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I know being bloated is part of the first trimester fun, but I can't even wear my wedding rings and I'm only 5 weeks. Is anyone else having this issue? I don't remember this with my first. 

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  • Hi and welcome! We don’t do one off posts here as they can clog up the board and we like to keep things organized. If you havent yet, please intro in the intro thread as well as change your username so we can get to know you easier. The knottie usernames are confusing with all the numbers. There’s a thread labeled “knottie usernames” that can help you. As for your symptoms, we have a great symptom thread that you can post on and read to see if anyone is going through anything similar. Thanks! 
  • I feel like after your first, your body just bloats and pops and shows everything so much sooner.  I assume I just lost the muscles that were holding everything in the first time around.... 
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  • @kbrown2385 do you work for the bump? Im not allowed to make my own board? I thought this was the point of the community..

    I did try and change my name but every username I tried to change it to was taken (i tried quite a bit) ill try again if I can think of something. 
  • @MollySm thanks! I'm only worried because I had preeclampsia in my first pregnancy and Im super nervous about getting it again. 

    @emeraldcity1214 I will do my best to follow the guidlines from now on, however they were not made by a bump admin.. they were posted by a member.. therefore, aren't real. *lurk harder* 

  • You are BEYOND rude. I reposonded appropriately to someone trying to police me. The FACT is, anyone can do whatever they please (as long as they are not offending anyone) it is litterally month ONE (at least for me) and when I posted this thread I didn't realize there were "rules". I even tried to delete it and ONCE AGAIN I will say I will follow the "rules" because I happen to agree with them.. however.. they are fake and theres a reason anyone can post whenever/whatever they want. I wasnt trying to attack KB, I was genuinely confused and wondering if these were real rules. Turns out they're not. Maybe you should get your panties out of a bunch about them and enjoy the ride with people all over the country who are just as hormonal/excited/nervous as you are without acting like you run the joint. 
  • Again, not trying to attack KB. I was confused.. so let me say sorry. Genuinely. Im trying to follow the rules because I do agree with them.. so I really dont need it explained to me again and again and again. But like I said earlier, I agree with the rules and I did try and delete this thread. Unfortunately its not possible from what I can tell. So if everyone could just STOP on this, and move on.. that would be wonderful. 
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