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  • @DDRRT1982 haha poor Sammie! 

    OMG I think I said "No" a thousand times today. Vinny grabs the cat's tail and squeezes with all her might, twists, pulls. The poor cat is crying and even nipping at her. He has never broken skin with a bite on anyone, even though V totally deserves it! I don't know how to get her to stop. It almost seems like our stern No's encourage her somehow, like she finds our reactions interesting and is still working out what no really means. Does that make sense? 

    But then, cat's an idiot. I take V to another room and he follows and sits in between us, and the whole thing starts again. *Shrug*
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  • Declan thinks he’s a big kid too. He tries to do everything the big kids do and loves torturing the dog. 
    He is MEAN! If you tell him no he has a fit and hits and says no. Then freaks out. He bites, head buts, hits, tackles, tries to hit with his sippy cup... he is no way ever babied and let to act like that but continues to do it. But my big kids play fight all the time too.
    He is a total control freak. He makes sure the baby gates and doors are shut all the time. He pointed the other day to tell my mom how to buckle his car seat. 
    Talking is really slow with him. He wants s the paci as a comfort thing but we have been taking it away to get him to talk more. It has been helping a little but it’s still mostly grunting and pointing.
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  • @megpeg we’re mostly grunting and pointing too.
    Lots of “Hiiii!” and indiscernible babbling to her stuffed animals. She shakes her head “yes”/“no” and will say “ouch” and “hot”.
    I’m interested to see if her language just explodes or if it will be a slow roll of acquisition. It’s strange to see her understanding so much of her world but not being able to verbalize which often leads to tears because she can’t articulate. 

    We had our first “time out” last weekend because she looked me in the eye then hit me in the face - she thinks it’s playing but I don’t want her thinking it’s ok. She cried so hard once I told her she needed to stay put because hitting is mean.  She doesn’t like people being upset with her. 
    How are “please” and “thank you” coming for everyone?
    Also, Sorry that was a long rambling post. 
  • @shoretobe We've been doing time out for hitting for about the past month - buuuut Nora feels no remorse lol.  I only sit her alone for about 30 seconds, and then this conversation follows:
    Me: Are you done?
    N: All done!
    Me: Can you say sorry?
    N: Sorry!
    Me: Hitting hurts people, and we don't want to hurt people.  We just want to do nice.  Can you show me how to do nice?  
    N: *Hugs or kisses or gives a high five or rubs my back.*
    And then I let her move.  Sometimes she actively WANTS to go to time out - she'll purposely hit me and then walk herself to her time out spot.  I wonder if I should lengthen her time or something so she realizes it's a punishment... But then I think, as it stands, time out is effective in that it does disrupt her mood and help reset her, and it's not the worst thing that she sometimes wants to give herself a break... but she shouldn't try to initiate that break by hitting lol.

    Nora is big on "please" - mainly because she says it so damn cute, we almost always give her what she's asking for when she uses it.  "Thank you" is slower, but we're working on it.  There have been 2 or 3 times where she's said thank you totally of her own accord (and at the right time!) and it just about killed me.
  • @shoretobe Nate is great at saying and signing please. It’s ADORABLE. He doesn’t use thank you appropriately, but I don’t think he understands thank you yet because he’s already got what he wanted by saying please. Also he says thank you as, “tah tooooo”

    @ashtuesday Nora is saying a lot!!! And I do 3 minutes for hitting or biting time out. 
  • Sam says a bunch of word, but only when she really wants to.  It still mostly babbling, but I know she understands, so I don’t worry.  She doesn’t really say please, but she has thank you down pat.  
  • LO doesnt say many words yet. Ball, again, book, and dada are his big words.  Just a few days ago started the Mah sounds so hopefully i get a legit mama soon lol.  He clearly understands what i tell him though.  He will put his toys in the box or get me a book from his room.   I stil can't believe we have a toddler.  He learns so fast.  Also tacos are life and he gets ridiculously excited for them.  Nothing resembling a please or thank you yet, but working on it!
  • @DDRRT1982 a boy!!! Yay!! Congrats!!
  • @DDRRT1982 YAY!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!  Hiw are you feeling?!
  • Honestly, I am still really tired and have bouts of MS.  I always had a feeling it was a boy, but lingering ms had me questioning.  I honestly think it’s my age.  Hopefully, I will start to feel better soon. 
  • @DDRRT1982 congratulations on the baby! Feel better soon. 
  • @DDRRT1982 congratulations !!!! So excited for you!  Hope you’re able to make some time for yourself to relax or do what you need to do.  That is too adorable about the thank you pats 💜 
    @sgrn18 isn’t it amazing how fast they learn. 
    How’s work going for you?
    @mccurleya has school gotten better?
  • @shoretobe it has! Things are so much easier now. My classroom is mostly kids with Autism and I just love interacting with them. They’re so interesting to talk to! 
  • i got to meet my new nephew yesterday. I miss little baby noises and cuddles so much! Why do they need to grow so fast!
    declan thought he was the coolest because he sat on Dh’s lap and held the baby. He had the biggest smile and wanted to keep doing it.
    @DDRRT1982 yay for a baby boy! I don’t know how you can keep it together with MS and all your little ones! 
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  • Nate just had 6 teeth come in at the same time. All fussiness has been explained now. 
  • Nora loved Sesame!  And my marriage somehow (barely) survived it!  Lol
  • Oh no!  I seriously bought ruggables recently because I either have a kid peeing on my floor or an animal.  Toss that rug in the wash and good as new.  A couch is much harder to clean, though.
  • I have been sitting Declan on the potty a few times a day. He can pull his pants down and has also managed to figure out pulling his onesie down. and is constantly pulling his diaper off even from under clothes so we don’t know he does it. He has peed numerous places in my house usually after we try to potty or just change his diaper.
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  • Nate brings me diapers and lays down or tugs on his diaper and brings me a fresh one. He also loves sitting on the potty and taking his pants off. Yay for all the potty loving babies! 
  • Any leads on diapers that will prevent your child, crib, and life from being soaked in urine every morning? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • @ashtuesday we were having that issue - we use pampers overnight (I think swaddlers?) and make sure to fasten it super tight and I stop her from drinking anything a half hour to an hour before bed. Maybe size up for the sleep diapers? Our problem was putting it on too loose. We change her right before laying her down for the night. 

