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Paranoid over additives/preservatives in everything!

I just found out that I'm pregnant! I'm now at that stage of paranoia where I'm worried about not putting the right things into my body for baby. I was out looking for milk earlier, grabbed some skim and saw that it had vitamin a palmitate in it. ALL but whole milk had vitamin a palmitate in it. I'm horrible about turning to the internet for answers, especially right now because I don't have my first visit to my OB until the 27th. What sort of milks do you guys use during your pregnancies and what REALLY is considered safe?? Thanks in advance!

Re: Paranoid over additives/preservatives in everything!

  • I'm confused - why do think this form of vitamin A is bad for pregnant women? 

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  • I kept reading that vitamin a palmitate could be harmful to the pregnancy, but I've since found the answer I needed. Supplements of this vitamin can be harmful if you're taking in vitamin a excessively, but eating/drinking foods that contain it generally are okay, I guess? 

    The internet can be both extremely helpful and not at all sometimes! 
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  • If this is a sudden change in your anxiety levels, you might want to talk to your doctor about it.
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  • Well, I drank raw milk while I was pregnant with my first! And that's definitely a big no-no. (Which I obviously think is a load of crap.) 

    I don't buy anything but whole milk. The fat found in whole milk, in my opinion, is healthy fat. But no, skin milk is not going to hurt your baby. 
  • I'll echo @delujm0 - You can pretty much eat what you want within moderation. I was really careful with my firstborn's diet (breastfeeding, organic fruits/veggies when he was 18 months old) and now he's 4 and pretty much lives off of Cheetos and mac n cheese. Somehow he's still alive and growing just fine *shrug* you'll relax about it over time.
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