn’t require a base. This may have been in the link above but I was fascinated by this seat/stroller and I’m still bummed I can take justify buying it.

    Edit for spelling bc apparently I forgot how.
  • I started researching strollers/car seats. If you’re in the city and using rideshare a lot, or traveling on planes the Nuna Pipa (and only the Pipa model, not the Lite or LX) can be used without the base.

    That being said, my recent mom friends all swear by the Uppababy stuff. My neighbor is still using her stroller from her first baby 5 years ago and it’s held up well. Big investment for sure - but quality. 
  • Thank you,  we have a car and won't be doing rideshare, we'll also be walking baby 1 block to doctors appointments as well (in fact I'm walking to the hospital when I go into labor because it's that close)
  • @bookworm492 That's pretty awesome. The hospital my OB group is credentialed at is a 23 minute drive in good traffic...I'm terrified of going into labor during rush hour. We do have other closer hospitals, but none where Tricare accepting docs are, or if they are, well, they're not great...the closest docs with a great reputation that take Tricare are the next town over, so drive we must.
  • @rjgmcmanus similar in that I picked a practice associated with a hospital with a great reputation. No traffic: 20 mins, Baltimore rush hour: an hour. Makes things.... interesting?!? Haha. 
  • @anniemarie887 Godspeed to the both of us, lol.
  • @bookworm492 @rjgmcmanus oh my goodness I'm terrified about the drive when in labor! it can be 30 minutes with no traffic, but it's on a large research campus of course on the farthest back corner! So if baby comes early we'll hit when school is still in session and dealing with that traffic. Add in rush hour and that's more, bad weather and I have no idea how we'll get there! I had a friend go into labor during the biggest storm of the year and they actually closed the highway. The cops told them they could go around (1.5 hours minimum because of where we live in the mountains) or go back to the small hospital. They opted for the small hospital obviously, but now I have this in my head that something could happen to us too. 
  • The birthing mothers entrance is across the street from my apartment building's front entrance.  It's fewer steps than it would be to get in the car out the back alley. I hope your hospital commutes go well!
  • I'm thrilled that my hospital commute this time has been cut down to about 15 minutes from 45 minutes the last time.  The first time, I had to travel with traffic, up a terrible freeway that has never felt so bumpy to me!  Plus, the hospital workers kept telling me to wait until my contractions were closer together- they wanted me to be at 2 minutes apart before driving in.  It was crazy.  Not happening this time!
  • I was induced with ds so the unknown of going into labor gives me anxiety. We’re a 20 minute drive but with school buses, tractors, cattle trailers it can take up to 40. I’m hoping I go into labor at night!
  • I recently started looking at strollers/carseats and as I now know them to be called "travel systems" as well. Some of the price tags seems absolutely horrifying because I can't tell if they come with all the bits (stroller, car seat, base).

    Anyone have experience with Graco travel systems? I saw a video for the 2.0 and it looked pretty great.
  • @jandawg I used the Graco SnugRide35 travel system with ds. That was 9 years ago but the quality was great, the seat wasn’t too heavy or bulky, and the stroller was easy to fold and lift into my trunk. I used his stroller until he was 5 for zoo trips and the like. It’s still in great shape.
  • Thanks @k_mama91 - good to hear you got a long time of use out of it because that is what is drawing me to the idea of a system in the first place.
  • Has anyone tried for baby and kiddo clothes?  I'm drawn to the simplicity and the prices seem decent. Just wondering about the fabric and quality.
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    @jandawg with our daughter six years ago we had a chicco keyfit 30 and the stroller part that it snapped into and we used that for the whole time she was using that car seat.  Friends who have had those travel systems have complained that the strollers are bulky, so I got a City Mini Baby Jogger (not a jogging stroller despite the name) and she could still sit comfortably in it if we wanted to use a stroller for some reason.  I like that it’s easy to fold up and to open.

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  • @jandawg We use the Snugride 35 system. We have the Aire3 stroller. I love it. Easy to fold up. The only reason I switched to a convertible seat is to get ready for new baby/I can’t carry the seat and our son anymore. We will use it again for new baby (it’s nowhere near expired). And buy the double stroller that’s compatible. 

    I used our bottle warmer a lot. LO didn’t like cold milk and I pumped a lot. I also used a wipe warmer. I didn’t want one but got it as a gift. It’s not plugged in, so not warm. But I found the lid made it easier to get one wipe at a time compares to wipe containers.  
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  • @jandawg we have a graco travel system. I love it- everything clicks together and it’s so easy to break down.

    One thing that would be nice is if you could take the padding out to wash it for the stroller. I can for the car seat but not the stroller. I accidentally spilled some coffee on it (my daughter was walking and not in the stroller at the time) and I have no good way to clean it. 😬
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    Suggestion for the questions on car seats and strollers- go to buy buy baby, target or whatever store you have nearby that sells baby gear and try everything out. Open things up and close them, click car seats into bases, try folding up strollers... spend some time with the gear and see what you like and don’t, what’s easy and what isn’t. That’s really the only way to know if you’ll like it. Or if you know someone that has something they like, ask to see it and get some feedback. Car seats for the littles on Facebook is a great resource for all things car seat related. They can even tell you what car seats will work best in your particular car. 
  • @cnd29 - great advice! I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on things to try them out. There are so many reviews and things - it's overwhelming!!

    I also am now considering what I can get from trusted friends and family - especially for the first year. 

    The only question I have lingering from Lucie's List is that it looks like the GB Lyfe Stroller is still available near me and I am wondering if that is still a "no brainer" as she calls it. Anyone tried it?
  • @blueskychicago12 I haven't tried it personally because I'm on Canada and I think they don't ship here (or at least not cheaply) but some of the moms in my J17 group swear by it and buy most of their kids clothes there. 

    And like @cnd29 said, trying things out is the best way. I had a short-list I liked based on reviews and then when actually trying them in the store some got crossed off very quickly. One of the issues with the stroller is that my husband is 6'3" and most of them were far too short for him to comfortably push the stroller, which was an important detail for us that's generally not addressed in reviews. 

    If anyone is curious we went with the City Select from Baby Jogger and the Britax B-Safe 35 car seat and got the clips so it could fit into the stroller. But it is definitely one of the bigger, heavier strollers so definitely not suitable for everyone, particularly if you're in an apartment building. 
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