    It’s such a mess to wake up to - I feel for you.  
  • Declan hasn’t needed them so far but on my other kids we used pampers overnights. 
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  • Thanks, ladies!

    Taxicab confession: I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK.  I try to fill my days with as much qualiy time with N and M as possible, and I love it and will miss them so much when I'm at work again. But I'm so focused on them, I get nothing accomplished in the day - it drives me crazy and means I'm perpetually stressed. I know there'll be even more to juggle when school starts, but at least there will be one place I can be efficient.
  • @ashtuesday I totally get that. Plus I know what I’m doing at work 90% of the time; at home I over think everything. 
  • I love staying at home with my kids but I envy you all so much! Having a conversation with another adult other than my husband would be nice sometimes. And now that the older kids are going back to school it will be me and Declan all day. I have gotten too used to having someone else helping me.
    declan has been refusing naps the last couple days until he passes out late in the day. Anyone else having this issue?
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  • @ashtuesday late response, but we haven’t found anything to work for us yet. We use Luvs and he started peeing through them every night so we sized up and that helped, but he’s doing it again. And I can’t possibly move him up to a 7. But the pampers overnight didn’t help either. He just pees so much. 

    @megpeg Nate stays in daycare, so I’m not 100%, but daycare lady had been having problems with getting them to sleep (there’s another boy his age). Lately he sleeps the instant he lays down, but he’s been sick for a couple weeks. First an ear infection and now terrible allergies like last year. I hope it gets better for you! 
  • LO finally got tubes in his ears.  Its been good so far.  Hes actually blabbering more sounds now too.  Maybe his hearing was all jacked with the fluid bulidup?  Who knows.  

    Diaper response:  we went from generic overnights to honest co. Overnights and a size up and he STILL peed through them..  now we are in huggies overnight size 6 doing good so far.  Still a pain in the butt though. 

    @DDRRT1982 how are you doing with the pregnancy?? Feeling okay?  

    Do we have any other babies on the way yet?  We had the talk about another kid so im betting we'll start trying within the next 6 mo -1 year. ( id start now if i had the choice lol).  
  • I am doing well.  I had my cerclage places last week and healing from that.  The baby is healthy and doing well.  No name yet, but most likely Mark after my FIL.  Thank you for checking in.  I am 15w4d today.  
  • @DDRRT1982 glad you’re doing well. My FIL is also a Mark. 

    I want another so bad because Nate LOVES babies and other kids. DH wants to wait until I finish my masters, but they’re projecting that I don’t graduate until 2022. That’s so far away 😭
  • Good luck with the take! @shoretobe
  • @shoretobe. That’s so exciting.  Is this your first time doing IVF?  
  • @mccurleya thank you! 
    @DDRRT1982 yes first IVF. We did iui’s for Maeve and tried again with that but it wasn’t working.  I felt like I knew what I was doing with the iui’s - but this process feels so different. They retrieved 27 - 20 were mature and 17 took to the fertilization. We find out soon how many made it to the 5 day. Then i guess we go from there? The recovery was different then I expected. Sorry if that’s all an overshare...
  • So cool!  It sounds like you had a great response.  I hope to hear more good news from you over the next couple months.  Good luck!
  • Thank you! 7 made it to freezing so now it’s more waiting. I’m trying not to be frustrated by the wait - but it’s hard. It will all work out for the best. I just hate questioning if all the obstacles are a sign to stop...but I’d really like for Maeve to have a sibling. 
  • @shoretobe I can't imagine how frustrating the wait is at every step of the process. You are on your way.  For what it's worth, I don't believe in signs or anything - you and your husband want another baby and maybe you have to do more than you'd like to make it happen, but hopefully in less than a year, it will all be worth it. Thinking of you and hoping every good thing comes your way throughout this process!
  • Thank you @ashtuesday 💜💜 I needed that. 
  • Two small things that helped me get through the wait for N (not that you asked for anything, and obviously our situations are so different - but just in case they'd help!): 1) Being PGAL, my fear was losing the pregnancy. So I put 40 marbles in a jar, and every time my pregnancy advanced a week, I moved one marble to another jar. It helped make the passage of time and my progress toward N more tangible. 2) I kept a bullet journal. It kept me focused on immediate goals and to-do's, and making it pretty was a nice distraction. It gave me a place to log symptoms, and it made me feel like I could write about my emotions, but I didn't HAVE to.
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