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  • aukeevaukeev member
    @zamora_spin Yupppp. Yesterday we went to a 1 year old's birthday party. It was outdoors, and his grandmother kept coming over to me about every 10 minutes to see if I was doing alright in the heat. Pretty sure if the 45 other people there can manage being outside for an hour I can, too.
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  • @wabash15 mumus.... hmmmm.... I’m on the verge of outgrowing everything and refuse to buy more maternity clothes. 
  • I've told DH I am about ready to go find a mumu. then I tried on a dress that looked like a mumu on me and i changed my mind. I looked awful.

    I've reached the stage where unless I'm wearing actual maternity shirts, my belly hangs out of my shirt. DH said I look like a 50yr old man with a beer belly walking around the house the other day. Thanks DH.

    Also, as I was laying down with my beer belly hanging out, DH said part of my belly looks scratched and bruised. he took a picture to show was a stretch mark. he made a comment that I must be gaining a lot more weight this time since i never got a stretch mark on my belly with my other two kids...i almost punched him. probably would have if i was able to get out of bed quick enough.
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  • sw1122sw1122 member
    @sourlemon - my husband makes similar comments. It's tough because I know that he doesn't mean to be malicious or insensitive and tries to be funny. But, like, it's not very funny. Yesterday, he told me that I was 'as big as a house'. He then tried to back peddle and was like, 'I mean, you're still skinny, it's just your stomach that's as big as a house'.
  • @sw1122 i know he was concerned by the "bruise and scratch" and just looking out for me...but geez, they just dont know where to stop sometimes! So yeah, he wasnt trying to be mean or anything. but i'd still have smacked him if i could!
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  • @wabash15 a friend delivered in February. She asked me to visit in her in the hospital and she was wearing a mumu. it was amazing! 

    @zamora_spin Yes! like I know, it's the south, I'm always hot in August. I got this comment so much yesterday. I loved that you referred to you LO as a portable furnace. That made me LOL. 

    My inappropriate comment came from my MIL. I know she's trying to be nice, but she is obsessed with weight. (to the point where my pregnant SIL lies to her mother about how much weight she has gained) Yesterday she told me I was "looking good, really" meaning, I haven't gained too much weight in her opinion. 
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  • aecmaecm member
    @wabash15 Aw, thanks. I’m feeling a lot better about my growth after last week’s US / appt. and everyone is measuring on track. But I am at 36-week size and am starting to notice some of my tops are getting small 😬

    @sourlemon When I was pregnant with DD, I was home visiting my parents (I was around 32 weeks maybe?) and DD was kicking around a ton, and my dad had never felt her so I called for him to come check it out. I had been sitting on my bed drying my hair post-shower...I was generally covered up but my belly was exposed, and my father was HORRIFIED by my stretch marks. At first he thought I had scratched myself! His words were “WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOURSELF!?” Lol. Ummm...get knocked up, resulting in totally normal belly expansion stretch marks? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • I have been feeling bad for you ladies and all the running mouths you are around, because I have been fairly lucky and no one has said much to me. Well, besides DH who thinks he is funny, when he really isn't! However, this last week, on two different occasions someone said "oh, you don't even look pregnant!"  :s  Really? So I have always looked like I am 8 months pregnant? I know they were trying to be nice, and I am a bigger person to begin with but seriously? I have been working hard and trying to keep my weight gain under control because of some other issues and things for delivery, but clearly I just look fat and not pregnant. :flushed:
  • @cam1027 - I've been getting similar comments. I'm assuming they're meant to be compliments, but it kind of stings. There are a few others who are due +/- a few weeks of me and ... we just all carry differently. I started out larger (compared to the teeny, tiny Southern belles in these parts), but not excessively so. Even DH just said "you don't even look *that* pregnant." He better be saying that like 6 weeks from now :D 
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  • @cam1027 I had someone tell me last week they could "hardly tell" that I'm pregnant (same week as someone saying I was really getting big and that I must be "due soon"). My assumption was they were just being extra charitable? There is no question I look pregnant in a really stereo-typically pregnant way. 
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  • While being seated at the restaurant yesterday the Hostess, who was a tiny waif of a girl, looked st me wide eyed and asked if I was having a boy or a girl. “A boy.” I replied. To which she said, “I’m having a boy too! And when i saw you I was like ‘OMG IS MY BELLY GOING TO LOOK LIKE THAT?!?’. I forced a smile and told her that unless she had her spine fused at 12 like I did I doubted highly that she would look like me, but ouch talk about a blow to the ol’ self esteem. 
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